Intricate brown patterns can decorate not only the skin, but also the nails. Let's tell you exactly how

Mehendi is a traditional Indian body painting made with henna. This temporary tattoo lasts for several weeks. Manicure is even easier: you can repaint your nails at least every day, copying traditional ornaments or creating your own drawings.

When is a mehendi manicure appropriate?

Like any bright pattern on the nails, a mehendi-style manicure is hardly appropriate during working hours ( although, of course, it all depends on the specifics of the work).In any case, it is better not to do such nail art in an office with a strict dress code or for a business meeting (give preference, for example, to a discreet jacket). But on vacation in a hot country, mehendi drawings - both on the body and on the nails - will definitely not cause any questions. In addition, the boho style, which includes mehendi patterns, is always in fashion. Further in the article, we will tell you step by step how to make a design in the style of mehendi on nails.

Ways to create mehendi patterns on nails

To leave classic mehendi patterns on the skin, you will have to turn to a professional master anyway. But it is quite possible to create a manicure with your own hands at home: there are several ways.

Hand painted

A thin nail brush, dots and varnish are all you need to create a spectacular mehendi manicure. Patterns made with brown varnish are considered classic, but you can use varnishes of all shades of the rainbow.Mark the outlines with black or brown, and highlight the details with a bright color. A big plus of mehendi patterns: even if the pattern is not quite even, it will not spoil the impression.


If you don't feel like messing around with nail polish and a nail brush, you can just buy mehendi nail sliders. Perhaps this is one of the most popular approaches to nail design, because there will be no problems finding the right stickers: you can certainly find them in any online hypermarket.

How to draw mehendi patterns on nails: step by step photo tutorial

This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to combine simple elements into a complex pattern and create a spectacular mehendi manicure. But first, watch a video that will help you prepare your nails for creating a nail design.

You will need:

  • Essie lacquer shade 50 Bordeaux

  • Essie nail polish, shade 20 "To the fullest" ,

  • dots.

  1. 1

    Apply base color polish on your nails. The most suitable for a mehendi design is a nude background that matches the color of your skin. It is in this case that nail art will turn out not to be abstractly ethnic, but will be clearly associated with the patterns on the body. You will also need dots and red-brown polish.

  2. 2

    Use large dots to place dark dots in an arc at the cuticle line.

  3. 3

    Duplicate the dots with the skin tone that was applied as a background with a smaller diameter dots. You will get small neat circles that resemble loops in mehendi patterns.You can put a beige point exactly in the center of the brown one or with a slight offset. So you get either an even circle, or with a thickening on one side. But in one row of dots, it is better to stick to a single format so that the pattern looks neat.

  4. 4

    Add lines and small dots to the loops. Symmetry is important here, so first make a dots print in the center of the nail, then place dots along the edges. Add a few more points down the central axis.

  5. 5

    Such dots have not only a decorative function, but also act as a guideline for drawing further patterns. For example, a shape created with dots is easier to outline with a curved line than it is to draw it without any guides.

  6. 6

    The combination of dots of different sizes, from large to small, makes the drawing more interesting. Dot butt with curved lines. At the same time, remember that if you do not collect a new portion of varnish on the dots, the diameter of the dot will decrease. Therefore, first place the dots from top to bottom on one side, then on the other. So the smallest dots will be at the bottom.

  7. 7

    Another way to create a two-dot pattern. As in step 2, first place large diameter brown dots butted against each other. Then duplicate them with beige dots of the same size, but overlapping the lower border of the dark circles. The result is a wavy line that would be difficult to draw by hand.

  8. 8

    Duplicate the pattern with circles of different diameters, paying special attention to the smallest dots. They make the design sophisticated and give it a finished look.

  9. 9

    Using the techniques from steps 2-3, arrange the dots in a circle, thereby creating a spectacular mandala-style pattern.

  10. 10

    Using a thin brush, paint tails to the big dots. You can bend the tip of the line, this will give the drawing dynamism. However, in this case, it is important that all the ponytails point in the same direction.

  11. 11

    Add small dots to make the drawing look more complex and interesting.

  12. 12

    Wait completely dry so as not to smear small parts. Cover with top. Done!

Trendy design ideas for short and long nails

Mehendi style manicure will look great on both short and long nails. Explore our selections to find your perfect look.

In bright colors for spring-summer season

Juicy manicure with bright patterns in the style of mehendi is perfect for any summer outfit, from a swimsuit to a cocktail dress. Especially effectively such a nail design will be combined with tanned skin.

Calm colors for autumn-winter season

Patterns decorated with black or brown lacquer are the best fit for the autumn-winter season. Complete your look with a cozy wool sweater or cashmere coat with this manicure.

Delicate patterns for wedding nail art

Mehendi manicure for a wedding? Why not! Decorated in delicate peach and pink shades, such a manicure will not argue with a feminine light dress. Add a dash of gold or silver to your manicure to make your nail look even more festive.

Would you like to get a mehendi manicure for a special occasion? Share your opinion.