Delicate pink manicure for a romantic date? Or bright in the colors of the French flag for travel? Sharing the best ideas to implement and useful tips

The Eiffel Tower on your nails will be an elegant addition to your look if you choose the right shades and design. In this article we will tell you how to create a manicure with the Eiffel Tower, what you need for this and who will suit it.

When is an eiffel tower manicure appropriate?

If you are a romantic person, then the image of the Eiffel Tower on your nails will always come in handy. Paris is the city of love. The Eiffel Tower is the symbol of this city. So for a date or a trip with your loved one, this design is perfect.

But at a meeting with friends or at a party, such nail art will look appropriate. We'll tell you how to make such a manicure.


Ways to create a drawing of the Eiffel Tower

You can create nail art with the symbol of Paris in different ways. Here are the most popular techniques.

Hand painted

An option for those who have a good command of the brush and can take the time to create an original drawing. It will be easiest to draw on a neutral light background. You can use, for example, the shade "Craftswoman" from Essie.


With their help, you can create a spectacular design in just a couple of seconds. It is enough to separate the stickers from the stencil and transfer them to the nail, gently spreading them over the surface.


Stamping is another quick way to create nail art. It will be enough to print the pattern on the nail plate using a stamp.

We will analyze the most difficult of the proposed options and tell you step by step how to create this romantic design with your own hands.

How to draw the Eiffel Tower on nails: step by step photo tutorial

You will need:

  • Essie-Blanc nail polish,

  • Essie nail polish - Licorice.

  1. 1

    Finish your nails with base color polish. For a manicure with the Eiffel Tower, not only pastel shades are suitable, but also the bright colors of the French flag. You can apply blue, white and red polishes on separate nails or combine all three colors on one nail plate.

  2. 2

    To avoid having to wait a long time for the coating to dry, first apply white polish to the middle of the nail plate. Fill it with a little more than 1/3 of the nail. Wait for complete drying. Suitable shade Blanc from the Essie collection.

  3. 3

    Use a special nail art stencil or a simple masking tape to separate the white color from the rest. Attach the tape with a slight indent from the borders of the coating so that the uneven edges of the white strip are covered with red and blue varnishes.Paint over the remaining areas with blue and red varnishes, respectively. Wait for it to dry completely.

  4. 4

    Now remove the tape. It is important that the varnish is dry, otherwise, when the stencil is removed, it will reach for it, and the borders will turn out to be fuzzy. The option that we describe is perfect for a manicure in which only one nail is highlighted with a bright accent, and the rest are covered with pastel shades.

  5. 5

    If you have decided on the background, it's time to start creating the Eiffel Tower. First of all, put small dots, outlining the outline of the intended pattern. This will help maintain symmetry. The drawing can be made using Essie's Licorice shade.

  6. 6

    To create a design, you will need a thin brush of medium length. It is important to ensure that the varnish is distributed evenly over the brush, without forming a drop.To do this, type varnish on it, press it against the palette with all the pile and draw a short stroke. After that, start creating a drawing.

  7. 7

    Draw two curved lines from the free edge to the center. Keep in mind that you need to leave room for the top of the tower, so the lines should not reach the cuticle.

  8. 8

    Take a new portion of varnish on the brush, distribute it evenly over the brush and draw two horizontal lines.

  9. 9

    Next, you need to create an arch at the base of the tower. If you don't know how to draw curved lines smoothly, break this step into two movements. First draw one part of the arch. At the same time, move from the center down, and not vice versa. This movement is simpler and more familiar, so the line will be more even.

  10. 10

    Then draw the second part of the arch with the same movement from the center down.

  11. 11

    Now pick up the varnish on the brush so that a drop forms. Place it on top of the tower. Draw a line up from it and put a couple of dots of smaller diameter.

  12. 12

    The most difficult step is drawing the grid inside the tower. In order to get a thin line, draw the minimum amount of varnish on the brush and remove the excess on the palette. You need to draw only with the tip of the brush, lightly touching the surface of the nail. To make the drawing neat and symmetrical, first draw parallel lines in one direction and only then proceed to drawing cross ones.

  13. 13

    Because the Eiffel Tower has a flared shape, be sure to balance the pattern at the top. You can, for example, put a red heart next to the top of the tower. Put on a top. Done!

  14. If you don't want to draw thin lines and just the outline of the Eiffel Tower is enough for you, you can draw it in gold on a black background. We advise you to choose a sand polish with sparkles and glitter of different sizes.

  15. Draw only the main elements of the tower, as indicated in steps 7-12. Thanks to the reflective properties of the sequins, the pattern will shimmer and resemble the Eiffel Tower, sparkling in the lights of the evening illumination. Since sand and glitter varnishes are durable, this design can not be covered with a top coat.

And for those who haven't decided on a design yet, here are some more fashion ideas.

Popular nail design ideas for short nails

Bright combinations

Don't be afraid to use bright colors. Cover one nail with white varnish, and apply a rich shade of varnish on the rest - for example, raspberry or classic red. Draw the Eiffel Tower on a white background. This manicure is good for both summer and winter. Especially if you are going on vacation.

Rhinestone tower

You don't have to paint the tower with a brush. It can be laid out from small rhinestones. Use one-color stones or combine decorative elements of different shades. In any case, the design will turn out bright and festive.

Romantic eiffel tower manicure options for long nails

French manicure

The Eiffel Tower made of multi-colored stones in combination with a classic jacket will look gentle, and the manicure will turn out to be universal - suitable for a date and for work.

A painted tower or a sticker with the symbol of Paris will look a little calmer in this combination.

Detailed instructions for creating a French manicure can be found in this video.

By the way, French manicure in this scenario does not have to be classic. The contrasting element on the free edge of the nail can be made, for example, in the form of a triangle or in the form of a zigzag. With the Eiffel Tower on one of the nails, such a manicure will turn out spectacular in any case.


In soft colors

When choosing a manicure color scheme, pay attention to the romantic nude palette. Light pink, beige or, for example, coffee will be a good background for your experiments. Delicate manicure with the Eiffel Tower can be complemented with stripes or polka dots.

Which design would you choose?