I bet you haven't done eye make-up with the shadows of this shade yet. But what if orange really suits you? It's definitely worth a try

Why not bring something new to your makeup? Experiments are good because, as a result, we begin to better understand which make-up decorates us, and which, on the contrary, is better not to repeat. One of the options for unusual eye makeup can be created using orange shadows.

Orange eyeshadow features

Their main distinguishing feature, perhaps, is that they are very bright. They are rarely used in make-up, and therefore they always make an unusual impression, which means they guarantee the attention of others.

Orange is considered warm. However, in a make-up, he looks better on the skin of girls with a “cold” appearance. The most successful is, perhaps, the contrast with blue and gray eyes. Green-eyed people should also try orange shades, and best of all - with a shimmer.

Another feature is that it would seem that it would be easy to pick up matching shades for orange shadows. But the effect will be in any case catchy, if not flashy. Therefore, it is better for orange to perform solo. It is quite worthy to be shown "clean" , without additions. Feel free to choose them for monomakeup.

Orange palette

There are many shades of orange. And it is important to choose the most suitable one. It can be neon-bright or, on the contrary, restrained, muffled. With splashes of yellow, red or pink. Focus on your color type; shadows should be in harmony with your skin tone and eye color.

Orange-yellow shadows

Light shades of orange are good for watercolor makeup with a translucent finish. Such a make-up goes to girls of the “spring” and “summer” color types - with light features. A suitable palette for them will be apricot, pumpkin, mustard, golden and other yellow shades with reddish.

Orange-red shadows

The perfect example of a red-orange hue is grapefruit. Less red and more orange - in the color of orange caramel. There are other, more restrained options: copper, brick, mahogany, rust. All of these shades are warmer than orange-yellows. And this means that girls of the “autumn” color type should use them (we talked about color types in more detail here).

Orange pink shadows

In this range you can find delicate shades that are perfect for a daytime make-up. These are coral, salmon and other colors in which orange is muted by the softness of pink.These include, for example, the "Flaming" shade from the Color Queen collection from L'Oréal Paris. where to find?

These shades should pay attention to "winter" and "summer" girls with a cold skin tone. However, orange-pink shadows are also friends with the “spring” color type.

Dark orange shadows

You can replace the usual brown shade in your make-up with a dark orange - warm and rich.

This is the color of clay, terracotta. Earthy notes make it natural, so you can use such shadows even in casual makeup. Makeup artists advise this shade to girls with a warm color type and brown eyes.


Playful day makeup with orange shadows

For brown eyes

Graphic arrows suit the brown-eyed. Draw them on the upper eyelids with brown eyeliner.And then add arrows to them on the bottom. Complete them with shadows or a clay or red brick colored pencil. This unusual accent is quite acceptable for a daytime make-up, as it is created using a discreet shade from the natural range. You can not draw the bottom arrows. Instead, blend some soft orange eyeshadow over the upper lids.

For blue eyes

Perfect choice for blue eyes - shades of peach or, for example, coral. In general, blue-eyed girls will suit any options from the orange-pink palette. Shadows can be applied to the eyelids with a translucent haze and supplemented with mascara.

For green eyes

Green-eyed girls should look at matte red-orange shades, and also orange gold with shimmer. In both cases, the shadows will create a noticeable contrast with the color of the eyes, which means they will attract the attention of others.

Matte shadows are best for graphic make-up - for example, draw arrows (they can be double, with black and red-orange layers). And radiant golden shadows blend into light smoky eyes along the eye contour.

For hazel eyes

Use warm orange shades of spices for daytime makeup. Blend them along the contour of the eyes so that you get an air haze. And from above, underline the lash line with a brown pencil or draw an arrow; the result will also need to be softened with a feathering brush. Brown will tone down the brightness of orange, but the effect will still be dramatic.

Bright evening makeup with orange shadows

For brown eyes

The best makeup is the one that preserves the mysterious, alluring look of brown eyes and at the same time brightens them up due to good contrast. Based on this, in the evening you can make cat eyes with a soft transition from dark arrows to a “substrate” of orange shadows.By the way, the eyeliner can be matte, and the shadows can be with a shimmer. This will enhance the contrast effect. Beautiful smokey eyes with a gradient will look no less interesting.

For blue eyes

In this case, even a make-up in the classic smoky eyes technique will turn out to be non-standard if you make it orange shadows.

Detailed instructions for creating smokey eye makeup can be found in this video.

Evening make-up can also mean more daring experiments: for example, a layer of orange eyeshadow on the eyelids, covered on top with a wet glossy shine. And for the most daring, chaotic strokes of orange cream shadows are suitable - such as we saw at recent shows in images from the catwalk.

For gray eyes

Girls with gray eyes should choose red-orange shades. The contrast will be catchy, and this is a big plus: gray eyes will seem artistically icy.Draw graphic arrows or make smoky eyes copper color with a dark outline - whatever you choose, the combination of shades will look good.

For green eyes

Do an evening make-up in orange tones using the cut crease technique: darken the crease of the eyelid with caramel shades and blend them at the outer corners of the eyes. And distribute lighter reddish shadows from the inner corners to the middle of the eyelids. You can supplement the make-up by stroking the inner contour with a kayal. A more daring option is to draw unusual arrows.


Best Orange Eyeshadow Review

Where to look for orange shadows for experiments with make-up? Perhaps every beauty brand has them, but the nuances of color and texture are always important. We have collected the best, according to the editors.

  • Naked Heat Eyeshadow Palette, Urban Decay

    If you're looking for practical orange shades to create a "warm" look, Naked Heat Palette might be for you. In addition to a couple of basic nude tones, it has a shade of wet clay, peach with shimmer, red-brown and many others. A total of 12 different colors, with which it is easy to make both daytime and evening make-up. All shadows in Urban Decay's hot palette were created using the Pigment Infusion System, which ensures color saturation and durability. Shadows lend themselves perfectly to shading, so working with them is easy and convenient.

    Check out what our readers think of this product here.


  • Lemonade Craze Eyeshadow Palette, Maybelline New York

    Lovers of juicy and fresh shades in Maybelline New York eye makeup are offered the Lemonade Craze palette. Its basis was citrus colors. Under the lid of the case, there are also orange shadows: there are brighter and paler, matte and with sparkles. In total, there are 12 shades in the palette, with which you can create a wide variety of images. The accent on the eyes, created by the color of ripe orange or exotic grapefruit, is guaranteed to attract the attention of others. The palette is also good because light shades can be used as a highlighter, and dark ones can be used in sculpting.

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  • Ultimate Shadow Palette (Phoenix gamma), NYX Professional Makeup

    An even greater variety of red-orange shades can be found in Phoenix from the Ultimate Shadow Palette collection. There are 16 shadows in the package, and at least half of them are colors related to orange. NYX Professional Makeup took care not only about the variety of shades. The texture of the funds is also represented by options for every taste: there are matte, satin, with a shimmer.

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  • Color Queen Mono Shadow 10 Flaming, L’Oréal Paris

    Of course, you can do without a separate palette of orange shadows (unless you are going to do a fiery make-up every day). Compact monoshadows can become a more practical solution.Orange can be found in the Color Queen collection from L'Oréal Paris. No. 10 "Flaming" is a cross between pink, red and red; shade of dawn. For centuries, it will be as bright as in the package. A highly pigmented composition with 30% oils is responsible for this result. In addition, oils make it easy to “stretch” the color over the skin and blend the boundaries of application.

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