The occasion to create a strange and scary image from the other world can be a theme party, Halloween or other similar holiday. The make-up should match and add to your magical charm

Surely you have not thought about such a make-up yet. That is why it is worth adopting. Of course, this image should be in place. If the theme of the party for which you are choosing makeup is fairy-tale worlds with magical creatures, this option is suitable.

Features of creating kikimora makeup

What does a kikimora look like? Since this is a mythical character, there is no single idea. In folk beliefs, kikimora is described as an old woman dressed in rags with a wrinkled face, hairy arms, sometimes with a hump, or even with a tail. According to one version, she is similar to a brownie and loves to play pranks. According to another, there is a swamp kikimora - this is outwardly represented as entangled in moss, grass and algae.

Of course, the second image will be more colorful and recognizable. It can be done in a green palette and complemented with many details with a hint of the "swamp" origin of the kikimora. To create the makeup of this mythical character, you will have to completely paint over the face with makeup and supplement it with details that will “age” the skin. You need to be ready for a complete transformation. Next, we will tell you step by step and show in the photo how to create do-it-yourself kikimora makeup at home.

What makeup do you need to create makeup?

  1. Tone

    To create a kikimora makeup, an ordinary foundation is not suitable. You need a colored make-up that will help with the transformation into this character and at the same time allow the make-up to last on the skin all evening. Use, for example, SFX Crème Color by NYX Professional Makeup - a dense creamy pigment. The shades of this long-wearing product can be mixed to match your makeup look.

  2. Pencils

    Against the background of a green tone, even in the make-up of kikimoras, accents are needed. Pay attention to the makeup of the eyebrows and eyes: they will need to be at least outlined in black or brown.

    You can also draw wrinkles with different shades of pencils - this is an important part of the old woman's image.

  3. Shadows

    Shades of green, brown, mustard, beige, gold, bronze - you will need all of them when creating makeup to make the image "voluminous" and stylize it beautifully.

    In such cases, big palettes come to the rescue - such as Urban Decay's Born To Run, which features 21 shades. The set is good not only for extremely bold make-up, but also for everyday make-up.

  4. Lipstick

    Different shades of lipstick are allowed on the lips in kikimora makeup - depending on what character you want to convey. It can even be black if you want a scary look.

    For a more feminine effect, paint your lips red. Or, for example, burgundy.

    Choose matte lipstick in liquid format - this is the most durable option that will perfectly support the image. Check out Superstay Matte Ink by Maybelline New York.

In addition to the main funds, you may need highlighters of different shades, glitter, rhinestones, false eyelashes: they will make the image more thoughtful in terms of details and accents.And do not forget about the makeup fixer - thanks to it, the make-up will survive even a long party.

How to make kikimora makeup at home?

  1. Preparation

    As with regular makeup, first you need to work a little with the skin - apply moisturizer and primer on it. Each remedy must be allowed to be absorbed properly. Decorative cosmetics after that will lie better. Given that in the make-up, kikimoras will have to cover their faces with thick makeup, this stage is important. In addition to the main base, apply also a special one - for the eyelids. Read more about how to prepare your face for makeup application in this video.

  2. Tone

    Mix the cream pigments until you get the desired shade, and then spread the resulting mix over the face with a sponge (wet method will provide a more even coverage) or a kabuki brush (it is better to work with it in the stippling technique, "driving" the product into the skin ).


    You will need to paint over both eyebrows, and eyelids, and lips, and neck, and even ears - so the image will turn out whole. Next, apply a slightly darker shade of green under the cheekbones, just as you would apply a sculpting powder. You can add a silvery highlighter to the cheekbones, which will create a wet effect on the skin: just right for a swamp creature.

  3. Eye makeup

    Eye makeup should be done in shades that are related to tone. If you chose green, then use similar shades on the eyelids. Darken the crease of the eyelid and blend the same shade at the outer corners of the eyes, as if you were doing cat eye makeup. Then line your eyes with a pencil or liquid liner (and you can not only highlight the outline, but draw arrows).

    If desired, make-up can be decorated with sparkles - for example, using Heavy Metal glitter eyeliner from Urban Decay.

    Or add lush false eyelashes. Shu Uemura, in addition to the classic ones, has unusual options with feathers, so there is quite a suitable one for the image of a kikimora. However, you can do without false eyelashes, limiting yourself to mascara.

  4. Lip makeup

    For a kikimora look, gray (No. 24 Alien in the Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick collection from NYX Professional Makeup) or black (No. 01 Stone Fox from the same line) lipstick is quite suitable.

    They will give the make-up a darker shade. At the same time, you can create a contrasting accent with red lipstick. Before applying, outline the contour of the lips with a brush, and then fill it with color.

  5. Fixation

    Finish your make-up with a setting spray to make complex makeup last.

How to complement the image with kikimora makeup: manicure, hairstyle, clothes and accessories

  1. Manicure

    Sharp long nails painted with shades of green will be a great addition to the kikimora makeup. Such a manicure will emphasize the “dark” essence of the character. However, the length of the nails does not play a special role. The main thing here is the color palette.

  2. Hairstyle

    To create the most harmonious look of a kikimora, you will need a green wig.

    Or a gray wig with long hair that needs to be tangled. It is recommended to complement the wig with decor in the form of algae, moss and other marsh vegetation.

  3. Clothes, accessories

    Kikimora clothes are rags: torn, worn things with holes and dirty spots.It doesn't really matter what you wear. The main thing is the impression that your outfit will make. From accessories, you can try on a head scarf in green tones or a headband with small green flowers or leaves.


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