Do you want to add some color to your make-up, but so that the result is not too catchy? Then choose natural natural shades. For example, khaki

In makeup, warm khaki can be an alternative to already boring basic shades: gray, brown, dark blue, black. It will refresh your usual make-up.

Khaki eyeshadow features

Khaki is a dark green shade with earthy notes, like Zen by NYX Professional Makeup.

You can't call him bright; on the contrary, khaki is a rather discreet, muted color, which makes it great for casual makeup.

Khaki is more often warm than cold. But it can also be used by girls with a cold color type: light, even pale skin, hair with an ash-gray undertone, with blue or gray eyes. Khaki will create a soft contrast that is welcome in everyday makeup.

Khaki goes well with many colors: black, brown, gray, blue, plum, burgundy and brighter green. At the same time, this color can act in makeup and on its own. For example, khaki-colored arrows will look no less, and maybe even more impressive than classic-colored arrows.


Varieties of khaki eyeshadow

In the widest range of eyeshadows, khaki is quite popular, so the products of this shade are produced in formats that differ in different parameters.

By consistency

  1. Dry

    This is a classic. Dry khaki shadows are suitable for creating smoky eyes and drawing soft arrows without a graphic outline. These include, for example, the shadows from Urban Decay in the shade Mildew.

  2. Cream

    The advantage of cream eyeshadows over dry ones is the color density. If you like a rich make-up, look for khaki shades with this consistency. In addition, cream shadows do not dry the skin.

  3. Liquid

    Shadows with this texture are easy to layer. The first application gives a translucent coating. And for a more noticeable accent, you need 2-3 layers.

By properties

  1. Matte

    The khaki eyeshadow with a matte texture looks quite dark. Most of all, they are suitable for working with the contour of the eyes: for stroking it, drawing arrows, and so on. This is a good option for every day.

  2. With shimmer

    Shimmer particles lighten up khaki shadows. With their help, you can advantageously “highlight” brown eyes or add shine to green ones. Shiny khaki shadows are good for evening makeup. See for yourself by trying Color Queen by L'Oréal Paris in shade 28.

  3. Chameleons

    Another evening beauty product is iridescent khaki shadows. They can have gold, pink, lilac, blue reflections. Makeup will be especially expressive if you apply the product in a wet way. And you can safely look for inspiration here.

Calm daytime eye makeup with olive shadows

For brown eyes

In the daytime make-up of brown eyes, you can draw arrows with khaki shadows. No need to strive for a strict schedule; on the contrary, it is better that the arrows turn out soft, as if in a haze. This will make the look more expressive. Learn more about how to make feathered arrows in this video.

For blue and gray eyes

But blue or gray eyes are best surrounded by a translucent khaki haze. She will create the very contrast that is needed for the eyes to become the “center of attraction” in the image. Blend the shadows at the very contour of the eyes so that the makeup remains in the daytime format and does not turn into an evening one. And add golden shadows to the fixed eyelid.

For green eyes

The shade of green shadows should not be 100% the same as the color of green eyes - this is a rule that experienced beauty gurus do not get tired of repeating.True, you can “get around” it if you take green shadows with a shimmer for makeup. The texture will create the desired difference in shades. Use them to draw shining medium-width arrows on the upper eyelid.

Daring evening makeup with khaki eyeshadows

For brown eyes

  1. Smoke on a haze

    The most familiar look is smoky eyes with a transition from light shades at the inner corners of the eyes to darker ones at the outer ones. But this is not the only correct formula. You will achieve a completely different depth of view if you first broadly shade the shadows of one shade almost to the very eyebrows, and then add another one inside this “cloud”. For example, khaki. Finish off with a black liner and mascara.

  2. Matte smoky eyes

    Usually in the evening smoky eyeshadows with a glow effect are used. But it is the matte texture that most favorably emphasizes the shine of brown eyes. And the contrast created by the khaki color will only enhance the effect.

For blue eyes

  1. Smoky with outline accent

    Surround blue eyes with a haze of olive eyeshadow with shimmer (use several shades to get smoky eyes with a dramatic transition of colors). Make a black outline. Paint your eyelashes with black mascara. In such a frame, blue eyes will become much brighter.

  2. Wide matte arrows

    Emphasis on blue eyes will turn out no less catchy if you draw wide arrows with cream khaki shades that will capture the lower eyelid as well.

For green eyes

  1. Smoky with khaki metallic eyeshadows

    Combine different shades of khaki in your smoky eyes - lighter and darker. Then add shimmering gold yellow-green shadows to them. Do not forget about careful shading of the borders of applying shadows. Finally, outline the eye contour with the darkest of the green shades.

  2. Down arrows

    There are other ideas for experimenting with color. On the upper eyelids, create a haze using terracotta shades. And then blend the khaki shadows on the lower ones. By the way, at the top the shadows can be matte, and at the bottom - with a metallic effect. Then the result will be even more original.


Best khaki eyeshadow review by

The choice of shades of shadows is a matter of taste; everyone chooses a product with the texture features and in the format they prefer. We also have our favorites, so we list the best, according to the editors, khaki shades.

  • Shadow in Mildew, Urban Decay

    If khaki eyeshadows are enough for you, look for them in Urban Decay's Ones collection. The shade Mildew should be perfect: it is a moss green color that can be used in a variety of ways. Emphasize the contour of their eyes, draw arrows, add to smokey. Formulated with the Pigment Infusion System to ensure color saturation and long wear after application.

  • Color Queen Eyeshadow in Steadfast Green, L'Oréal Paris

    Long-lasting texture, high pigmentation and perfect shading - these are the three key qualities of Color Queen mono-shadows. Steadfast Satin Green will last all day without smudging, thanks to its soft creamy texture and velvety finish.

    Check out what our readers think of this product here.


  • Eyes To Kill Stellar in shade 3 Eclipse, Giorgio Armani

    Those who are looking for eye-catching khaki eyeshadows with a dazzling shimmery texture should pay attention to the Eyes To Kill Stellar collection. It has shade No. 3 Eclipse, a mix of brown, green and yellow, which, thanks to shimmering particles, looks noble and sophisticated on the eyelids. The eyeshadows have a creamy texture that literally melts into the skin, leaving intense color on it.

    Check out what our readers think of Eyes To Kill Stellar here.


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