Chief Editor of website Veronika Gnezdilova tested the brand's novelty - Rouge Signature matte lip tint with a metallic effect

I have been using Classic Rouge Signature since its inception, because before that there was no such product on the beauty market. Firstly, the matte texture of the tint is not at all felt on the lips and does not dry them out. Secondly, the color of the product is ultra-saturated. And thirdly, I was subdued by super durability - up to 10 hours. I have already done a test drive of the most successful, in my opinion, shades.You can see the results here.

RecentlyL'Oréal Paris has released four new shades of Rouge Signature with a metallic finish.

  • In terms of color saturation, the novelty is not inferior to the classic version - the ultra-pigmented lip tint looks bright and impressive. I tested it in shade 203 I Delight.

  • The durability of the new Rouge Signature is also with the prefix "ultra" : it stays on the lips in its original form for up to 10 hours, without being erased or smeared. Honestly, the contours remain clear even after kissing. The feeling is that the tint literally "eats" into the skin of the lips, but it is easily washed off with makeup remover or micellar water.

  • The products differ only in the finish: the novelty has a pronounced metallic sheen. The photo does not convey shine, but in real life such lip makeup looks very bright. More suitable for a party.

I also like the Rouge Signature applicator. It has the shape of a petal with a pointed tip, which can be used to draw a contour evenly and accurately. This is very convenient as it eliminates the need to use a pencil.

By the way, with a pointed applicator you can even draw arrows on your eyes - why not? See how it turned out!

Moreover, monomakeup is now popular. We have a video tutorial if you are interested.

Rouge Signature has another important advantage - the most economical consumption. Thanks to the texture and the special shape of the applicator, the tint is easily distributed over the lips, and for a full-fledged lip makeup, literally half a drop of the product is required.