What beauty trends are starting the new decade? Let's take a look at some makeup examples from the latest fashion shows

When choosing an eyeshadow palette, many of us try to find something universal. Under the lid of the case, ideally, there should be shades that will not be left idle. At the same time, the trends of 2023, as it were, urge us to stop constantly thinking about practical cosmetics. Nothing will happen if you buy neon shadows. On the contrary, beauty experiments can be the first step towards something new and interesting.

What eyeshadows are in fashion in 2023: trends and novelties

More than three shades

Monomakeup is not so relevant anymore. Images from the latest shows are a call to use different shades in your make-up, including contrasting ones.

Try a variety of combinations, even not the most obvious: Nicole Miller managed to combine, for example, red and yellow neon with gold.

Drawings of paint

Art theme has always inspired makeup artists. They continue to promote makeup that uses shadows like paint on a canvas. Sometimes they are applied so casually (on purpose, of course), as if it were not a canvas, but a palette on which colors were mixed.

Interesting examples were seen at the shows of Salvatore Ferragamo, Christian Wijnants, Ulla Johnson and Marques ’ Almeida, which can be used for the spring-summer 2023 season.

Glitter instead of shadows

Why use eyeshadow when you can just sprinkle glitter on your eyelids? It was this logic that guided the makeup artists who worked on the show House of Holland, Lutz Huelle and Off-White.

When you get tired of experimenting with colors, go for glitter (and don't forget they need a solid foundation like NYX Professional Makeup's Glitter Primer).

Texture contrast

It's hard to imagine a harmonious combination of matte neon and glitter in shades of precious metals. Nevertheless, this was achieved at the Nicole Miller show. Anna Sui offers another option: apply one shade of matte shadows on the eyelids to the very eyebrows, and then draw arcs with glitter eyeliner in the crease.

Sloppy application

Until recently, neat and thorough shading was something taken for granted in makeup.At the spring-summer 2023 show, it turned out that it is optional. If the multi-color make-up comes out in the spirit of "creative mess" , you will be at the height of fashion. Check out the looks of Marc Jacobs, Richard Quinn, Iceberg and Christian Siriano.

the most fashionable eyeshadow colors in the spring-summer season - 2023

  1. Red, orange, yellow

    A noticeable trend is a sunny spectrum of colors, including trendy orange. All shades can be used individually or combined using the ombre technique, making a “sunset” or “dawn” make-up, like Jason Wu. Find matching colors in NYX Professional Makeup's Ultimate Edit Petite Shadow Palette. where to find?

  2. Pink, lilac

    Shades of marshmallow pastels are also in favor in the new season. Take a look at Hot Singles in Cupcake by NYX Professional Makeup.

    They will come in handy for creating smoky eyes, like on the Balmain, Christian Siriano and Iceberg shows.

    Another pink eyeshadow look can be found in this video.

  3. Mint

    A cool green-blue shade is what you need for a summer make-up with a “refreshing” effect. The images of models from the Oscar de la Renta and Cividini shows for the spring-summer 2023 season will help to make sure of this.

  4. Red, yellow and green neon

    This trend encourages us to be bolder and not be afraid of acid shades. They will open new horizons in makeup for you. Looks from the Jonathan Cohen and Mark Fast show are proof of that.

  5. Aqua

    It can be a light shade of azure or a deep blue of a stormy sea. Choose to your taste and start experimenting.

  6. Smoky Grey

    Option for those who like calmer colors. Take a closer look at how gray was used at shows by Tom Ford and Brandon Maxwell. Use the shade "Lord" from the Color Queen line from L'Oréal Paris.

  7. Gold

    You can accentuate your summer tan with a haze of gold or bronze eyeshadows with a shimmer, as they did at the Bibhu Mohapatra show.

Which eye shadows are trending in the fall-winter 2023 season?

In the autumn-winter season, the nude gamma should show itself in a new way.The Pantone Color Institute suggests rethinking nude shades: instead of flesh and powder, dusty pink, taupe “cocoa with milk”, faded beige have come into fashion. These are neutral colors - neither warm nor cold. Therefore, they suit any skin tone, regardless of color type.

Dark shades are also welcome on the eyelids: coffee-brown, marsh green, blue-green, plum. Only they should be muted.

As for the texture, it should compensate for the lack of expressiveness of the shades. Metallic products will be in fashion (moreover, unusual ones with a “wet” effect) and with the effect of quartz radiance.

trend eyeshadow colors for brunettes

  1. Blue, blue

    In summer, brunettes can try on the marine trend in eye makeup. Or experiment with blue neon. And in autumn, switch to more restrained shades of blue: draw arrows with them or emphasize the eye contour with a light haze.

