Eyebrow makeup trends have always been a priority for the general beauty public. They are really followed, which cannot be said about the catwalk inventions in the design of the eyes and lips, which often go unnoticed. What eyebrows will be in fashion throughout 2023?

It's been a long time since the real brow-boom began in the beauty industry, and the girls managed to make sure that eyebrows - their shape, width, volume - noticeably affect the image as a whole.

Eyebrow makeup has become a separate step in the daily beauty ritual. Some girls simply emphasize the natural features of the eyebrows, while others correct their shape and color, taking into account the trends that evolve every year. Let's figure out what eyebrows are in fashion now, in 2023.

Eyebrows: fashion trends - 2023

Perfect eyebrows in 2023 may look completely different. Here are some options.

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How do you do eyebrow shaping?

  • Self
  • I entrust this matter to professionals
  • Occasionally I go for professional correction
  • I don't do my eyebrows
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What kind of correction do you prefer?

  • Correction with tweezers
  • Wax correction
  • Thread correction
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What eyebrows do you have?

  • Thick and dark
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  • Thin and dark
  • Thin and light

How often do you do eyebrow makeup?

  • I always do my eyebrows before I leave the house
  • Sometimes I lightly emphasize the eyebrows with transparent gel
  • Never do eyebrow makeup
  • Emphasize eyebrows only with evening make-up
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Which property of the eyebrow product do you consider the most important?

  • Endurance
  • The ability to "tame" eyebrows
  • Ease of application
  • Natural result
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What is your favorite eye makeup product?

  • Eyeliner
  • Pencil
  • Shadows
  • Mascara
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How do you feel about eyebrow tattooing?

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  • Positive, but I'll never do it myself
  • Negative
  • Hard to say
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Whose eyebrows do you like best?

  • Lily Collins
  • Kim Kardashian
  • Pamela Anderson
  • Cara Delevingne

Soapy brows

We are talking primarily about the eyebrow styling technique, which allows you to achieve the effect of groomed brows, or “scouse eyebrows”. It's about textural volume, which makes the eyebrows appear thicker - just in the spirit of the trends.

To get such a result, even makeup artists sometimes resort to a life hack with dry soap: they rub a round brush dipped in water, which is then used to comb their eyebrows. The soap envelops the hairs, adding volume to them, and at the same time fixes the shape.

Soft toning

According to the rules, eyebrows can be darker / lighter than hair only by 1-2 tones. Many people neglect this when trying to follow trends. We are already accustomed to seeing contrastingly emphasized eyebrows in most girls. Even blondes with strong lightening.

This season, makeup artists are calling for a change in approach. Why darken your eyebrows if there is no urgent need for it? They should not stand out too much from other facial features. For example, light blond girls are advised to choose relatively light shadows - not so much to correct the shape of the eyebrows, so much to give them a neater and well-groomed look.


Natural looks will still be in fashion in 2023. Eyebrows in this case are not tinted - it is enough to comb them with a round brush with a colorless gel that will help fix the shape. Try this and limit yourself. It is possible that color correction will not be needed.

Wet brows

The reincarnation of the fashion for a wet finish has also touched the eyebrows. Their styling with a thick layer of a transparent fixing gel is relevant.

Glossy shine adds liveliness and freshness to the image. As well as the effect of radiance on the skin. Learn more about how to use the brow gel in this video.

Brushed brows

One of the surest ways to visually widen the eyebrows is to style them with a brush using colorless or tinted mascara so that the hairs are directed upwards.

You will get the desired effect of density and slight negligence, which today is considered a synonym for naturalness.

Bleached brows

This trend, unlike the ones listed above, is far from being followed by every girl. Nevertheless, it is not the first season that he declares himself at the shows. Versace, Givenchy, Coperni - at the shows of these brands, models walked the catwalk with bleached eyebrows. This technique allows makeup artists to turn the face into a “blank canvas” to create on it, experimenting with the color and texture of the media.

Bright eyebrows

The fashion for colored eyebrows peaked in the mid-2010s, and today it is coming into its second round. One of the most noticeable variations of this trend is the "rainbow" eyebrows, painted in several colors at once. This effect is easiest to achieve on bleached brows - or if you have naturally very light brows.

There are several ways to create this look with makeup. Use colored mascara or mix pigmented eye shadow with clear brow gel.

Eyebrow Jewelry

Pieces of foil, rhinestones, imitation pearls and stones - any means are used to decorate eyebrows in 2023! Perhaps this is the easiest and least radical way to achieve a wow effect in eyebrow makeup. Unlike cardinal dyeing in a bright color, such “decoration” is short-lived: glitter, sequins and beads are no more difficult to remove from eyebrows than foundation at the end of the day.

