Looking for some cool face art ideas? One of the options is the image on the face of a Venetian mask. Such a make-up guarantees mystery to the image, and depth and mystical charm to the look

Preparing for a costume party, many change their appearance beyond recognition, trying to create an image that is as close as possible to the chosen character. What if you want to be yourself? There are options for this too. One of them is a feminine make-up in the form of an elegant lace mask.

Features of creating a make-up mask

Be inspired by the Venetian masks that have become an integral part of the images at the traditional carnivals in Venice, which are held annually, usually in February. Their participants dress in costumes made in the fashion of the 18th century, and their faces are covered with a wide variety of masks. We will tell you how to create an effect on your face with the help of cosmetics as if you were wearing a lace mask, which will add mystery to any girl.

This makeup will be appropriate for any event in the masquerade format. It is suitable for girls who want to look original on the holiday, but at the same time as feminine as possible. A big plus of such a make-up is that you do not lose your individuality. With all the mystery, you will be recognizable in your image.

In order to make a make-up mask, it is not necessary to contact a makeup artist. You can manage on your own. The main difficulty in creating ornate patterns that frame the eyes is to achieve symmetry.This is not the easiest task. But if you are confident with a pencil / liquid eyeliner and easily draw smooth graphic arrows, then you will most likely succeed.

What makeup do you need to make a mask on your face?

There is no standard scheme for creating such a makeup. No restrictions; it all depends on your imagination - you can decorate the mask with “lace” or make it colored with feather patterns, decorate with rhinestones, glitter and other decor. Prepare a sketch of your future make-up with a mask in advance. So you will understand what cosmetics you need. We've put together a list of things that might come in handy.


As with any party makeup, primer is a must.

It is this tool that will allow the make-up to survive even the longest evening without loss of reputation. Cosmetics will be well fixed on the skin and will be able to withstand even the heat of spotlights or the energetically charged microclimate of the dance floor.In the case of mask makeup, this is especially important: if you are going to make it patterned, the lines must remain clear, otherwise all your efforts to create the image will go down the drain. Use only proven products that will not let you down. For example, Master Prime by Maybelline New York.

Cream Pigment

If you are creating an eye mask effect, then you can use the pigment as a colored background on top of which you will draw patterns.

By the way, just cream pigment (example - SFX Crème Color from NYX Professional Makeup) is convenient to draw lines if you work with a thin brush. You will feel like a real artist.

Pencil or liner

Someone finds it more convenient to work with a sharpened kajal pencil with a greasy texture. Or, for example, an eyeliner in the format of a felt-tip pen: its felt applicator with a pointed tip (such as, for example, the Tattoo Signature from L’Oréal Paris) allows you to draw the most even and neat lines.

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Mascara and false eyelashes

Makeup in the form of an openwork mask, it would seem, is already enough to focus on the eyes. But it is quite possible to add arrows and lush eyelashes to the drawn lace. For maximum impact, look for a lengthening mascara such as NYX Professional Makeup's Double Stacked Mascara with a primer that contains nylon fibers.

You can go the other way and use false eyelashes - you will find unusual ones, for example, at Shu Uemura: with rhinestones, metallic inserts and even fur.

How to stick false eyelashes, we told in this video.


Those who decide on a make-up mask will also need shadows. Considering that real masks usually have slits for the eyes, in the make-up, the area around the eyes should be different from the mask background - you should not continue to draw patterns on the eyelids.Use shadows in the usual way - for smokey or cat eyes.

You can shade the shadows on the cheekbones before you start drawing lace. The gradient coating will look spectacular. Choose one or more desired shades in advance. And if you have a big palette like Urban Decay's Born to Run, it's easy to decide which palette to choose depending on your mood.


The half-face mask is a noticeable accent that shifts the focus of attention to the upper part of the face. Bright lips will help balance the overall impression.

Carnival makeup should be extra-resistant, so it is better to choose a matte product for coverage. Such, for example, as Superstay Matte Ink from Maybelline New York.

