If the mood is to shine, put on a “precious” make-up. Gold never goes out of style and never fails when you want to feel special and look the same

Beauty products with a golden glow can come in handy not only during the holidays. You just need to use them correctly - so as to create a graceful accent on natural beauty, without weighing down your everyday look.

Who and when will gold makeup suit?

Gold is associated with celebration for many. Despite this, in the make-up, this color may appear without much reason. There is a place for him in the “makeup without makeup”: with light golden accents, he will remain restrained and natural.

And that's not all the features of the golden make-up. A precious palette allows you not to bother with the selection of shades according to your color type. Gold can be worn by blondes with porcelain skin, and “snow whites” with dark hair, and swarthy brunettes. In each of these cases, the golden glow will complement the image of the girls in its own way, emphasizing the details of the appearance.

For brown eyes

For brown-eyed girls, makeup with golden reflections is one of the most successful solutions. The dark look of brown eyes sometimes lacks shine. The situation can be corrected by arrows drawn with a pencil with a golden shimmer, or smoky eyes with golden brown shadows.

For blue eyes

There is no contradiction between the fact that blue eyes are cool in color, while golden eyes are usually warm.

There is complete harmony in the make-up between them: the golden glow makes blue eyes visually much brighter, more noticeable. Choose golden smoky eyeliners or, say, smoky eyes with gold glitter and darkening the eye contour.

For green eyes

Green and gold are a dream team: in a duet, these two colors look the best. Therefore, boldly make cat eyes with arrows and shadows that shine with gold. Another option is to spruce up your look with smoky eyes with iridescent golden-green chameleon eyeshadows. Graphic arrows with a metallic effect can also be a make-up option that will add magnetism to green eyes.

How to do makeup in gold tones?

Yes, gold really suits everyone. However, it must be used wisely. Glitter should be in moderation. Redundancy "cheapens" the image, and sometimes even makes it vulgar. For a harmonious accent, quite a bit of golden radiance is enough. How to add it to makeup at different stages?

Anna Zavgorodnyaya Winner of the second season of the Makeup show, national makeup artist for L’Oréal Paris in Russia

The L'Oréal Paris Gold Mirage collection has a lip tint in three versions of "gold" : you can apply it directly with your finger on the entire moving eyelid or on the lips. Tip: If you have fair skin with pink undertones, yellow gold is not recommended, go for rose gold instead.


Gold can beautify the skin after you have evened out your tone, in the form of pink or peach blush with gold shimmer.

A successful accent is easy to create with the help of a golden highlighter on the cheekbones. True, these funds should be chosen only for those who do not have a noticeable oily sheen problem. Otherwise, shining textures will visually exacerbate it.


Here you can try a pretty bold beauty trick with gold. Namely, lay them with a transparent gel mixed with gold glitter or shimmer.

Another idea is to carve the eyebrows (that is, emphasize their tips with arrow-corners) using a golden metallic eyeliner. Both versions of the make-up require a willingness to experiment and for most are more suitable for creating evening looks.



There are hundreds (if not thousands) of ways to do gold eye makeup.

In a natural make-up, a translucent layer of golden shadows on the eyelids is enough.

In the evening, add more gold shimmer. For example, smoky eyes with sparkles can be decorated with shining highlights. A variant of the golden make-up "out" can be golden arrows with a metallic texture or a cat eye against the background of golden shimmering shadows.

If you are not afraid of bold beauty solutions, then you can use large gold glitter, literally scattering it over your eyelids.


Lipsticks with gold glitter are not so trendy, but glosses with gold glitter in the style of the 90s are in trend. True, not everyone is ready to use them for the usual make-up.

But there is a universal “golden” beauty trick for lip makeup. After coloring them in, add some gold shimmer to the Cupid's arch. This trick will make your makeup more expressive and your lips visually more voluminous.

Bright and trendy gold makeup ideas for any occasion

Gold smoky eyes with arrows

A simple but no less effective solution is to create a smokey effect on the eyelids using golden shadows and combine it with classic black arrows.

Don't forget to slightly darken the crease of the eyelid to make the makeup more voluminous and deepen the look.

Gold Foil Makeup

The combination of golden shadows and matte black looks very good thanks to the contrast of textures. You can use it in different make-up options. One of them will definitely be appreciated by girls who love oriental-style makeup.

