Northern Europe has given us a lot of trends, from minimalist design to the measured hygge lifestyle. Scandinavia also has its own make-up trends. Let's tell you which ones are worth taking note of

When they talk about girls with a Nordic appearance, they mean several characteristic features: milky skin with a cold undertone, blue, gray or light green eyes, blond hair and the same eyebrows with eyelashes. These are not always blond beasts. Among the Scandinavian girls there are those who have wheaten hair or, for example, light red.What unites them all is the love of natural beauty, which greatly affects their makeup habits.

how Scandinavians treat makeup

Makeup in the north of Europe is, first of all, naturalness. Light shades and radiant textures predominate, which “illuminate” the skin, “open” the look.

This does not mean at all that Scandinavian girls completely refuse bright accents. Arrows, smoky eyes and bright lips also appear in their images, but not together, but separately. One image - one catchy detail.

Deciding on such details in makeup, girls from Northern European countries still strive for restraint. They do not change the sense of proportion and understanding of what will successfully emphasize their natural data, and what can push their natural beauty into the background.

Scandinavian make-up accents are reserved for a special occasion. In ordinary life, the usual image is well-groomed, clean skin that shines with he alth, neatly combed and slightly tinted eyebrows, an expressive look with a soft haze of shadows on the eyelids or a barely noticeable eyeliner line, as well as voluminous and curved eyelashes.

Scandinavian makeup and hairstyles: ideas and photos

Natural makeup with subtle color splashes is the choice of many girls who like to look neat and tidy. At the same time, in Scandinavia, slight negligence is acceptable, which makes the image relaxed. Girls can make voluminous waves or high buns with broken strands, shade lipstick and blush with fingertips. Due to this, their image is devoid of glossy flawlessness, which is treated without reverence in the north.

This doesn't mean they limit themselves. In Scandinavian makeup, you can embody many ideas, including using trending techniques.

Brown eye makeup

Nordic-style brown eye makeup is a combination of beige-brown shades that merge into a light haze, adding expressiveness to the look. You can use matte products, but the effect of radiance in such a make-up will also not hurt: nude shadows or a kayal pencil with a shimmer will help to achieve the effect of a wide-open look.

Green eye makeup

Green-eyed girls for Scandinavian makeup will only need one mascara. Pay attention, for example, to Lash Sensational from Maybelline New York.

You can complement it with brown arrows, softened with a brush, or, for example, with a smoky stroke of the eye contour. Another option is light smoky eyes with golden brown shadows darkening the crease.


Blue eye makeup

The same applies to blue-eyed girls - in their case, you can get by with mascara. But at the same time, it is not forbidden to emphasize the eyes more. For example, with a gray haze along the eye contour, silver arrows, shimmering nude shades or, for example, cut crease makeup in coffee tones.

The City Mini palette from Maybelline New York will come in handy in this case.

Scandinavian makeup traditions for every day

For brown eyes

  1. Black arrows

    Many makeup artists warn against the black liner for owners of blue, gray and light green eyes: it visually reduces them. But brown-eyed classic black arrows are not contraindicated. Draw them thin so that your make-up maintains Scandinavian restraint. The Gel Intenza liner from L'Oréal Paris will come in handy.

  2. Outline Emphasis

    Outline the eyes with a soft brown kajal pencil and blend the lines into a light haze. Then use the same kayal to work the space between the eyelashes and the inner contour. Ready! A light eye accent that looks natural can be done in just a couple of minutes.

For green eyes

  1. Beige Brown Smokey

    In daytime smoky eyes, darken only the very corners of the eyes. Cover most of the moving eyelid with light shadows - for example, beige. Or the color of coffee with cream. And of course, a soft transition between shades is required.

  2. Soft bronze hands

    Girls with green eyes are wearing makeup with a glow of gold. Or bronze. The main thing is that the shine should be “warm”. Draw arrows with a bronze or gold metallic pencil. It will turn out not too catchy, but still an expressive accent on the eyes.

For blue eyes

  1. Rose Gold Smokey

    Blend soft pink eye shadow with shimmer over the eyelids. This shade goes well with blue eyes, and the radiant texture visually opens the eyes. Complete the haze of shadows with mascara. Apply it to your lashes in two coats.

  2. Gray or brown arrows

    You shouldn't draw lines along the contour with a black liner, but shades of gray and brown are allowed. They do not "suppress" the transparent blue color of the eyes. You can make graceful cat eyes in these colors. And to make the eyes even more expressive, soften the arrows with feathering.


evening scandinavia: bright makeup

For brown eyes

When making a Scandinavian make-up for the evening, brown-eyed girls can choose the option of more “thick” saturated smoky in beige-brown tones. Or give preference to a brighter terracotta range.

The main thing is to stay within the natural palette of nature. Also in the evening make-up, the matte texture of the products will be successfully complemented by the radiance of the shimmer. Use it at the inner corners of your eyes or mid-lid as a highlight.

Detailed instructions for creating smokey eyes can be found in this video.

For green eyes

In evening make-up, bolder color schemes are also available for green-eyed girls. Replace brown with swamp green with gold highlights. Choose a matching shade to darken the crease of the eyelid and the area around the outer corners of the eyes. And closer to the inside, apply beige shadows.

In Scandinavian makeup there is a place for an accent on the lips. For an evening look, apply matte burgundy lipstick on them. Suitable, for example, Color Riche Matte Addiction in shade 430 Burgundy Twist from L'Oréal Paris.

With rich lipstick, it is also possible to have “clean” eyes - paint over only the eyelashes with mascara. If you want, add a stroke of the inner path with a kayal.

For blue eyes

Evening Scandinavian makeup for blue eyes can be made “cold” - in silver-gray tones with haze and shine. Or, on the contrary, you can choose warm shades and play in contrast. Options include copper hands, bronze smoky eyes, cat-eye with brown hands and shimmery gold shadows.

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