How to do eyebrow makeup? Makeup artists most often use a powder tool - shadows. We tell why they have become a favorite of professionals

There are many nuances in eyebrow makeup. Cosmetics and the technique of its application largely determine the result. It is important that it be natural; too often, in pursuit of trends, eyebrows are painted too brightly and instead of a harmonious look, they get make-up with an accent that looks vulgar. Powder eyebrow products allow you to avoid this, as they are designed for a make-up with a natural effect.You need to try very hard so that the powder leaves graphic clear lines, like from a felt-tip pen eyeliner. Therefore, powder shadows are a very popular tool in eyebrow makeup.

What is Eyebrow Powder?

Eyebrow powder is a tool for easy correction of their shape and filling the contour with color from the inside. Most of all, the shadow format is suitable for those who do not need intense eyebrow makeup.

For example, if you have blond hair and, accordingly, eyebrows, it is difficult to find a pencil or felt-tip pen that does not seem too dark against their background. Powder in this sense is a better choice. It is often presented in light shades. And if there is nothing you need in the eyebrow lines, you can always find the closest option to your color in the eyeshadow collections.

Powder products allow you to achieve the most natural result. However, it is important to use them correctly.You must be ready to work with additional tools - with brushes. And still have to master the technique of hatching. True, even beginners in makeup quickly cope with this.

Types of Powder Brow Shadows

Even eyebrow powders are different. Therefore, when looking for the right product, you should first study all the nuances that relate to the format, texture, available range of shades and other characteristics - so you will not make a mistake with the choice.

Issue form

  1. Powdered

    Most of us think of shadows as a tool in a compact case, from where they can be drawn on a brush. In a similar format, they are produced not only for eye makeup, but also for eyebrow correction.

    Such shadows are only pressed, otherwise it would be inconvenient to apply them. These include, for example, Eyebrow Cake Powder from NYX Professional Makeup.

  2. Pencil-shaped

    Someone may find the format of a pencil with a powder lead more practical. It is easy for them to draw clearer lines, working out the contour. At the same time, the eyebrows after such a make-up will not seem “drawn”, since the softness of the powdery texture eliminates the risk of uncontrolled creation of intense accents.

    If you decide to go with a pencil, try Maybelline New York's Brow Satin.


In a simple daily eyebrow make-up, it is enough to use "single" shadows. However, there are also palettes with eyebrow shadows. Under the lid of the case, as a rule, there are two shades, sometimes more. The palettes are convenient for those who are familiar with brow contouring and follow this technique to color the tips slightly darker than the base.

Also, these palettes allow you to experiment with the image. For example, in the evening make eyebrows a little more contrasting and darker than in daytime makeup.


With the texture, it would seem that everything is clear, because the powder is only dry. And the choice in this regard would not stand at all if beauty brands did not release products such as Lancôme's Brôw Densify Powder-To-Cream.

This is a transformer - a powder that, upon contact with the skin, turns into a cream and due to this makes eyebrow makeup much more resistant. Due to the fact that initially there is powder in the tube, the application does not cause difficulties, but the result is more reliable.


How to use brow powder?

  1. Eyebrow preparation

    Before touching the shadows, give your eyebrows the desired shape. First, you need to "clean" the contour with tweezers. Secondly, comb your eyebrows with a round brush. By laying the hairs in the right direction, you can then easily apply powder shadows.

  2. Working with the contour

    Take a beveled brush, draw shadows on it and brush along the upper border of the eyebrows. If you like graphic eyebrow makeup, pay attention to the tails and try to sharpen them with a brush. The brush can be dampened with water: wet application will make the lines clearer.

  3. Filling

    After you emphasize the contour of the eyebrows, you should not leave it “empty” inside. Eyebrows will appear visually thicker and more voluminous if you apply powder shadow with strokes, filling in the gaps.

  4. Fixation

    Shadow-powder is not the most durable eyebrow product. Therefore, to complete the make-up, apply a transparent fixing gel. It will also help you focus on the shape of the eyebrows. Suitable, for example, Control Freak from NYX Professional Makeup. where to find?

More about how to do eyebrow makeup, we talked about in this video.

How long does the brow powder last?

Powder shadows can last all day on brows when used in combination with a setting gel.


Lifehacks for choosing and applying eyebrow powder

  • When looking for "your" shade of shadows, remember that blondes need a product a couple of tones darker than their hair color. If we are talking about coloring ombre with dark roots, then you should choose the color of eyebrow powder under them. But brunettes can, on the contrary, use shadows slightly lighter than the color of their hair. You can read more about how to achieve a harmonious combination of hair color and eyebrow color here.

  • Need to darken the chosen shade of eyeshadow-powder for eyebrows? Apply them in a wet way, moistening the brush with water. This technique will allow you to achieve not only more intense, but also more graphic make-up, even with a powdery texture.

  • If, in addition to color, you also need texture, type wax or gel on a round brush first, and then tint powder. Apply this composition by combing the eyebrows in the direction of hair growth.

Overview of the best makeup products for eyebrows

Only in practice, you can find out which eyebrow tool will be the best for you. To make it easier to make a choice with the variety that beauty brands offer, we have compiled a list of shadows that the editors think are the best.

  • Double-sided pencil Brow Satin, Maybelline New York

    This tool is not just a retractable pencil that can be used to outline the contour of the eyebrows. In addition to the main stylus on one end, on the back you will find a soft sponge with filling powder, which is convenient to apply and blend color to visually make the eyebrows thicker and fuller. Thanks to the sponge, the powder will fall on both the skin and the hairs, so the effect will be noticeable - what you need if you want to make a more noticeable emphasis on the eyebrows.

    Check out what our readers think of this product here.


  • Eyebrow Cake Powder, NYX Professional Makeup

    This is not just a shadow, but a full-fledged eyebrow makeup kit. It includes two shades of powder: a little lighter and a little darker - in one range (either warm or cold). The shadows are supplemented with colorless wax, with which, after color correction, you can fix the powder on the hairs and give the eyebrows the desired shape. There is a convenient round brush and an angled brush for applying the products in the package.

    Check out what our readers think of this product here.


  • Brow:Palette, Shu Uemura

    Another all-in-one brow powder is from Shu Uemura. In a compact package, two shades of shadows, a sponge applicator and a brush with a beveled edge. Lighter Shu Uemura powder is recommended to emphasize the contour of the eyebrows, and darker to shade from the middle towards the tips: this way you simulate the natural darkening of the eyebrows from the base to the tails.Life hack: if there are particles of powder on the skin outside the eyebrows, remove them with a thin tip of a sponge.

  • Brôw Densify Powder-To-Cream, Lancôme

    The tube contains Lancôme powder, which, after application to the skin, turns into a creamy product - denser and more resistant. Thanks to this, eyebrow makeup turns out to be more spectacular, because, in addition to color, they also acquire texture. It is she who creates the impression of lush "sable" eyebrows, providing them with a 3D volume.

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  • Eyebrow Design Kit Brow Artist, L’Oréal Paris

    L'Oréal Paris has its own version of the universal eyeshadow palette. Brow Artist is a compact set that includes eye shadow, pigmented wax, tweezers and a double ended applicator with a beveled brush on one end and a round brush on the other. And this, it seems, is all that may be required even for professional eyebrow makeup, which also includes correction. Makeup, by the way, will provide skin care: beeswax will help it retain moisture, and castor oil will stimulate hair growth.

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