Who is waiting for bright love experiences, why do Scorpios need black eyeliner and what sign does Venus favor? Find answers below

Astro forecasts give rich food for thought: listen to the advice of the stars or not, it's up to you. But in any case, it's worth looking into the horoscope - for curiosity or for the sake of benefit.


Aries (March 21–April 20)

February promises to be a month of career growth. Your House of professional and social success will be supported by Jupiter, which portends great luck.Either management will pay attention to you and offer something interesting, or you yourself will make a breakthrough. But all this will happen towards the end of the month. And in the beginning, a revival of personal life is planned. Already on February 4, Mercury, which was previously in Aquarius (the realm of reason and logic), will move into the sign of Pisces, conducive to empathy and the manifestation of feelings. Only a few days will pass, and the degree of emotions will increase the transit Venus, which will be in Aries on February 8th. Get ready for new acquaintances - taking into account your fiery energy, there will be many of them. For those who have not yet found a life partner, it's time to take a closer look at the candidates. Try to celebrate Valentine's Day with someone who is truly important to you. This evening, give preference to red lipstick. Try on rich shades (wine, burgundy, red-brown), remembering to take into account your color type.

It is not necessary to celebrate the holiday in your native land. The first half of the month is good for travel. Your ruling planet Mars is in the long-distance travel zone until February 17, after which it enters the career zone - then you will work.

Taurus (April 21–May 21)

It won't be the easiest month for Taurus. The balance of work and leisure will not be in favor of the latter. Most likely, it will be possible to change the situation only at the beginning of the month, and even then, perhaps, as part of a business trip. Nothing can be done - in any case, this is an investment in yourself, in your future. So don't forget to look good. With such a load, no one expects a ceremonial make-up from you, but it will be useful to work on the tone of your face. In addition, your cosmetic bag should have mascara and lip gloss or matte lipstick in a neutral color. This is quite enough not to be left without attention.

Yes, yes, Taurus often manage to have an affair even at work. They are characterized by impulses of feelings, which they cannot resist. After February 8, Venus will move into Aries, and it is in this sign that half of Taurus has Venus. This means that an emotional outburst can easily turn into a hurricane.Be afraid of your desires! After February 17, when Mars enters the sign of Capricorn, there will be even more work. For a little distraction, sign up for a manicure or do some nail art at home. Ideally, the design should be restrained, but tune in to an optimistic wave.

Gemini (22.05–21.06)

For Gemini, February is the month of money, love and travel. While the Sun is in Aquarius (until February 19), your sister sign, you will be lucky in the financial sphere. Only you need to act boldly - the very case when you should not forget about the saying about risk and champagne. It’s not worth changing the image yet, since everything is going so well. A minimum of cosmetics (no black arrows, raspberry lips or glitter), a teenage hairstyle (daring haircut or "carelessly" styled long hair), original nail art and spontaneity - the recipe for your irresistibility.

After February 8, you will be able to understand how satisfied you are with your current relationship.You may be able to come to an agreement. If not, don't be afraid to turn the page. It is possible that you will discover a new person whom you have known for a long time. In the second half of the month, travel is shown to you, just get ready carefully: Mercury, the ruling planet of Gemini, will become retrograde after February 17, and this always threatens with tickets, documents and general confusion forgotten at home.

Cancer (06/22–07/22)

February is preparing a lot of work for Cancers - just be on time. There are chances for the development of a love line only in the first week, until February 8, while Venus is in the sign of Pisces close to you. But the further February progresses, the greater the workloads will be. It will be especially hard at the end of the month, you will have to redo a lot, correcting previously made mistakes. Nobody likes this, but sensitive and sociopathic Cancers especially. Chances are high that by the end of the month you will be annoyed by both colleagues and superiors.You are used to keeping yourself in control, so you yourself will understand: it is not their fault - it is you who are tired. Whatever happens in your life, you remain a fighter, and your main weapon in February is scarlet lipstick. Don't say it doesn't suit you. It is important to choose the right shade: for pale skin - cold red, for tanned skin - red-orange. In any case, it must be bright! NYX Professional Makeup brow pomade and L’Oréal Paris light blush will also come in handy for everyday makeup - with such an arsenal, even with the most busy schedule, you will look fresh and cute.

Leo (23.07–21.08)

Leo in February, it is strategically important to maintain a balance between work and household chores. Career is clearly going up, but the family should not be left without attention. It is possible to maintain balance, and it will not require any special efforts from you. Stay yourself, that is, a girl with full make-up. Leos, unlike other signs, do not use cosmetics to please someone.They put on make-up for themselves to feel at their best and applaud themselves internally. In cold February, means of warm shades will come in handy. If you like to emphasize your eyes, choose not black eyeliner, but brown. Blush, eye shadow and lipstick - everything should be soft and calm. Such makeup is often called aristocratic, and this is certainly close to Lions.

In the second half of the month, when Venus moves into the sign of Aries close to you, and the Sun from the sign of Aquarius (which put pressure on you all month) moves into Pisces (which does not put pressure on you), you will think about traveling to distant countries. The journey promises to be successful after February 19th. But wherever you find Valentine's Day, you need to celebrate it with your usual chic. And this evening, shiny shadows will be more appropriate than ever.

