More than 100 years ago, it all started with a hair product that radically changed the way you care for your hair. And today, millions of people trust the French brand to take care not only of hair, but also of the skin of the face and body. Let's talk about the main milestones of the company's development

At the beginning of the 20th century, heads were washed with ordinary soap. Few people thought that hair needed something more, and Alfred Garnier, a hairdresser and perfumer from a French town called Blois, just belonged to these rare people. In 1904, he introduced and patented La Lotion Garnier, a hair lotion with a vegetable base.The tool gently cleansed the hair, while softening and strengthening them. It is France that is still the country producing Garnier products.

This approach later became the key to Garnier's philosophy. The French brand uses the power of nature to bring out and maintain the natural beauty of skin and hair. Garnier built his company step by step, consistently releasing real beauty hits that made his name known to the whole world.

Natural Care

La Lotion Garnier brought Garnier first fame. He continued to develop and in the 1920s renamed the company Laboratories Garnier. Over time, she has earned a reputation as a reliable manufacturer of cosmetics based on natural ingredients. In 1929, the business was bought by the doctor Gaston Roussel, which allowed the brand to develop further.

The success was impressive: in the 30s, Garnier became one of the first companies in the beauty industry to create a line of sunscreens.A tan, which until recently was an attribute of the low class, came into fashion: at the suggestion of the impudent Coco Chanel, who cared little about the opinions of others, the golden radiance of the skin replaced the aristocratic pallor in the list of trends. And Garnier quickly responded to the new trend - in 1936, the brand had a collection of Ambre Solaire; just in the same year, paid holidays were introduced in France, so that new funds were immediately tested by vacationers on the Cote d'Azur. It turned out that thanks to the protective properties of such cosmetics, it was possible to sunbathe without fear of sunburn and other troubles that UV radiation can create.

The brand digressed a little to create body care products, but soon focused again on hair: in 1946, Garnier introduced new shampoos and lotions based on amino acid-rich and mineral bone marrow of animal origin. The result of such care was noticeable.With the systemic and complex use of these products, the hair looked he althy and shiny.

For many, it has become customary to take care of skin and hair with Garnier products. And since the 1960s, their arsenal has been replenished with Belle Color paint, which helped create new bright images. It was a bold and long-awaited novelty, because it allowed you to get the same quality coloring at home as in beauty salons.


The power of nature and the achievements of science

Garnier has always kept pace with the times and the achievements of scientific thought. Remaining committed to all things natural, she introduced scientific approach to the development of formulas and new technologies to production. No "random" components - only those that have proven their effectiveness were included in the list of ingredients.

In the 60s, Garnier developed and offered consumers such a useful tool as a lotion to combat dandruff. And in the 70s - medicated shampoos according to the type of hair: for dry, normal and oily. In the 1980s, shoppers saw Ultra Doux gentle plant-based shampoos, Ambre Solaire with enhanced SPF level 12, and the first self-tanner on store shelves. 1996 marks the birth of another hit by Garnier, Fructis shampoo with fruit ingredients.

At the same time, the Synergie skincare line was launched (a little later it turned into the Skin Naturals range known today) and Color Naturals Crème paint with a nutritional composition containing shea butter, avocado and olive (it allowed to minimize color damage).

Garnier today

Garnier remains true to the beliefs of its founder, Alfred Garnier. The brand still supports everything natural, believing that in order to preserve and enhance beauty, you need to use the best of what nature can give us.Garnier promotes taking care of yourself and your he alth, because he alth is a necessary condition for beauty.

Garnier does not change himself and at the same time closely follows what is happening in the beauty industry. So, in 2011, the brand adopted the Asian trend and released its own BB cream. The French brand has successfully adapted the formula to the needs of European skin.

Garnier's vast and varied arsenal includes the Fructis line of products for all hair types, the Botanic Therapy series, Color Naturals, Color Sensation and Olia paints, face creams, cleansers (including a whole collection of different according to the composition of micellar water), sheet masks, body milks and oils, sunscreens and deodorants.

Using what nature gives, Garnier also takes care of it, as hinted at by the green logo.The brand is not indifferent to environmental issues and is working, for example, to reduce the amount of plastic in the packaging of its products, which, in turn, reduces the carbon footprint of the production of Garnier beauty products.