Knowing the rules of bridal makeup is a must if you want to create a successful look. But it's even more important to be aware of possible mistakes

Brides don't accidentally go to bridal makeup rehearsals. On the day of the celebration, they want to be in the spotlight and feel flawlessly beautiful, and not be distracted by thoughts that something is wrong with their make-up. It is important to think over the image in advance and foresee possible mistakes, because correcting them “to the day” is an unconditional stress. Misfortunes that can be foreseen can be prevented.This is what we see as the key to success.

The most common wedding makeup mistakes


  1. Mask effect

    In holiday make-up, they always use a foundation that is more resistant than usual. And in general, the tone is worked out more carefully. It is important not to overdo it and not apply too much cream. The heavy effect of the mask is not at all combined with the light and airy image of the bride. Learn more about how to apply foundation to avoid this here.

  2. Shining tone

    Skin radiance is in trend; it is also a sign of her he alth and vitality. But in a wedding make-up, it should still be replaced with a matte finish. So the face will not glare when taking pictures - you hardly want to see the effect of oily sheen in the pictures.

    Matte foundation will do. For example, Fit Me from Maybelline New York.

  3. " Evening" contouring or draping

    You should not, inspired by the images of Hollywood stars, “draw” your cheekbones with a sculptor. Give up aggressive techniques that are good for studio shooting - they are hardly suitable for a holiday with loved ones. Light contouring will not hurt, but it must be done very skillfully - without strong darkening on the cheeks, without sharp transitions between shades and without a dense layer of cosmetics.


  1. Dark smoky

    In general, there is nothing wrong with rich smoky eyes. If you decide to include them in your wedding make-up, consider whether this vamp accent will compete with the bride's delicate white dress. In most cases, too dark eye makeup brings dissonance to a light look.

  2. Puppet effect

    Many girls look at the holidays (and weddings in the first place) as an excuse to do makeup with false eyelashes. Most often, it turns out to be theatrical: stripes of cilia on the eyelids rarely look natural.

    In wedding makeup, it is better to refuse them (or stick not a whole strip, but a couple of bunches - at the outer corners of the eyes for a cat eye effect). But mascara with a volume effect like Paradise Extatic from L'Oréal Paris can be safely used.

  3. Overloaded make-up

    An even more serious mistake is eye makeup that has too many elements: both dark smokes, and arrows, and strokes, and false eyelashes.

    Makeup on the eyelids should not seem like a "burden" - ideally, wedding makeup should create a feeling of ease, lightness.


  1. Eyebrow accent

    Emphasized eyebrows are a trend, but you shouldn't draw attention to them in wedding makeup. It is better not to highlight them too brightly and not try to achieve special density and width. Eyebrow makeup should be in harmony with other elements of the make-up.


  2. Bushy brows

    Another fashionable beauty trick is to comb your eyebrow hairs up strongly. Sometimes it looks spectacular, but in a wedding look it is better to carefully stack them in the direction of growth.

  3. Stenciled Eyebrows

    When the eyebrows are literally drawn, it does not look the best way - both in wedding makeup and in everyday life. It is not necessary to outline the contour of the eyebrows with pressure and fill them with color inside with the same intensity. Choose more natural makeup.


Lip coverage needs to be both durable and comfortable. Cream, glossy and other products with a "sliding" texture are likely to slide to the contour - lip makeup will have to be corrected. Matte lipstick or tint will be much more reliable. Suitable, for example, Color Riche from L'Oréal Paris in the shade "Delicate Rose" . where to find?

It's not a good idea not to paint your lips at all, even if you focus on your eyes: "face to face" this will not raise questions, but in the photo after the holiday it will seem that the lips have been erased from the face. Apply at least a translucent layer of lipstick on them. For durability, it is better to “drive” it into the skin with your fingertips.

Don't do this: top 5 bridal makeup mistakes

Experimenting with make-up

Makeup for a wedding can be bold and unusual if you often change your looks in everyday life, choosing extravagant accents. But for those who prefer nude, they should not wear colored smokes or paint their lips in super-bright shades for the wedding.

On this memorable day, it is better to be yourself and appear before the guests in a more familiar appearance.

Last minute procedures

To make your skin look flawless on your wedding day, you need to start your skin care course long before X-hour. It must be well thought out. No aggressive procedures a week before the celebration! Cleansing, peeling and other similar procedures always have a rehabilitation period associated with redness, peeling of the skin and other forms of skin reaction to active influence on it. With such initial data, creating a festive image will simply be impossible.

By the way, new procedures - even easy and harmless ones - cannot be tried on the eve of the wedding. This is the only way to avoid unpredictable skin reactions.

Testing new funds

Novelties should also be avoided in cosmetics. It's not just about skin care products. Wedding make-up is best done with the usual decorative means. This again will save you from surprises in the form of allergies or other unforeseen reactions.

Come to the make-up artist with your foundation; shadows, lipstick and mascara can be from the arsenal of the master.

Make-up mask

Few people in everyday life apply tone not only on the face, but also on the skin of the neck. In the wedding image, this mistake (fraught with the effect of a mask) will be obvious if you have chosen a white dress for the celebration. Wedding photos will clearly demonstrate this.

DIY makeup

This is not a mistake: with the right skills, a beautiful wedding make-up can be done on your own. But it's better to trust an experienced makeup artist.

Still, makeup for a wedding cannot be compared with everyday or even evening. There is a risk of missing the nuances that the pros know everything about. In addition, in the hands of a specialist, you can relax, anticipating the holiday.

Wedding make-up: makeup tips

Trial makeup

This is a must: you definitely don't need to improvise on your wedding day. Makeup artists advise you to come to the make-up rehearsal not once, but twice. First - 4-5 months before the celebration. Then - closer to the scheduled date: this will allow you to adjust your makeup if you decide to make changes to the planned image.

One of the makeup options for the wedding we showed in this video.

For more information on how to choose a makeup artist for a wedding, we talked here.

Full look

By the way, it's better to go to the make-up artist with about the same hairstyle that you plan to do for the wedding, and with photos of the bride's dress. So he will understand exactly what techniques and techniques will give the best result. And you will see the result, which will be as close as possible to the final image.

SOS makeup bag

The bride should have a first aid kit on hand. Even if in the end these funds are not needed. What if the foundation does not behave as expected? Or because of tears (of course, happy ones), eyeliner or mascara will flow? The situation will have to be promptly corrected on the spot.


What would you never do in wedding makeup? Tell us in the comments what make-up you think is unsuccessful for the bride.