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Lipstick with a liquid texture dries quickly on the lips, leaving a rich color on them that lasts all evening - does not smudge or fade even after snacks, cocktails and coffee.


Makeup in the form of an intriguing mask: step by step instructions

Let's consider several options.

Half face mask

  1. Tone

    If your choice is makeup in the form of a half-face lorgnette mask, this means that the tone of the face as a whole will also require correction.

    It is best to apply a persistent and fairly dense cream all over the face (suitable, for example, All Nighter from Urban Decay), which will serve as a kind of primer for subsequent drawing patterns.

  2. Eye makeup

    Makeup that imitates a carnival mask, it would seem, already creates an emphasis on the eyes. But they still should be further emphasized at least with arrows. Make them classic - in black.

    Or, for example, double: for this you need to duplicate the first line with a contrasting shade a little higher. The tails of the arrows can be lengthened, and in addition, draw arcs in the folds of the eyelids, if you want the make-up to be even more graphic.

    Smoky makeup and cat eyes are also not prohibited, but then it will be necessary to provide for small indents before drawing the mask so that one does not merge with the other.

  3. Mask

    Before you start working on the mask, you need to highlight your eyebrows with foundation or concealer - or, conversely, highlight them, making the boundaries as clear as possible.Next, choose the most convenient means and tools for drawing a mask: cream pigment and a thin brush, felt-tip liner or pencil. Start with the outline of the mask - outline it, and then fill in the inside with delicate subtle patterns, following your artistic flair. Keep an eye on the symmetry.

    At the end, you can decorate the mask with rhinestones or, for example, glitter. Glitter in a crumbly format is suitable - NYX Professional Makeup has such: this is Face & Body Glitter. Don't forget to spray your face with a fixing spray like Maybelline New York's Lasting Fix Setting Spray.

  4. Lip makeup

    Final touch - lip makeup. Make it bright by choosing a noble rich shade: cherry red or, for example, burgundy. Liquid matte lipstick will be the most reliable tool to ensure that the coating does not rub off.

    If you want glossy lips, apply a transparent gloss over this lipstick.

Full face mask

  1. Tone

    To emphasize the effect of a mask that covers the entire face, a light foundation with a dense texture or a special cream makeup will help to brighten the skin and discolor the eyebrows.

    Do not blend it on the border of the face and neck, leave the lines clear - this is how you will achieve the effect of a real mask. After the tone dries and settles down, you can proceed to the "design work" .

  2. Eye makeup

    Create a haze of shadows on the eyelids, draw arrows. Just remember that the "framing" will still be brighter and more catchy - so you shouldn't get too carried away using complex techniques. It is enough to emphasize the contour of the eyes and add, for example, false eyelashes to make the make-up even more in line with the spirit of the holiday.

  3. Mask decor

    On top of the background tone, draw a lorgnette mask around the eyes on the skin of the face. First, decide on its shape and outline the borders with black, and then paint over the contour inside with a tonal tool, the shade of which contrasts with the main tone. Then you can decorate the mask to your taste: draw openwork patterns, create a metallic glow effect with shadows or a highlighter, scatter glitter or glue rhinestones. These are just some of the options available.

  4. Lip makeup

    Finish the makeup mask with an accent on the lips. Use a clean, saturated color to help make them stand out from the rest of the look. Pay attention to drawing the outline.

At the very end, be sure to spray your face with a fixing spray to fix the make-up along with the drawings.

How to complement the image: manicure, hairstyle, clothes and accessories

  1. Clothes, accessories

    An openwork lorgnette mask seems to be designed for a feminine and strict look with a little black dress or, for example, a trouser suit. And a full-face mask will successfully complement a full-fledged historical outfit in the spirit of the Venetian carnivals.


  2. Hairstyle

    Pick it up with the outfit - the make-up mask will be in harmony with both lush curls and high hair.

  3. Manicure

    All attention will be focused on the unusual make-up mask and costume. Therefore, manicure can be left in the background. For a solid color finish, choose a shade that blends with the rest of your look.