  2. Neon shades

    If neon will always be striking in the image of blondes, then in the case of brunettes everything is different: dark hair restrains the brightness of the color and provides a balanced contrast. Create art makeup with creamy neon shadows, applying them to the eyelids with careless strokes.

  3. Grey

    Translucent smoky eyes with smoky gray shades are suitable for brunettes for a casual look.


What shades of eyeshadow would suit a blonde?

  1. Pink

    It can be a “sweet” color of marshmallow, and pink neon, or a shade of dusty rose - choose to your taste and apply on the eyelids in a translucent layer with light shading.

  2. Gold

    For girls with a cool platinum blonde, this color will not suit, but for blondes with warm notes in the shade of hair and skin tone, it is. Gold will look most expressive in the make-up of blondes with blue or green eyes.

  3. Taupe

    This shade is the base for girls with blond hair. They can draw soft arrows, make smoky eyes and many other makeup options with shadows.

Choosing an eyeshadow palette for a brown-haired woman

  1. Beige

    Brown-haired women have milk chocolate hair, so beige is perfect for them.

    To make beige shadows a decoration of a casual look, choose a product with a shimmer that will add a slight glow to your eye makeup.

  2. Red-orange

    Summer fashion for sunny shades in eye makeup for brown-haired women is just right. They can choose from this range of metallic shadows and create ombre-effect smoky eyes.

  3. Blue-green

    This shade can replace the basic (black, gray, brown) in the autumn-winter season. Use it in everyday make-up to turn the usual arrows, smoke and haze along the eye contour into soft color accents.

What shades would a red-haired girl prefer?

  1. Mint

    In summer, girls with fiery red hair can play in contrast and make mono-makeup with shadows of not just a cold, but an icy shade of refreshing mint. Apply it casually, without striving for neat shading.The coating can be translucent or dense - to your taste. In any case, the color will be noticeable against the background of red hair.

  2. Pink, purple

    Another option for a contrasting make-up. Again, you can use different shades - both pastel and acid. In both cases, you get an expressive accent.

  3. Plum

    Since the color is quite dark, it is close to the base and can be useful in everyday make-up. Draw arrows with plum shadows and emphasize the contour of the eyes, blending them along the lash lines.


Shadow review in the most popular shades of 2023

You can experiment with these shadows. They, according to the editors, are trustworthy.

  • Ultimate Shadow Palette (No. 04 Brights), NYX Professional Makeup

    Ready to experiment? To have all the neon shades at your fingertips, opt for a palette like No. 04 Brights from NYX Professional Makeup's Ultimate Shadow Palette collection. 16 colors - and not a single boring one. Each of them will require a certain courage from you if you are used to discreet makeup. Under the lid of the case are fuchsia, red, orange, electric blue, emerald, mint, yellow, lime, sky blue .. Some are matte, others are satin, others are with a small shimmer. Different texture options only expand your options in the make-up.

    Check out what our readers think of this product here.


  • Shadows Gold Mirage, L'Oréal Paris

    This mini cream eyeshadow collection from L'Oréal Paris has only two shades: pink and gold. And both of them are suitable for those who want to try the “quartz” trend. Delicate translucent coating and a soft glow effect, like a cut of minerals. Inspired by nature itself, these products will help you create a natural look with a slight sheen on the eyelids.

  • Born To Run palette, Urban Decay

    Another set for those who are ready to deviate from the principles of basic casual makeup. There are 21 shades in the palette. There are bright ones (for mastering summer trends - 2023), there are restrained, muted ones, as if a little "dusty" (they will come in handy in autumn and winter - 2023). As for the textures, there are more fashionable metallic shades in the package than matte colors.So more Born To Run will suit those who love accents with a glow effect.

  • Palettes The City Mini, Maybelline New York

    The City Mini is a whole collection of small palettes, each containing six shades of shadows. So, No. 400 Rooftop Bronze is for those who want to decorate their eyelids with the radiance of gold and bronze, and No. 450 Graffiti Pop is suitable for those who are not averse to combining bold and expressive shades in their make-up: aqua, lavender, purple. All palettes include both matte and shimmery shadows, and texture contrast, as we know, greatly expands the possibilities.

    Check out what our readers think of this product here.


Which shades of shadows from those that will be relevant in 2023 will you add to your makeup bag? Write a comment.