To glue decorative elements, you can use, for example, glue for false eyelashes.


How to achieve a fashionable eyebrow shape, taking into account the type of face?

Medium width

In recent years, girls whom nature did not reward with sable eyebrows have tried in every possible way to correct this "mistake" with the help of makeup tricks. Makeup artists urge to work with natural data.

Medium width can also look interesting, especially if it is slightly emphasized with cosmetics. In fact, this is a universal option for all types of faces.

Eyebrows with a soft curve

Gone trend is swoosh eyebrows with a dramatic break. This form gives the face a strict expression, and not everyone needs a similar effect. According to the trends, it is better to aim for an arc shape with a gentle curve.

She especially suits girls with square, triangular or diamond-shaped face types.

Straight brows

This trend is inspired by Asian beauty traditions: straight eyebrows can be seen on geishas in old Japanese prints and on Korean women today (in the West they are called K-brows).

To be fair, girls in Korea, Japan, and China rarely have naturally curved eyebrows. For them, straight eyebrows are natural. But in general, this form is universal. Moreover, it makes the image softer, which means it will suit girls with sharp facial features.

Natural form

Eyebrows don't have to have a specific geometric shape. If it's naturally vague, smooth, with protruding hairs, leave it like that.

Don't fit your brows to some stencil.The natural form is part of your personality, don't forget about it. Moreover, today the manifestation of individuality is the most important trend. And the missing hairs are easy to draw in the hair technique with a pencil.

How to do eyebrow makeup?

For blondes

Blonde-haired girls in 2023 should abandon the noticeable darkening of the eyebrows. Pick up shadows or a sand-colored pencil. Or, for example, the color of coffee with milk, if your hair is blond. One way or another, the shade of the product should not be darker than the color of the hair by more than a tone or two.

You don't have to look for cosmetics exclusively in eyebrow lines. The desired shades can be found in the collections for eye makeup. Skip the contrast and try to accentuate the brows with just a little bit of contouring and filling.

For brunettes

Make-up artists have always advised brunettes to use products 1-2 shades lighter than hair in their eyebrow make-up. This recommendation is worth paying special attention to in 2023.

Judging by the trends, brunettes can completely abandon color correction, because their eyebrows are already expressive. Try other beauty tricks, such as creating a wet effect or “soapy” makeup.

For brown-haired women

Brown-haired women also do not need to darken their eyebrows. In their case, the best choice for eyebrow makeup will be cosmetics that match the color of the hair. Otherwise, the eyebrows will distract attention from the eyes and lips.

For redheads

Many girls with red hair have blonde eyebrows and eyelashes. So that they do not disappear against the background of bright hair, they must be slightly emphasized.

Don't press your brows with a pencil or fill the contour with a thick layer of shadows. It is important that they keep their natural look. Choose the light hatching method in the hair technique.

Wide brows trending 2023

In 2023, the fashion for wide eyebrows is changing. This option is still preferable to "strings" , but you do not need to achieve extra width.

Definitely don't "shift" the natural contour and draw it again with a pencil in order to achieve fashionable width. Use tricks and tricks: for example, the technique of combing the eyebrows diagonally helps to make the eyebrows visually wider and at the same time does not deprive them of naturalness. It is important to observe the measure and not try to change your appearance due to the fact that it is not inherent in it.


Perfect brows 2023: current brow tips

  1. More texture

    In 2023, the last one plays the leading role in the trinity of "width - color - texture" . Makeup artists urge to abandon the drawing of new forms.The fashion for thick and lush eyebrows came to us with the light hand of those who have them by nature and who do not need to achieve this effect by hook or by crook. Therefore, it is better for us not to get carried away and not to be zealous. It is better to test new make-up techniques with the application of soap or a shining transparent gloss. Most likely, this will be enough to make the eyebrows look well-groomed and textured.

  2. Attention to undertones

    Brow-masters in 2023 pay attention to the selection of the shade of cosmetics for the color correction of eyebrows: it should not only be close to the hair color, but also match it in terms of undertone.

    Be sure to consider whether it is warm or cold. For blondes with a cold color type, for example, a sand-colored pencil with a redhead is definitely not suitable.

  3. Final makeup step

    In order not to overdo it with eyebrow shaping, complete your makeup with it. Apply the tone, then paint the eyes and lips. And only then, last but not least, adjust the eyebrows. This will save you the risk of emphasizing them too strongly (read: vulgar).

Which of the 2023 trends do you like the most? Write in the comments.