Nail design option for the approaching spring is nail art with a cactus. We'll tell you what colors you need and how to create it

If you haven't left your comfort zone of solid colors or minimalistic designs for a long time, it's time to decide on a bold experiment. Why not do cactus nail art? We will tell you what tools you need for this and how to proceed.

When is a cactus manicure appropriate?

Not every nail art is appropriate during working hours.And cactus design is no exception. Only representatives of creative professions who do not face the concept of a dress code may not think about such restrictions. It is better not to do such nail art in the office or for an exam. French or moonlight would be a better choice in this case.

But on vacation in hot countries, such a manicure will definitely not raise any questions. Next, we will step by step tell you how to design with a cactus.

Ways to draw a cactus on nails

Hand painted

To manually create a cactus design, you need a brush or dots and time to practice. The main thing is not to rush and draw the pattern carefully.


If you don't want to spend time on hand painting, you can buy nail stickers with the appropriate pattern. They are sure to be found in any online store.


For the stamping technique, you will need a special palette and a stamp. With their help, creating a pattern is not difficult. It will be enough to make an imprint of the pattern on the nail plate.


Now that you know several ways to create the desired image, let's move on to a practical guide.

How to draw a cactus on nails: step by step photo instructions

Before you start creating a design, you need to prepare your nails. Our recommendations will help you with this. Just follow the advice.

To create a cactus manicure you will need:

  • Essie-Blanc,

  • Essie lacquer - Licorice.

  1. 1

    Apply base color polish on your nails. For a manicure with a cactus, almost any shade is suitable. For example, "To the fullest" from Essie.

    You can also combine several colors that match with each other. For example, pastel shades of purple, green, pink.

  2. 2

    For the easiest way to create cactus nail art, you will need dots and two shades of green polish. Mix them on the palette, but do not bring them to a uniform color.

  3. 3

    Print a few dots end-to-end with dots. Due to the non-uniform color, each print will have an interesting pattern. Set the highest point with pink varnish to imitate a cactus flower.

  4. 4

    By the same principle, you can draw an oblong cactus. Complete the drawing with small white dots or strokes. These will be thorns.

  5. 5

    For the next type of cactus, put two pairs of dots. Each pair should be in the same vertical line. These will be the borders of the cactus.

  6. 6

    Connect each pair of dots with a vertical line using a brush. Then connect the resulting parallel parts of the cactus with a horizontal line. With round borders highlighted with dots, you will get a neat cactus silhouette that would be difficult to draw with just a brush.

  7. 7

    This cactus option is good if you want to design on several nails at once. You can also add a pattern with dots or a geometric ornament. Next, we will explain how to draw a cactus on the entire nail. It is best to choose the little finger as the canvas.

  8. 8

    To create volume, you need a dark green varnish. But if you immediately apply it on the nails, the lines will turn out to be too dense. Therefore, first mix the green polish with the top coat or clear polish in a ratio of 1:5 (green polish should be just a little bit).

  9. 9

    Apply the resulting translucent green polish in curved lines.

  10. 10

    Draw white lines over the blackout with a thin brush.

  11. 11

    Complete the cactus with needles and flowers.

  12. 12

    The same image of a cactus can be placed on the thumb. Light strokes and dots representing needles can be replaced with black ones.

  13. 13

    Do not limit yourself in experiments! For example, in winter, a cactus can be decorated with a New Year's cap. To do this, draw a triangle over the cactus with red varnish.

  14. 14

    Draw white dots along the border of the cactus and the cap. Apply a top coat to the design.

This nail art will be a great solution if you are going to celebrate the New Year in hot countries.


Trendy cactus design ideas for short and long nails

Here are some more inspirational cactus nail art ideas. They are suitable for both long and short nails.

Winter manicure with white polish

Combined with white lacquer, the cactus design no longer looks too bright, so it will not look alien even in the cold season. You can use three nails. Draw on each of them cacti of different shapes in colorful pots.

Pink manicure for spring

Get warm with a soft polish like Essie's Haute Couture Confiture.

Cover all your nails with it. And on the ring finger, draw a picture with a cactus in a pot.

Summer manicure with yellow polish

Summer is the time to experiment with bright colors. A yellow manicure with a cactus creates a cheerful mood. Choose a juicy shade of varnish for the background: it will energize you. Let it be a color that resembles a yolk, as in the photo, or a fashionable neon lemon. They will be an excellent basis for a summer manicure with a cactus.

Beige manicure for autumn

On such a nude background, you can make a funny nail art with a cactus that escaped from a pot.

Universal matte manicure

Matte polish always looks unusual and stylish. But a particularly expressive result will be obtained if you decide to use dark shades: emerald, burgundy, plum. Paint one nail with a contrasting white varnish - it is convenient to draw any patterns on it.

Here are some more ideas.

Which cactus nail art did you like best?

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