To make the right choice, you need to be well versed in the topic. We will tell you everything you need to know about powders and offer a rating of the best

Despite the fact that the “deaf” matte skin has gone out of fashion, powders have not lost their relevance. They still help many of us to refresh the look during the day or, for example, to remove inopportunely appeared greasy shine. Like other basic makeup products, the powder should be of high quality and help in solving problems, and not create a “layer cake” effect on the skin. Therefore, the choice must be approached consciously and thoroughly.In this article, we will tell you how to proceed and share our top face powders.

How to choose face powder?

It seems to many that powder is a universal remedy and you can use any, as long as the shade matches your skin tone. Actually this is not true. Modern technologies make it possible to saturate the composition with useful substances and obtain formulas for different skin types and with various additional functionality. What are the main selection criteria? What should I pay attention to and what is important to consider?

Skin type

It is believed that powder is a remedy primarily for oily skin, because it can be used to remove oily sheen and achieve a matte finish. But powder is also used on other types of skin to, for example, fix makeup or give the skin a glow.

For dry skin that needs hydration and softening, we came up with a cream-powder format.Baked powder is suitable for the same type of skin. Initially, it is a liquid or cream mix of pigments and caring ingredients, which turns into powder after baking, but retains all the beneficial properties.


Most powders have a dry matte texture, but there are other options. For example, a shimmery powder like Giorgio Armani's Neo Nude Fusion Powder will lighten up dull skin.

There are light powders of the finest grinding and more dense, persistent ones - such as the compact Infaillible from L'Oréal Paris.

When applied wet, it can be used to create a full-fledged tonal coverage.


The choice between loose and compact powder can be a dilemma.

The first option is for those who need an air layer of the product, a thin veil that slightly mattifies the skin. This powder is suitable even for the delicate area around the eyes.

Compact powder is more dense; it can be relied on by those who want to hide imperfections like enlarged pores, redness and other imperfections visible to the eye. This powder is more convenient to carry with you to touch up makeup throughout the day.

Anyone who prefers this format will find useful tips from this video.

In addition to the classic formats, there is also an unusual one - powder in balls. The secret is that the balls are in a package of different colors; Picking up the product on the brush, you mix different pigments, getting the desired tone. For the sake of obtaining the optimal shade, some of the balls can be removed. The result will be as natural as possible and ideal for your color type. According to many makeup artists, this is the best powder option for those who usually find it difficult to match the shade.



Powders can have different functions, and often unexpected, but the most common is matting. A dry product is applied to the skin to give it a velvety finish; throughout the day, the powder absorbs sebum, preventing the skin from regaining unwanted oily sheen.

Another requested feature is makeup fixing. Colorless powders help cosmetics adhere to the skin. Example - High Definition Finishing Powder by NYX Professional Makeup.

Glow Powder is another variation of these popular products. Its purpose is to rid the skin of dullness. This powder should not be used on oily skin, but if you do not have problems with excessive sebum production, you can not limit yourself.


One of the most common powder fillers is talc, a white powder with a greasy texture that tends to absorb moisture.In addition, kaolin, or white clay, as well as starch and talc are used in powders. True, the latter does not have the most impeccable reputation, many blame talc for clogging pores and, with the active release of sebum, provokes inflammatory processes.

In this sense, it is better to give preference to light powder with rice powder. And a separate category in terms of composition is mineral powder. Among its main components is mika or mica. The advantage of such products is that they do not interact with the skin and its waste products. This powder is ideal for any type of skin, including problematic and prone to inflammation.

Rating of the best loose powders

  • Loose Powder, Giorgio Armani

    By eliminating shine, this powder doesn't strip away the radiance that normally gives skin a he althy, fresh look.It's all thanks to Micro-fil technology with reflective micro-particles that help even out the tone and at the same time create the effect of a slight satin glow. Like other loose powders, Giorgio Armani's Loose Powder features a fine grind for weightless coverage.

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  • Loose Face Powder, Shu Uemura

    In loose powder form, Shu Uemura offers a finishing touch to complete your make-up. The fine grinding and silky formula is what you need for a light and imperceptible coverage, which at the same time can even out the microrelief of the skin and improve its tone. The Face Powder line has six shades for different color types and two types of texture: matte and radiant.Any version of this tool will help make the skin visually more delicate and well-groomed, while maintaining its natural look.

Best compact powders

  • Powder Superstay 24H, Maybelline New York

    This compact powder is for those who are looking for a reliable product that can replace foundation. Superstay 24H is packaged in a convenient case with a large mirror and sponge, which can be used to distribute the product over the skin in both a light and a denser layer; The sponge can also be moistened with water and used for wet application. The powder has a moisture-repellent formula that promises to stick to the skin throughout the day and prevent the appearance of oily sheen. As a result, the skin looks well-groomed, and the makeup is neat.