Intensify the gold background by applying multiple wet eyeshadow layers. Then draw arrows. They can be made more interesting if you draw a line with eyeliner not only along the contour of the eyelid, but also closer to its middle. This will make the result more effective and brighter.

Cat eyes with golden highlights

Gold definitely catches the eye. But making him the main character in makeup is not at all necessary.He does just as well in secondary roles. Try, for example, making cat eyes with a wide black arrow against a background of shining cream shadows. And then bring the lash line on the lower eyelid with a gold pencil. This little detail will make the usual version of the make-up much more interesting and bring the mood of the holiday to it.

Gold gradient arrows

Gold goes well with many shades. Therefore, God himself ordered to use it in a gradient make-up. And it's not just about smoky eyes. You can create an ombre effect in makeup with arrows. Let their tail be dark - for example, gray. And the beginning is golden. To gently "blur" the border between shades, use a brush.

Gold glitter eyelids and dark lips

How to complement the golden glow on the eyelids? In a festive make-up, a layer of gold shimmer or even large glitter on the eyelids will suit red, burgundy or brown lipstick.

You will get a make-up with two accents of equal intensity, but evening looks allow this.


Festive make-up with golden shadows: step by step photo tutorial

  1. Preparation

    Like most makeup accents, gold eyeshadow will only look good if you achieve a perfectly even complexion. Therefore, first moisturize the skin, apply primer if necessary, and then apply foundation.

    Hide minor imperfections with concealer. Highlight cheekbones with blush. You can use sculpting powder.

  2. Eye makeup

    Start by applying a base that will allow the eyeshadow to last throughout the day. Darken the crease of the upper eyelid with a medium shade of brown eyeshadow.

    Blend it along the contour of the lower eyelids. Next, with a darker color, create haze at the outer corners of the eyes.

    Fill the clean space on the moving eyelids with light golden shadows. Blend them so that you get a smooth transition between shades.

    For a final touch, add some larger gold glitter to the skin at the inner corners of the eyes. Finish off by stroking the eye contour with a brown eyeliner and applying mascara. Often, pigments are used to create such makeup. If you decide to go this route, you will find useful tips here.

  3. Eyebrow makeup

    Start working on the brows after the golden smoky eyes are done. This will save you the risk of making the eyebrows too bright. Trim their shape and emphasize the outline, and fill in the gaps with a pencil or shadows. Fix the hairs with a transparent gel.

  4. Lip makeup

    Since the eyes are quite bright, the lips can be left neutral. Apply a clear gloss or balm to them.

Gold makeup review

Tools that, in the opinion of the editors, can be trusted, we have collected in this collection.

  • Infaillible Eye Paint 201 Gold, L'Oréal Paris

    This L'Oréal Paris tube is filled with liquid gold, perfect for metallic eye makeup and creating a noticeable accent. The gel texture of Infaillible Eye Paint can be layered to achieve the desired color intensity; the coating will be resistant, even if you make your eye makeup translucent.The shadows promise to last up to 12 hours without causing discomfort - there will be no feeling of tightness and no weighting effect.

    Check out what our readers think of this product here.


  • Naked Honey, Urban Decay palette

    You are unlikely to limit yourself to one golden hue, so it is better to stock up on a whole palette. Urban Decay just recently introduced Naked Honey with 12 shades of golden honey. As always with Naked palettes, there are mattes and shimmers. Gold complements the basic nude shades and dark brown, which can be used to work with the eye contour.

  • Cosmic Metals Lip Cream in Metropolitan 17, NYX Professional Makeup

    NYX Professional Makeup are sure that gold can be worn not only on the eyelids, but also on the lips. That's why the Cosmic Metals Lip Cream collection of liquid lipsticks with metallic coverage features Metropolitan 17 gold shade. Simply swipe over the lips with a soft plush applicator for dense and rich color with a metallic golden sheen and a glossy finish. It is also important that the formula of Cosmic Metals Lip Cream takes care of the skin: it contains vitamin E.

    Check out what our readers think of this product here.


  • Neo Nude A-Highlight highlighter in shade 10, Giorgio Armani

    If you're looking for a golden glow highlighter, look no further than Giorgio Armani's Neo Nude A-Highlight shade 10.This weightless liquid treatment creates a sheer, dewy finish on skin that shimmers discreetly with gold in the light. Handling this highlighter is easy: you can distribute it over the cheekbones and other protruding parts of the face simply with the pads of your fingers.

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