Is orange the hit of the season? Undoubtedly. We show you how to make a juicy makeup that will help you last until spring

If you are sure that orange makeup is only appropriate on the catwalk, we have shocking news for you: progressive beauty bloggers and makeup artists have long classified it as everyday. Intrigued? Keep the details.

Who would suit orange makeup?

You won't surprise anyone today with orange or pumpkin-colored lipstick, so orange makeup most often means orange eye makeup.This look definitely suits girls with olive skin and skin with a golden undertone. Another "indication" is light eyes, especially green ones. But owners of other color types should not abandon this trend, the main thing is to take into account the nuances.

If you have very fair skin, orange may be too contrasting for it. Therefore, if you are doing eye makeup in orange shades, you need to support it with something else - for example, blush, bronzer or warm lipstick. Suitable brown, peach, apricot, coral, as well as red lipsticks with an orange undertone (for example, terracotta)."

How to do orange makeup?

There are a few basic rules that are important to keep in mind when creating such a trendy make-up.

Face and cheekbones

Orange blush looks best on dark or tanned skin. Girls with fair skin are better off choosing a peach shade. And in any case, pay special attention to shading so that there are no ugly spots on your face.

Instead of sculpting blush, use bronzing blushes: they will blend better with orange shadows.


When choosing orange shadows or eyeliner, be sure to work the area under the eyes with concealer. Bright makeup will draw attention to the eye area, so the skin in this area should be flawless. Another important tip: make up your eyelashes brighter with mascara so that the make-up does not look “flat”. You can also additionally emphasize the eyelids with a pencil.


  • For rich orange eye makeup, opt for translucent moisturizing textures or create a lightly feathered lip effect to make the lip makeup look lighter and softer than the eye makeup.

  • If you want to do makeup with orange lipstick, be careful about choosing a shade. There is an easy way to tell if lipstick doesn't suit you: your teeth look yellow against it. This lipstick is definitely not worth buying. Especially often such an undesirable effect occurs when using bright matte lipsticks. The way out is to choose translucent soft textures or glosses. Glitter always takes attention away from teeth.

  • Otherwise, when choosing, be guided by skin color: dark-skinned girls are best suited for neon, carrot and orange-red lipsticks; fair-skinned people should pay attention to peach and orange.

Three different looks with orange lipstick you can find in our video tutorial.

Combination of colors and shades in orange makeup

Monochrome makeup is a noticeable trend of recent years, but if your soul asks for variety, take a look at the following color combinations.

Red-orange eye makeup

Because orange and red are neighbors on the color wheel, they go well together. Do not be afraid to experiment: underline the lower eyelid with red, and apply orange on the moving eyelid. The crease of the eyelid can also be slightly emphasized with red - for balance.

Yellow-orange makeup

Yellow and orange are friends for the same reason that orange and red are: they are next to each other on the color wheel. So without a doubt, use them within the same image.

Blue-orange makeup

Blue and orange are contrasting shades. But that doesn't mean they can't be mixed. Everything is exactly the opposite: with the right approach, such an image will turn out to be very effective (for example, we saw a similar one at the last Oscar de la Renta show).You can do monochrome orange makeup and line the mucosa with a blue pencil or paint your eyelashes with blue mascara - it will turn out stylish, fashionable and interesting. We just presented a similar image in the video tutorial below.

How to make an orange make-up: step by step photo tutorial

You have already learned the main rules, so it's time to move on to practice. Follow our step by step photo tutorial to create DIY orange makeup.

  1. 1

    Apply Hydration Genius Aqua Fluid to prep skin.

  2. 2

    Spread Alliance Perfect foundation over your face. Blend well.

  3. 3

    On the area under the eyes and a thin layer on the moving eyelid, apply Infaillible concealer, it will perfectly replace the base under the shadows.

  4. 4

    Use your fingertips to apply the Color Queen eyeshadow in shade 23 Energetic to the entire lid up to the crease.

  5. 5

    Underline the lower eyelid with the same shadows.

  6. 6

    Smudge the shadows along the crease towards the temple to create a more elongated shape of the eyelid.

  7. 7

    Use a long-lasting black Infaillible pencil to intensively work on the upper and lower mucous membranes: this will add contrast and the orange color will not look “flat”.

