The fashion for contouring subsided, but did not pass without a trace: in the cosmetic bag of many girls there were sculptors. Trendy technology has gradually moved into the category of basic ones, and beauty manufacturers continue to improve the formulas of cosmetics that have proven their inescapable relevance. Let's talk about selection criteria

Sculpting techniques are relevant not only for those who work in the frame. Achieving greater expressiveness of facial features due to the play of light and shadow is also useful in everyday life, especially when you consider that in the era of social networks “in the frame” everyone works.Therefore, it does not hurt anyone to master the skills of contouring and choose a high-quality sculptor. And the rating of the best sculptors for the face, according to the editors, you will find further in the article.

What are facial sculptors?

In the wake of the popularity of contouring, facial sculpting products began to be produced in all possible formats. Therefore, on sale there are options with a variety of textures.


Initially, conventional bronzer powders were used in contouring. The first sculptors also produced in powder format, but without the tan effect and shimmering particles. They were distinguished by a grayish-brown hue that easily imitated the natural shadow under the zygomatic bone.

A dry sculptor has a number of important advantages: the texture allows you to apply it both over cream and over powder, and also easily shade it, blurring the boundaries - clear lines in contouring are contraindicated.You can see for yourself if you try Master Bronze by Maybelline New York.

Dry Sculptor is a universal remedy for normal to oily skin. But for dry it is worth looking at a different format.


Sculptor with creamy texture is distinguished by its density and richness of pigments.

After application, such a product must be carefully shaded. You can test the creamy texture on the example of the Master Contour stick from Maybelline New York.

Those who are used to working with cream products will have no difficulty. The skin with such formulas is more comfortable, as they often contain emollient components.



Liquid sculptor is suitable for those who do not like powders because of the drying effect and do not need a dense coverage of cream products. It blends easily to a translucent finish and looks natural, which is especially important in contouring.

How to choose a face sculptor?

If you are used to weighing the pros and cons when looking for beauty products, then the sculptor you like should be considered from different points of view.


The most versatile option is the taupe sculptor, a neutral taupe. It can be used with any color type.

You can also choose a shade based on the type of your appearance. If you have “warm” features, then bronzer is also suitable as a sculptor. But on a skin that is cold in tone, such a remedy will not look organic.


The sculptor should match your skin type and texture. It is better to soften the dry with a cream or liquid product.

And on oily skin, you should use a sculpting powder - this way the contouring effect will last longer.

More about how to sculpt with different textures, we talked about in this video.


Since the sculptor is a decorative cosmetic, you should not expect a composition rich in useful ingredients from it. However, caring components may be present in it, and this will be a definite plus. This was taken care of, for example, by Giorgio Armani, creating the sculptor Neo Nude A-Contour.



The format should be convenient first of all. Someone is more accustomed to doing makeup at home, working with brushes - in this case, you can buy a whole palette with different sculptors and experiment.

For those who most often do makeup in time pressure, compact products that can be blended with fingertips are more suitable. Such as the creamy Wonder Stick with a sculptor on one side of the tube and a highlighter on the other.


Best contouring products ranked

Selecting a make-up sculptor is an individual matter: the tool that suits one girl may not work for another. Nevertheless, we tried to collect contouring products, which, in the opinion of the editors, can claim the title of the best. The top sculptors for the face turned out like this.

  • Stick Face Studio Contour, Maybelline New York

    The creamy stem of the product is divided into two halves: a light formula for highlighting and a taupe for sculpting the face. The stick literally glides over the skin upon application, leaving lines that are easy to blend. Face Studio Contour has a nice velvety finish with which you can not be afraid of the appearance of an oily sheen. The coating promises to last for a long time - during the day, the product will definitely not let you down.

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  • Baby Doll Kiss & Blush Lip & Cheek Mousse in shade 10 Nude Insolent, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté

    Some shades of another 2 in 1 product, namely Baby Doll Kiss & Blush mousse, are also suitable for contouring. This, for example, is No. 10 Nude Insolent - it combines beige, brown and red shades. And this is a great advantage: unlike traditional sculptors, he will look like blush on the cheekbones, but he will also be able to create a shadow. In addition, Baby Doll Kiss & Blush contains such skin-friendly ingredients as hyaluronic acid and pomegranate extract, a powerful antioxidant. Beauty experts Yves Saint Laurent Beauté managed to get a texture that is comfortable for different types of makeup.

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  • 3 Steps to Sculpt Palette, NYX Professional Makeup

    Practical and compact palette 3 Steps to Sculpt includes powder in three shades: two matte colors - light and dark (the same sculptor), as well as one shimmery - with its help you can "illuminate" the skin. Apply them sequentially, starting with highlighting the protruding areas of the face. And at the end, blend the sculptor under the cheekbone to get a slight shadow effect.

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  • Neo Nude A-Contour Contour, Giorgio Armani

    Neo Nude A-Contour's lightweight fluid texture is just what you need for natural, subtle contouring. Giorgio Armani are sure that you can use it even in “makeup without makeup”. It is enough to apply a couple of drops to get a translucent coating, and easily blend its borders so that the color diffuses and literally merges with the skin. The product moisturizes the skin, creating a feeling of comfort.

Are you familiar with the face sculpting technique? What tool do you use for this? Write a comment.