If matte products don't appeal to you, and glitter seems excessive, try cosmetics with a satin texture. Her light radiance is just for those who love lightness and elegant restraint in a make-up

"Glitter" , "shimmer" , "satin" , "satin" , "gloss" - all these words in the definition of texture indicate different degrees of radiance. Therefore, depending on the occasion, you can use any make-up products, from those with only a hint of reflux to those that give the effect of sparkling brilliance. If you want the shimmer to be not conspicuous, but to be very delicate, choose satin.

Satin eyeshadow: what is it?

Satin shadows on the skin look like a radiant canvas, covered with the thinnest matte veil. Glitter seems to come through, "breaks" through it, remaining muffled. Thanks to this, the satin texture in makeup looks noble and is equally appropriate for everyday life and holidays.

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Satin shadows are shadows with reflective particles. Shades from the nude range are considered universal, they can even be used in daytime makeup. Satin shadows in darker and more saturated colors are more suitable for an evening look.

Satin shadows are available in a variety of formats, among which you can choose the most convenient. Dry (for example, beige) can be useful as a base layer.A light effect of radiance will refresh and “open” the look. Creamy eyeshadows are thicker and richer. Both the color and the shine in this case will be more intense, which means that they are better suited for a pronounced emphasis on the eyes.


Trendy shades of satin eyeshadows

  1. Nude

    Neutral nude shadows suit everyone. If you choose such shades of satin texture for "makeup without makeup" , then you can do without additional colors. In other versions of the make-up, such shadows can be used as a base. Suitable, for example, shades in the shade "Delicate Peach" from the Color Tattoo collection from Maybelline New York. where to find?

  2. White

    The satiny texture gives this color a pearly sheen that can be used to “illuminate” the skin around the inner corners of the eyes. Pay attention, for example, to the shade "Celebrity" from the Color Queen collection. where to find?

  3. Pink

    Thanks to a gentle satin sheen, pink shadows will not make your eye makeup “sugary”. The shimmer dissipates the brightness of the hue, so you don't risk getting a Barbie-style look. A pink haze of satin shadows will beautifully emphasize blue and gray eyes. Try the shade "Amazing" from the Color Queen range. where to find?

  4. Grey

    An option for those who love cold eye makeup. Gray satin shadows are universal - they will suit any eye color. One-color smokes created with their help will turn out not aggressive, but soft: it will be a foggy haze that is guaranteed to make the look more expressive.

  5. Emerald, dark blue, plum

    Satin Glow transforms dark shades into precious ones. The result is not as flashy as with a metallic effect, and looks very elegant. The shimmering shade "Cult" from the Color Queen line is also perfect for evening make-up.

    Such shadows can be used to draw casual arrows with soft outlines or create a spectacular haze along the eye contour.

  6. Blue, lavender

    Due to the satin texture, these two shades seem to have frost. A cold glow makes these eyeshadows perfect for winter makeup with a "frosty" effect. So that it does not look old-fashioned, give up mascara and arrows - let only delicate pastels be on the eyelids.

Satin daytime eye makeup photo ideas

For blue and gray eyes

  1. Arrows and satin beige

    To freshen up a classic winged makeup but keep it casual, use satin shadows with a slight shimmer effect, such as coffee, as a base. Create a subtle texture contrast using a matte eyeliner.

  2. Pink Monomakeup

    Most of all, this make-up suits blue-eyed and gray-eyed girls. They can apply satin pink shadow all over the eyelids and blend the borders, and finish the makeup with a black liner - or just apply mascara to the eyelashes in one layer.

For brown eyes

  1. Bronze Smokey

    Choose a satin shade of gold or bronze. With their help, create a translucent haze on the eyelids - the coating should not be intense in color, otherwise the result will be more evening than daytime. You can complement the smokey effect with a slight darkening of the crease and contour of the eyes, as well as mascara on the eyelashes.

  2. Smoky arrows

    Shadows are what you need to draw soft arrows without a graphic outline.Choose a satin shade that accentuates brown eyes with a slight contrast: purple or, for example, emerald green. Using a beveled brush, draw a neat "corner" . Its borders can be slightly smoothed with a special smudge brush. You can learn more about how to draw feathered arrows in this video.