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  • All Nighter Waterproof Pressed Powder, Urban Decay

    An extension of the All Nighter longwear line, this powder from Urban Decay gives skin a durable finish that won't worry you through the evening for a matte, fresh finish that lasts. If applied over foundation, makeup will be waterproof.

  • All Hours Powder, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté

    Another long-lasting compact powder with full coverage that promises to last 24 hours! Daily resistance comes with getting rid of oily sheen thanks to reliable absorbents in the composition.In addition, the list of ingredients contains emollients, as well as translucent microspheres that scatter light. As a result, the powder layer looks natural - like a second skin.

Overview of the best powders by skin type

For dry

  • The Lightbulb Aerial Compact Foundation, Shu Uemura

    Dry skin owners are advised not to use powder, but there are formulas for which it is worth making an exception. These include The Lightbulb Aerial, a foundation with a powdery texture and a formula that includes smoothing oils, botanicals and essential oils. The skin after application will be smooth and soft - no dryness and tightness. The tool will even out the tone and give radiance (powder contains crystalline mother-of-pearl).

  • Powder Affinitone, Maybelline New York

    Trust this powder even with dry skin thanks to its weightless texture; you won't feel any weight. The product will not dehydrate the skin. After application, you will get an airy veil that evens out skin tone and masks minor imperfections.

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For oily

  • Powder Fit Me! Matte + Poreless, Maybelline New York

    For oily skin, this powder helps by controlling sebum production and making enlarged pores less noticeable. The composition improves the appearance of the skin: the mineral perlite mattifies, and caprylyl glycol moisturizes and fights conditionally pathogenic bacteria.The light texture of the product looks natural on the skin.

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  • Powder Dermablend Covermatte, Vichy

    Of course, this powder also fights unwanted shine, making oily skin look matte throughout the day. But it can do more: makeup with Dermablend Covermatte takes care of the skin due to salicylic acid and vitamin E in the composition - these ingredients help to get rid of imperfections. For those with oily skin, it is also important that the powder does not “slip” off the face; this product has a 12 hour hold so you can rely on it.

For combination

  • Teint Idole Ultra Compact Powder, Lancôme

    The combination of a mattifying effect and high-quality care (there is a moisturizing Comfort Loads complex in the composition) makes this product an excellent choice for combination skin. The effect promises to last 18 hours; during this time, the powder will take care of your face looking fresh. The formula's bonuses include sunscreens that will protect the skin from photoaging.

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  • Powder Luminous Silk Compact, Giorgio Armani

    In the case of combination skin, the problem of oily shine is not as acute as in oily skin - it appears only on the T-zone and is not always very pronounced.Therefore, you can afford a product with a semi-matte finish, such as Luminous Silk Compact. This powder contains, in addition to talc, Micro-Silk particles, which help to create a light and translucent coverage with a delicate shimmer effect. Luminous Silk Compact refreshes the complexion and conceals imperfections by reflecting light. And in order for the layer of powder to hold securely on the skin for up to 12 hours, silicone microparticles were added to the composition - they are responsible for durability.

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For aging skin

Things are a little more complicated with the selection of powder for aging skin. The fact is that the dry texture of these products only emphasizes wrinkles and other imperfections. With reduced hydration of mature skin, it is wiser to use foundation. If you still don’t want to give up powder, look for a formula with emollients, as well as SPF - for example, The Lightbulb UV Compact from Shu Uemura with protection level 30, so that the product helps to avoid pigmentation.


Matifying face powders: top 3

  • Infaillible Loose Mattifying Powder, L’Oréal Paris

    If you need powder only as a finishing touch, pay attention to the representative of the Infaillible series. Colorless nature makes it universal. The tool is released in a friable format, which means that it will cover the skin with a weightless veil without the effect of weighting. Powder not only fixes makeup, but also mattifies the skin (due to the absorbent particles in the composition, the effect will last for a long time), and also visually smoothes it.

  • HD Studio Photogenic Finishing Powder, NYX Professional Makeup

    The peculiarity of this powder is that, by matting the skin, it creates an additional effect of slight defocus, blurring - due to which small imperfections like microrelief irregularities become less noticeable. This is how light-scattering particles work. The powder is 100% mineral, so it won't harm your skin.

    You can find out what our readers think about this tool here.


  • Stage Performer Invisible Translucent Powder, Shu Uemura

    Another retouching mattifying powder. Colorless, and therefore universal, can be applied as a final touch to the skin of any color type. Powder does an excellent job of smoothing out irregularities and masking enlarged pores. Stage Performer Invisible has an interesting ingredient in its composition - caffeine, which, after applying the powder, will help in the fight against puffiness and dark circles.

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