Virgo (08/22–9/23)

Recently, Virgos have begun to enjoy work. Perhaps you even changed your profession or are about to do so.From the point of view of financial well-being, there is nothing to fear (Money Houses 2 and 8 are completely under your control), so other things will occupy you. First of all, creativity, but the stars also favor travel and love. It is important for Virgos to be appreciated. They do not accept toxic relationships when they are used to increase their partner's self-esteem. Therefore, you will have to be careful. The fact is that this month Mercury will walk in the sign of Pisces - first forward, then back - and all its movements will be reflected in your personal life. You should be especially careful when it becomes retrograde after the 17th: the wrong princes can meet. You can be sure of your attractiveness. Virgos often look beautiful without makeup, but something can be emphasized: the depth of the eyes with the help of eyeliner; lip line with a soft contour.

And if you go on a trip (it doesn't matter if it's a vacation or a business trip), don't forget to put bright lipstick in your makeup bag. Potential satellites will flock to her, like a twinkle.

Libra (09/24–10/23)

February for Libra can be a month when you have to unravel the knots of family problems. Even if you pretend that they are not there, they will remind you of themselves. How it will all end is the question. Parting is not ruled out, followed by a honeymoon with a new life partner. In this role, an old friend may unexpectedly appear. Such a development of events is often preceded by meetings of classmates, classmates or colleagues from previous work. The X hour will strike after February 17, when Venus, your ruling planet, will begin to reverse, that is, it will become retrograde. It's time to sort things out. No matter how it all ends, you are not in danger of losing face in this situation. You will look amazing in any case, because only you know how to emphasize your advantages so competently, even if you have a minimum of funds at your disposal: persistent mascara, a couple of pencils and lipstick.

Scorpio (10/24–11/22)

Scorpios will be successful in February, whether it's going out, going on stage, or reaching a new level in work or relationships. Vivid love experiences await you, which can become a problem for family Scorpios. In order not to jeopardize the established union, try to channel your romantic energy into a creative direction. Falling in love easily gives rise to inspiration, and this should be used. Do not be afraid to experiment with makeup and manicure, but consider some of the nuances. The fact is that Scorpios are divided into two types: some go to the goal by the shortest path and choose war paint, while others prefer to maneuver to achieve success and try on different images. The second path in February will be more productive. Let a clear eye contour remain unchanged in makeup (for which you need eyeliner) and emphasized cheekbones (you can’t do without blush and a sculptor) - everything else will be replaced by an inner fire that will illuminate your meetings with friends and relatives.

After February 17, free Scorpios have a chance to meet their love. It is possible that an office romance will begin, because your planet-ruler Mars will move into Capricorn, a sign that will keep you at work.

Sagittarius (11/23–12/22)

Sagittarius has two concerns in February: meeting friends and regulating financial flows - their increase is facilitated by the support of Jupiter, which is responsible for good luck. The aspect with Neptune somewhat overshadows such an ideal alignment. The fact is that Jupiter gives money, and Neptune encourages them to spend on all sorts of nonsense. If you do not control yourself, then you yourself will not notice where everything has dissolved. Wouldn't it be better to find a better use for money - think, for example, about an acceptable charity format for yourself. And with friends, an endless series of holidays awaits you, including Valentine's Day, February 23, and just spontaneous parties for no apparent reason.Light flirting without far-reaching consequences will only benefit. Moreover, a new romance is not planned in February, since you are not bad in old relationships either. But to maintain the shape of the stars, it is advised to practice bright makeup. Try to bring something unusual to your make-up, like orange shadows.

Capricorn (December 23–January 20)

Capricorns have been under pressure from higher planets for quite a long time - yes, you probably feel it yourself: too many events happen every new day of your life. And all because your ruling planet Saturn is now in your own sign. Saturn loves clarity and discipline, because they bring us closer to ambitious goals, including financial ones. Therefore, all the main events this month will take place at work. If you have not yet received a new position or interesting prospects have not opened up before you, do not worry, everything will be soon. On February 17, Mars, the planet of active work, will also move into your sign.This is not a reason to be upset - this is a reason to look good. Whoever is able to see the real desires of a person behind office elegance knows that Capricorns strive for perfection, even when it comes to makeup without makeup. High-quality foundation, light blush, nude lipstick, soft coffee shades and brown mascara will be responsible for impeccable natural freshness. A neat jacket will complement the image.

Aquarius (January 21–February 19)

Aquarians have been on standby for a long time: something is about to happen! You are ready for change and do not hide from problems (psychologists will help you), but this has not yet freed anyone from work. For you, February can turn into a continuous labor feat. This will not bring financial abundance right away - you will have to be patient. But with love you can get lucky. All you need is the boost that Venus will give you: on February 8, she will move into the sign of Aries, and there will be enough energy that you will find yourself in the spotlight. To avoid being caught off guard, get ready to receive compliments - stock up on cosmetics and watch video tutorials on different types of makeup.You should look unusual, creative, as it should be for Aquarius. This is not a problem for you, because you love experiments. Try, for example, to make a full make-up with just one lipstick.

Pisces (20.02–20.03)

In February, Pisces will have a hard time: on the one hand, they are destined for love and passion, and on the other, financial difficulties. It will become a little easier when Venus leaves Pisces and goes through the sign of Aries. It will happen on February 8th. In the meantime, it is adjacent to your ruling planet Neptune, it will be difficult for you to overcome the desire to dissolve in erotic bliss. Well, a translucent haze of shadows and a holographic effect on the lips will help you look like a mysterious fish.

February 4, Mercury will enter your sign, which is always good for intellectual activity, and you can finally collect your thoughts. But this same Mercury will turn retrograde on February 17, which threatens to be a big confusion.Check the documents you sign and try not to promise anything to anyone if you are not sure of the result. The financial situation will stabilize when the Sun moves into your sign on February 19th. The sun always clearly directs the will, and if you are determined to earn more than now, it will give you the strength to achieve the most ambitious goals. The main thing is not to be distracted from the tasks.

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