Bright 'luminescent' colors look great with disco looks. But such makeup can be appropriate not only at a party

If you want to try neon in makeup, but are afraid that the result will be too bright, start with thin arrows. Neon eyeliner will stand out noticeably in your image, but it will not raise questions - you will only receive compliments.

Beauty trend 2021-2022: neon arrows

The trend is still relevant, but it did not appear yesterday. The eyes are brought down with luminescent lines for more than a season. This is a good find for makeup artists: neon accents look unusual in makeup, but do not create the feeling that you overdid it in the pursuit of originality.

For those who want to repeat makeup with neon arrows, examples from the catwalk will come in handy for inspiration. At the autumn-winter shows, quite often one could see just such a make-up option. Guy Laroche had classic-shaped red winglets that subtly caught the inner corners of the eyes.

Natasha Zinko instead of lines that stretch along the ciliary edge, only triangles at the outer corners of the eyes, arrow tails. Makeup artists of the Arthur Arbesser show offered a completely different approach - instead of the usual arrows, draw lines on the upper eyelids using a bright blue color.

Not everyone decides on neon arrows in everyday life, but in vain: they can completely replace black or brown eyeliner - at least for the sake of experiment. Even in a casual look. After all, the result will not be as catchy as neon lips or smoky eyes with neon shadows.

Neon liner can be matched with your outfit. Or, on the contrary, create a contrast with eyeliner. The latter option is more suitable for a bold “going out” look.

Trendy eye makeup ideas with neon effect: photo

For blue and gray eyes

  1. Arrows with outlines

    With a neon liner, outline the outline of the eyes in a circle. Then add sharp corners to the stroke from the outside. If you have blue or gray eyes, use blue neon. Suitable, for example, the Infaillible pencil in the shade “Got on blue” from L’Oréal Paris.

    Finish the makeup with pink blush and a translucent layer of the same pink lipstick.

  2. Nude and neon

    Draw graphic neon arrows over a calm, neutral background. You will be surprised, but acid green goes well with nude shades.

  3. Down arrows

    To make the neon accent even more non-standard, draw arrows not on the upper eyelids, but on the lower ones. In the case of blue or gray eyes for this make-up, you can choose a glowing neon red color.

For brown eyes

  1. Soft arrows

    Arrows are not necessarily graphics. Lines can be softened: paint them with shadows and blend them with a smudge brush. For brown-eyed, electric blue cosmetics are suitable. When the arrows are ready, add some shadows of the same shade of blue to the middle of the lower eyelid.

  2. Ombre effect

    Can't choose one color for neon arrow makeup? And no need - create a gradient.To emphasize brown eyes, take lighter shades: yellow, orange, pink. Let them smoothly flow into one another (you will achieve this by shading), echoing the color of the eyes. Different colors are available in the Maybelline New York Tattoo Liner. where to find?

For green eyes

  1. Color blocking

    Pair some neon hues that work well with green. Draw arrows with one, emphasize the inner corners of the eyes with the other, and bring the mucous membrane of the lower eyelid with the third.

  2. Crease arrow

    Use a shade that contrasts with the color of the eyes to draw an arrow in the crease of the eyelid, and use it in makeup of the eyelashes. You can complement these accents with classic smoky eyes in gray or black.

  3. Split Arrow

    Draw only the beginning of the arrow at the inner corners of the eyes and its tail at the outer. Choose any neon shade for this accent that harmonizes with green eyes. For example, coral. You will find different options in the Master Drama line from Maybelline New York.

Another idea that can inspire you to make neon makeup you will find in this video.



How to make neon arrows: step by step instructions with photo

  1. Preparation

    Start by matching the shade to your eye color. If we talk about neon, then there are practically no restrictions: for example, a “caustic” yellow color will look good in makeup with brown, blue, and green eyes.Apply a primer to your eyelids, preferably a thick primer (like Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer Potion). On such a substrate, neon eyeliner will look even brighter. You can also use an eyeshadow base.

  2. Drawing arrows

    If your hand trembles, then with neon eyeliner it will not be possible to hide it. The line with this tool must be carried out confidently. Therefore, first outline the future arrows with a pencil. For the final version of the arrow, start drawing from the tips at the outer corners of the eyes. When the ponytails are ready - even and neat - go to the inner corners. Connect both parts with lines in the middle. Duplicate the lines once or twice to achieve the desired intensity and "density" of color. Learn more about how to draw arrows in this video.

  3. Makeup completion

    Neon arrows are a self-sufficient accent that can do without additions.And yet you can add something else to them. For example? Colored mascara, a contrasting stroke of the inner contour with a kayal, bright shadows shaded on the lower eyelid. Choose the option that seems most suitable for you to complete the image.


Review of makeup products with neon arrows

With these tools you can achieve a quality result.

  • Pencil 24/7 Glide-On, Urban Decay

    Can't find a regular size pencil in neon colors? In Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-On collection, these shades are presented on a par with the classic ones. In terms of brightness, they are in no way inferior to liquid eyeliners, but the latter are more difficult to manage. Check out Freak green, Chaos blue, Woodstock pink, Deep End teal and Viper purple.The collection includes both matte pencils and shiny ones with noticeable glitter. After applying 24/7 Glide-On, you have 30 seconds to blend, after which the pigment sets on the skin and becomes waterproof.

    Check out what our readers think of this product here.


  • Infaillible Pencil 24H in Hit Blue by L'Oréal Paris

    Among the practical shades for every day, the Infaillible gel pencil collection includes blue neon, which promises to be a beautiful accent in eye makeup. With this pencil, you can not only bring the mucous membrane instead of a kajal, but also draw graphic arrows or make them soft by slightly “smearing” the lines with a brush. The pigment can also be shaded into a haze if done immediately after application. L'Oréal Paris promises 24-hour color fastness: the pigment quickly hardens on the skin and retains the same brightness.

    Check out what our readers think of this product here."

  • Vivid Brights Eyeliner, NYX Professional Makeup

    For those who prefer graphic makeup with arrows, liquid eyeliner is more suitable. In the Vivid Brights Eyeliner line, you will find any shade of neon you need: Blue No. 05 Sapphire, Green No. 07 Envy, Red No. 01 Fire, No. 03 Escape Lime, Pink No. 06 Petal and others. A thin brush will give precise application but will require some skill.

    Check out what our readers think of this product here.


  • Eyeliner Waterpaint: Ink, Shu Uemura

    Another option for neon eyeliner for those who value clarity and purity of lines. Shu Uemura offer different options, from blue and blue to pink and orange. The marker format allows you to draw arrows even for beginners in makeup. With a thin and firm applicator, it is easier to avoid blots and inaccuracies. Waterpaint: Ink has a persistent but light texture - at first the lines are translucent, like watercolor. To achieve the desired color intensity, you can duplicate the lines twice or thrice.

Do you have eyeliner for drawing neon arrows? What tool did you choose? Tell us in the comments.