  8. 8

    Finish top and bottom lashes with Bambi Look Mascara, working from root to tip for a false lash effect.

  9. 9

    Create your brows with Unbelieva Brow Long Lasting Brow Tint. Collect some product on the brush that comes with the kit, and gently comb your eyebrows. The tool will add brightness to them and fix the shape. But do not strive for clarity of lines - eyebrows should look natural!

  10. 10

    Le Blush peach blush in shade 160 will support the orange color on the eyes and the overall idea of monochrome makeup. So the makeup will look more balanced and harmonious. Apply them on the central part of the face and gently move towards the temple.

  11. 11

    Add some La Vie En Glow Highlighter to the cheekbones and sides of the forehead.You can pre-blend all the shades by brushing over the surface of the palette for a soft bronzing effect. There are both dark and light shades in the palette - if you mix them, you get a very soft transition.

  12. 12

    Complete your make-up with Color Riche Moisturizing Lipstick in soft shade 658. Done!


    Another option for bright neon eye makeup in orange tones is in our video tutorial.

    Orange makeup review

    In any beauty business, not only manual dexterity is important, but also successful means. Here is a list of especially suitable for orange makeup.

    • Naked Heat, Urban Decay palette

      It seems that this tool was invented specifically for those who are eyeing the trend called “orange makeup”. There are 12 shades in the palette, from fiery red to light beige, on the basis of which you can create dozens of types of orange (and anything else) makeup. You don't even have to use blush or bronzer: the palette's matte shades are great for sculpting. And the shimmer ones will add fire, radiance and luxury to the image.

      One example of how you can use Naked Heat to its full potential is shown in this video tutorial.

    • Color Queen eye shadow, shade 23 Vigorous, L’Oréal Paris

      How impressive these shadows look on the eyelids, you have already seen in the photo instructions above. Let's add a few words about their properties. Firstly, the shadows are ultra-resistant, they will last on the eyelids until the end of the day. Secondly, they consist of 30% oils, thanks to which they are perfectly distributed.Thirdly, the tool is hypoallergenic and suitable even for sensitive eyes. By the way, the choice is not limited to one option: the Color Queen collection has several more shades from the orange range.

    • Superstay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick, 25 Hero, Maybelline

      If you're not ready for the complex manipulation of orange shadows yet, there's an easier way to create a trendy look. Cheerful lipstick of a juicy grapefruit shade on the lips - and the image is ready. She will look especially stylish on tanned skin, so don't forget to take Superstay Matte Ink with you on vacation.

    • Foil Play Cream Pigment, shade 12 Red Armor, NYX Professional Makeup

      For a full-fledged set for orange makeup, NYX Professional Makeup is definitely for you: the brand has dozens of orange-colored products, from lipsticks and glosses to liners and blushes.We advise you to pay attention to the creamy pigments in the fiery shade of Red Armor. Layer them over any other eye shadow for an on-trend metallic look. By the way, they are also suitable for lips.

    • Brow Unlimited Brow & Eyelash Mascara, Juicy Orange, Shu Uemura

      Bright orange mascara is a rare and valuable find. For a more dramatic effect, apply over base black mascara. And the most daring can try on fashionable makeup with colored eyebrows - for example, as in this photo experiment.

    • Fluid Sheer, Shade 5, Giorgio Armani

      Orange highlighter is perhaps even rarer than orange mascara. But when used correctly, the effect promises something special: fresh, radiant skin and a he althy glow, which will harmoniously complement makeup in orange tones.The tool can be mixed with foundation or used solo - but again, this is best done when the skin is slightly tanned.

    • Matte Shaker Lip Cushion, shade 186 Orange Fresh, Lancôme

      The case when the name speaks for itself. When there is no real orange juice at hand, this matte lipstick will take over its functions: it will refresh, cheer up and improve well-being. Shake the bottle before use, and then apply the creamy texture to the lips with a soft conical sponge.

    • Couture Blush 03 YSL

      In the palette, the shade looks too bright, but this should not embarrass you: the product falls on the skin in a translucent layer, and the blush looks very natural.Blush can also be used to lightly emphasize the crease of the upper eyelid to create a trendy monochrome look. The image will remain nude, but will acquire zest.

    Have you ever done orange makeup? Tell us about your favorite products.