For green eyes

  1. Copper Haze

    Green-eyed can take any nude shades as the basis of a casual make-up, but you should not limit yourself to them. Try incorporating copper satin eyeshadows into your makeup. In the daytime version, it is better not to cover the entire eyelid with them. Apply them closer to the contour so that the look retains its “daytime” restraint.

  2. Brown outline

    Accentuate the inner contour with a brown kojal, and the outer one with brown shadows with a satin texture. Apply and blend at the same time - with a dense flat brush.


Bright evening make-up with satin shades

For blue and gray eyes

  1. Brown smoky eyes

    Despite the fact that shades from the beige-brown range are considered basic, in combination with blue or gray eyes they gain brightness. And the satin shine does include them in a winning set for an evening make-up; matte texture is best left for everyday life.

  2. Two-tone accent

    In another version of smokey, you can combine shades that are less familiar to you. Apply, for example, satin shades of purple on the upper eyelid, and blend blue along the lower eyelid. Blend the borders where they meet at the corners of the eyes.

For brown eyes

  1. Purple smokey with an arrow

    Combine smoky eyes and arrows in your make-up. A double accent in the evening is perfectly acceptable. To smoothly transition from one to another, use only eye shadow. Shades of purple are especially good for brown eyes. The one that is lighter, blend at the crease; darken the color closer to the eye contour. Draw the darkest arrows.

  2. Blue Graphics

    Experiment with satin eyeshadows in cream or liquid formats. Using this tool, draw either wide arrows or a large block of color on the entire eyelid on the eyelids to create a bright blue accent. You'll see - brown eyes will become much more expressive.

For green eyes

  1. Smoky green makeup

    Green-eyed people can experiment with different shades of green. The result will be especially expressive if the shadows create a contrast with the natural color of the eyes. For example, emerald or swamp shadows will look beautiful against the background of green eyes with walnut splashes. And the satin shine will make this color scheme doubly expressive.

  2. Corner arrows

    Choose a contrasting shade of creamy satin shadows (green eyes will suit honey-caramel, bronze, copper, silver-gray, blue, yellow-green and many others) and draw graphic arrows on them - so that the lines on the top and bottom converged for centuries. For a brighter make-up, complement this shade with a softer and more delicate color from another range.

Best satin eyeshadow review

The editors have made their choice and invite you to read it.

  • Shadow Color Queen, L'Oréal Paris

    Among the 36 shades of L'Oréal Paris' new Color Queen eyeshadows are a range of satin shades. Their peculiarity is in a soft creamy texture (the product consists of 30% oils), which gives the colors saturation and facilitates the distribution and shading of products. After application, the shadows harden and acquire a velvety finish, like a powder. At the same time, the color does not lose its satin shine. In the Color Queen collection there is also white No. 19 "Celebrity" , and beige No. 20 "Imperial" , which can also be used as a base, and more unusual accent shades, for example No. 36 "Magic" (deep green), No. 29 "Relentless" (blue lilac) and No. 30 "To Heaven" (blue-violet).

    Check out what our readers think of this product here.


  • Eye Tint, Giorgio Armani

    In this product, microparticles of pearls added to the water-pigment formula of shadows are responsible for the satin effect. Thanks to its liquid texture, any Eye Tint shade is easy to apply and evenly distributes - with blurring of the borders. In addition, the shine of satin is enhanced by a wet finish; as a result, the coating plays beautifully in the light with pearl tints. Despite the water base, the shadows last up to 16 hours - the resistant coating does not roll or gather in the creases of the eyelids. By the way, tint can also serve as a highlighter if you have light shades at your disposal. Dark, in turn, can be used as an eyeliner. The pointed applicator of Eye Tint will help in drawing arrows.

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  • Eyeshadow Monotone, Urban Decay

    In the collection of Urban Decay monoshadows, among dozens of shades (matte, with a shimmer, metallic effect, and so on), there are also satin ones. They are easy to calculate by their soft glow without noticeable flickering particles. Urban Decay made sure that you can choose nude shades (shades of Verve and Polyester Bride) for every day, and bright ones for the evening. The latter include plum Rockstar, emerald Loaded and many others. In terms of brightness, these shadows are in no way inferior to cream ones; The pigmented formula based on the Pigment Infusion System allows you to achieve rich color from the first layer.

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