Warm winter seems to suit absolutely everyone, but longing for snow still breaks through in rare Instagram posts. Create a winter mood with spectacular makeup!

The mood of the Snow Queen's makeup is similar to that of the Snow Maiden: at first glance, it may seem that such an image is only suitable for a theme party. In fact, such makeup can be adapted to everyday life.

The basic principles of the Snow Queen makeup

Who do you imagine when you hear about the Snow Queen? Actress Natalya Klimova in the make-up of a cruel sorceress from a Soviet film? Elsa from Frozen? Emily Blunt as Ice Queen Freya? Or maybe Daenerys Targaryen against the backdrop of snow-capped mountains? In any case, the description will feature blond hair, porcelain skin, a frosty blush and a lot of silver.We do not suggest changing the hair color ( although this can be done without problems), but we will consider the rest of the points in more detail. The main rule: the shades of all make-up products should be from a cold range, coral blush and peach lipstick immediately put aside.


What makeup do you need for the Snow Queen's makeup?

One of the advantages of the Snow Queen look is that you don't need special make-up accessories to create it, as, for example, for makeup in the spirit of the Face Awards show. Most of the products from the list will probably be in your cosmetic bag.


The Snow Queen's skin is, of course, very fair. But if by nature it is not like that for you, do not try to whiten it with a foundation that is ten tones lighter - it is better to achieve similarities with the Snow Queen in other ways.Foundation can be up to one tone lighter than your skin. You will definitely find the right one in Maybelline's Fit Me line, which includes as many as 19 shades.

If in the image of the Snow Queen you are going to a party where your unnatural complexion will not embarrass anyone, apply a generous layer of transparent powder on your face. The skin will become not just pale, but white as chalk.


Silver, sky blue, gray - all these shades in eye makeup will help create a believable image of the Snow Queen. One condition: the shadows must be with a noticeable shimmer.


Different mascara options will allow you to achieve different effects in the image of the Snow Queen.

  • If you curl your eyelashes with a curler and make up with classic black mascara, your eyes will become visually larger, and the image will look harmonious and complete. This method is suitable if you decide to opt for a discreet version of the Snow Queen makeup.

  • Hoarfrost on the tips of the eyelashes is a distinctive feature of the textbook image of the Snow Queen. To repeat the trick with cosmetics is very simple: thickly paint over the eyelashes with white mascara. Or apply it only to the ends.

  • If you plan to create an image of the Snow Queen with the prefix "art" , use blue or silver ink instead of black. By the way, colored mascara is one of the most important trends of 2020.


In the image of the Snow Queen, the main focus is on the eyes, so the lips can be left unpainted at all or shaded with concealer so that they literally merge with the skin of the face.

If this is too much for you, use a clear lip gloss or tint to match the blush.


You can leave the Snow Queen's skin pallid, but we suggest adding some frosty blush. Use cool shades of blush - lavender, magenta, fuchsia. And don't be afraid to overdo it!


If a highlighter with large shining particles is lying around in a cosmetic bag, then its time has come. The ice queen must shine!


" Frosty" glitter is used in the Snow Queen's make-up under the article of optional means. But if you want to create a truly bright and memorable evening look, take a look at the shiny eyeliners and loose glitter NYX Professional Makeup.

How to make the Snow Queen makeup: step by step photo tutorial

Maybelline New York's official makeup artist in Russia, Yuri Stolyarov, is not afraid of the complexity of the task: he came up with the Snow Queen's makeup in a matter of minutes. And he told us in detail how to repeat it.

  1. 1

    Spread the Fit Me foundation over your face (shade 119 fits the model).

  2. 2

    Apply Instant Anti-Age Eraser concealer to the under-eye area, use it to treat the wings of the nose, the central parts of the forehead and chin. As you can see, we applied the concealer in a rather generous layer: it will help to additionally “highlight” the face.

  3. 3

    Use concealer or skin tone corrector to completely fill in brows.

  4. 4

    Color Tattoo gel shadows in a silvery shade add to the skin at the inner corners of the eyes and blend to the middle of the moving eyelid.

  5. 5

    Brass-colored eyeshadow from The City Mini Palette (shade 450 Graffiti Pop) blend at the outer corners of the eyes. Make sure that there are no visible borders between the shades of the shadows.

  6. 6

    Use the Tattoo Liner blue gel pencil (shade 920) to draw classic delicate arrows.

  7. 7

    Add blue shimmer shadows from the same The City Mini Palette closer to the inner corners of the eyes and blend to the eyebrows.

  8. 8

    White pencil Expression Kajal (shade 35) paint over the mucous membrane and emphasize the growth line of the lower lashes.

  9. 9

    Apply silver shadows to the lower eyelid to create a frost effect.

  10. 10

    Apply Snapscara blue mascara to upper lashes only.

  11. 11

    Lips completely covered with concealer, and then go over them with the Face Studio Holographic highlighter. It can also be shaded on the cheekbones. You can stop at this stage if your task is to create a simple evening makeup in the spirit of the Snow Queen.

  12. 12

    If you want to create a carnival look, use sparkles as well. Suitable as loose large glitter, which can be bought at a make-up or art supply store, as well as a special cosmetic product. For example, glitter gel for face and body from Urban Decay's Heavy Metal collection.

  13. 13

    Mix silver eyeshadow with clear brow (or lip) gel and apply to brows. Then comb them with a brush, removing excess product. The image of the Snow Queen is ready!


Alternative makeup of the Snow Queen look in the video below.

Snow makeup for every day

To create a winter mood, it is not necessary to create a full-fledged makeup of the Snow Queen. It is enough to add a few "snowy" details to your image. White mascara, light shimmery shadows from a cold range or lipstick with a metallic effect - any of these tools will cope with the task. Catch some photo ideas!

How to complement the image of the Snow Queen?

What is a queen without royal jewelry? Choose a sparkling tiara with rhinestones (or maybe real diamonds?), complement it with earrings or a pendant in silver or white gold. When choosing a hairstyle, do not be smart: gathered in a high bun, a strict ponytail or loose hair styled in a wave will perfectly emphasize the cold beauty of the Snow Queen.

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