Trendsetters don't recognize boundaries in makeup. For those who want to create a bright and unbanal image, they offer to focus on the eyebrows. Let's tell you exactly how

Makeup with bright eyebrows is no longer a rarity. This trend is followed by girls who are not afraid of unusual beauty solutions, because such an image will definitely not be left without attention. If you think you're ready to give it a try, now is the time to find out how.

Bright Eyebrows Trend 2023

At the fall-winter 2023 shows, the imagination of many guests was struck by colorless eyebrows - such were the models of Prada, Emporio Armani and Valentino.But to get a similar effect, you really have to bleach your eyebrows, and this is a rather radical step. Moreover, it will be possible to return the original color only by staining. In this sense, the opposite trend - bright eyebrow makeup - seems more vital. You can easily emphasize the eyebrows with cosmetics, and then wash it off and return to your usual look.

The catwalks and pages of beauty bloggers and makeup artists on Instagram offer many ways to make a color accent on the eyebrows. They can be tinted with shadows or a bright gel, sprinkled with glitter, emphasized with eyeliner or even liquid lipstick. A separate topic is carving, or the creation of art arrows along the outer contour of the eyebrows.

When are brightly colored eyebrows appropriate?

Of course, makeup with bright eyebrows is not an option for every day. But there are many reasons to make such a make-up in our life.

The most frequent are parties. Even if you prefer a classic make-up, a sudden transformation in these circumstances is always in place. The color accent on the eyebrows hardly shocks anyone. On the contrary, it will be a good way to stand out, because there are enough bright images at parties, especially when it comes to themed holidays - in the style of disco, neon or techno.

Of course, everyday make-up with bright eyebrows is not forbidden. There are few restrictions - except for a business meeting with a strict dress code. But if we are not talking about situations that imply uncompromising seriousness, then why not highlight the eyebrows in an unusual way?


How to make eyebrows very bright?

You don't have to buy special beauty products to accentuate your eyebrows with color ( although many brands have them). You can use what is available in your cosmetic bag. The main thing is that the shade of the product should be catchy and attract attention.

  1. Shadows

    They are easy to blend and are therefore great for creating a bright make-up of eyebrows with a transition of shades. A handy solution is a multi-color palette like NYX Professional Makeup's Ultimate Shadow Palette No. 04 Brights, which has every color in the rainbow.

    However, it is also easy to work with cream and liquid shadows, and the make-up will turn out to be more persistent and saturated.

  2. Pencil

    A colored pencil is useful if you want to create a make-up with an emphasis on the contour of the eyebrows. Choose soft cream options: they always have a more intense shade than "dry" pencils. Suitable, for example, Infaillible from L'Oréal Paris.

    More about how to paint eyebrows with a pencil, we talked about in this video.

  3. Marker

    Colored felt-tip liner would be nice too, as would liquid liners like L'Oréal Paris' Superstar Superliner.

    They leave dense color lines on the skin - what graphics lovers need (even in eyebrow makeup).

  4. Loose glitter

    To make your eyebrows shimmer, you need a jar of glitter. Sequins are well fixed on a layer of gel that has not yet dried. The result can be sprayed with a fixative spray or hairspray.

  5. Lipstick

    Oddly enough, lipstick for unusual eyebrow makeup is chosen even more often than eyeliners and shadows. It's all about texture. Both cream lipstick in a stick and liquid lipstick will do - the one that hardens on the skin, turning into a matte one.

    In addition, the finish of the lipstick can now be very original, up to the holographic effect, so you can achieve a catchy result in eyebrow makeup.

Fashion makeup ideas with bright eyebrows

Rainbow brows

Rainbow gradient is a popular brow makeup option. You can completely cover the eyebrows with these shades, and then further emphasize them with a rainbow line at the top or bottom.

Eyebrow carving

This is how eyebrow carving looks like - body art with a double-sided accent on their tip. It turns out an arrow-corner framing the tail. It can be with a clear contour on the inside and shading on the outside.

One color make-up

For more expressiveness, apply eyebrow makeup in the same shade as your eye makeup. Such a color match will allow you to get a very bright result.

Glitter makeup

To make the emphasis on the eyebrows noticeable, it is not necessary to work with color.

Using a transparent gel, brush your eyebrows so that they visually become wider, and fix large shimmering particles on the gel. Curly glitter will look spectacular.

Although ordinary sequins will attract attention.

Graphic color makeup

Makeup without haze, without halftones and hints - for those who are not afraid to try on the most daring version of the accent on the eyebrows.

Contour them with a cream or liquid texture, and then completely paint over the outlined space.


Review of bright eyebrow makeup

What funds can you trust? These, according to the editors, will not let you down.

  • Loose glitter for face and body Face & Body Glitter, NYX Professional Makeup

    This tool gives you complete freedom of expression in eyebrow makeup. You can give them a slight shimmer, or you can paint over the entire length with colored glitter, after combing them with a transparent gel or a special primer like Pigment Primer from the same NYX Professional Makeup.

    Check out what our readers think of this product here.


  • Macara for eyebrows and eyelashes Brow Unlimited, Shu Uemura

    Shu Uemura has a solution for girls who are not afraid to experiment, including with eyebrows.In addition to the classic shades of mascara that are good for a natural make-up, they have several bright ones: blue, pink, purple, orange and yellow. Mascara envelops the hairs with a colored pigment that will last throughout the day: the formula is resistant to moisture and even sebum. By the way, you can tint eyelashes with the same tool.

  • Lipstick Rouge Signature, L'Oréal Paris

    The advantage of this lipstick tint in eyebrow makeup will be its light texture. The color will be saturated and bright. Choose from 12 shades the one you like. The plush Rouge Signature applicator will need to be swapped out for a beveled brow brush for a more comfortable application. So you can literally do any eyebrow makeup: draw them with a line from above or below, paint over them inside the contour, or do fashionable carving.

    Check out what our readers think of this product here.


  • Born to Run palette, Urban Decay

    Bought for eye makeup, this 21-shade eyeshadow palette is perfect for brow makeup. It includes both discreet shades and bright accents. The textures are also different, from matte to metallic. In short, if you want to emphasize the eyebrows with color, in the Born to Run palette you will definitely find the right solution to bring your idea to life.

Which of the unusual eyebrow makeup options would you choose? Write a comment.