Many girls, following the fashion for underlined eyebrows, darken them so much that they no longer harmonize with the hair color. This can spoil the impression of the image. We tell you how to avoid mistakes when doing eyebrow makeup

Sometimes even platinum blondes opt for dark brown brows for contrast. The image, of course, turns out to be bright, but not always successful. Most often, the discrepancy between hair color and eyebrow color does not paint, but raises questions.Therefore, the choice of cosmetics for eyebrow makeup should be approached in detail, taking into account the nuances that we will discuss below.

Features of choosing the color of eyebrows

There are several general principles for choosing shades of cosmetics for eyebrows. They are universal for all those who decide to figure out what color the eyebrows should be relative to the hair.

The main rule is not to deviate much from the hair color in the root zone. You can dye your hair blonde, but keep the natural color of the hair at the roots, and smooth the border between the shades with a slight blur. In this case, the eyebrows can be darker than the hair for most of the length, and it will look harmonious.

Anna Zavgorodnyaya Winner of the second season of the Makeup show, national makeup artist for L’Oréal Paris in Russia

When choosing paint or eyebrow makeup, always focus on the color of the hair roots. Try to match the shade of the eyebrows plus or minus the shade of the roots of the hair.

Many makeup artists believe that the difference between eyebrow color and hair color should not exceed a couple of tones. Thus, the eyebrows can be slightly darker than the hair at the roots. By following this advice, you will be safe from the point of view of the laws of harmony: there will be no risk of creating too much contrast between hair and eyebrows.

Excessive darkening is not the only possible mistake in eyebrow makeup. An important nuance is the undertone of cosmetics. It must match the color type of appearance. If, for example, a girl with light brown hair that has an ash-gray undertone tints her eyebrows with a reddish-brown pencil, the result will be unnatural. The warm shade of the product will argue with the cold natural data.

Another rule concerns brunettes. It would seem that they need to adjust their eyebrows with a dark pencil, matched to the hair color tone on tone.But brow gurus have a different opinion: they advise choosing a product a couple of tones lighter so that the image after eyebrow makeup does not become “heavier” and stricter.

How to match the color of the eyebrows to the color of the hair: combination rules

For brunettes and brown-haired women

Reception with a slight lightening - by 1-2 tones - will be especially useful for girls with thin eyebrows who dream of making them thicker, at least visually. In this case, a dark pencil will only draw attention to the fact that the eyebrows are like strings. However, wide eyebrows for brunettes should not be emphasized with dark brown. They will heavily “hanging” over the eyes, depriving the look of softness; if the eyebrows are clearly defined, such an accent will also add age.

It is important for both brunettes and brown-haired women to use products with a well-chosen undertone. If the hair is dark brown or coffee-colored, then eyebrow cosmetics should be with a cold undertone.

Brown-haired women with red hair color need warm-toned cosmetics - ashy shades will not suit them.

For blondes

There are so many blonde options today that every girl with blond hair needs to choose an eyebrow shade individually. If we are talking about a natural blonde with a light shade at the roots, then the eyebrows should be the same - a couple of shades darker at most.

Another thing is blondes, who were originally brunettes, brown-haired or fair-haired and retained their natural color at the roots. In their case, the eyebrows can be much darker in color along the length. The contrast will make their image even more expressive, but you should not get carried away too much - black eyebrows will not suit a blonde in any case. Strive for the golden mean.

For blondes

A common mistake of fair-haired girls is eyebrow correction with a brown pencil with reddish notes. Warm brows don't go well with cool skin tones and greyish hair. Most of all, blond go with taupe taupe eyebrow products.

This is a 100% winning option. And adjust the intensity of the color by pressing a pencil or brush. We talked about how to choose a shade of eyebrow product for fair-haired girls here.


For redheads

The same taupe, oddly enough, will suit red-haired girls with dark hair without pronounced warmth in its shade. Those who have fiery or copper-red hair need eyebrows of the same color. Do not strive for saturation of the shade and do not darken the eyebrows. They should not be more conspicuous than hair.

With bright hair coloring

And what about those who have non-standard color staining? Of course, we are not talking about repainting the eyebrows in one of the bold shades. If you have colored strands, then when choosing eyebrow products, focus on the natural color of the hair at the roots.The same principle regarding the color of the eyebrows works with highlights.

If the hair is completely dyed, stop at a neutral shade that suits your color type (under skin tone). Do not make blue eyebrows under blue hair.


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Have you managed to find an eyebrow product that matches your color type perfectly in shade? Tell us about your experience in the comments.