Manicure with a soft sheen of precious metal can be both modest and extravagant. Sharing fresh nail art ideas with silver

We usually opt for a radiant manicure when we're getting ready for the holidays. However, glitter nail art or silver foil manicure fits well into everyday looks. Silver design can be elegant and discreet, so there is no reason to deny yourself a spectacular shimmer on your nails when you want to “highlight” gray everyday life a little.

When is a silver manicure appropriate?

Of metallic and sparkling shades, silver is the most versatile. It blends harmoniously with both cold and warm colors, as it is itself perceived as neutral (like white or, for example, gray).

Silver does a great job of creating accents. They can be noticeable and catchy if silver glitter polish is applied over the entire surface of the nail plate. If you use metallic silver with a small shimmer to emphasize only the tips of your nails or draw thin stripes, small dots (“polka dots”) or tiny stars, then the manicure will look restrained.

And yet it makes more sense to do a silver manicure for the holidays. Then you can not measure the amount of sparkles, being afraid that it would not turn out “too much”. In special occasion design, bold ideas are always encouraged; in such circumstances, silver should show itself in full force.

Trendy nail design with silver: trends 2023

Usually silver nail art comes back in fashion in winter. Metallic silver is especially relevant during the New Year holidays, and after them it harmoniously complements the "snowy" design options.

In the images from the shows of the winter season - 2023, silver lacquer with a matte finish, paradoxical for the precious metal, most often appeared. In the manicure at Cividini, it was used in a monochromatic coating on the nails. At Halpern, this shade has become part of the ombre design. And nail artists from the show Tibi and Badgley Mischka painted over the color blocks in silver in the moon manicure. At the Manish Arora show, stripes were painted in steel over a red background; complemented them with silver rhinestones.

At the spring-summer 2023 fashion shows, silver was also not forgotten. It was mainly used in concise versions of nail art - to create accents. So, at Kith, silver varnish with a matte effect was used to draw lines along the center of the nails, covered with a colorless base.In the case of Bibhu Mohapatra, when doing a French manicure, silver replaced the white color on the tips of the nails. There was also a manicure with a full silver coating. At Julien Macdonald, for example, models' nails attracted attention with holographic overflows.

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How to make a silver manicure: step by step instructions with a photo

  1. Preparation

    Nails need to be prepared for any manicure - and it doesn't matter if you plan to do nail art or not. Give them the desired shape. Soften and remove the cuticle so that nothing interferes with the “clean” coating. Polish your nails. Next, treat them with a degreaser and apply a base coat. For more information on how to do a manicure yourself, we talked in this video.

  2. Applying the base color

    Silver manicure comes with silver polish as a base or as an accent. In the first case, there is a risk that the shine of silver after applying the varnish will not be as intense as in the bottle. Take note of a simple trick: first coat your nails with white varnish, and apply silver on top. A light "substrate" will help it appear in all its brilliance.

    If you are for a manicure with a silver design, then apply varnish over the base layer, which will serve as a background for drawings and other decorative elements. This additional base layer needs to be dried well so that later, when working with a brush and other tools, you do not accidentally blur the background.

    However, you can refuse a colored background - a manicure with a design on a transparent background is in fashion.

  3. Final touches

    If you chose nail art with drawings, be sure to wait for them to dry too. Otherwise, lines and figures may “float” during top coverage.

Silver nail polish ideas for short nails

Shining accent

Minimalism is welcomed in the design of short nails. Manicure in this case will look elegant and neat. Do, for example, a nude coating on all nails, and then create an accent on one with silver sequins. “Stretch” the decor from the cuticle line to the middle of the nail: you get a real starfall with gradually dissipating glitter.

Simple drawings

Although nail artists advise to be more restrained in manicure on short nails, this does not mean that drawings and decor are prohibited. The main thing is not to overload the design with details.Choose a motif that will be the main one. For example, stripes, waves or, say, geometric shapes. Draw some elements with color, others with silver shimmer.

Silver on matte background

Replacing the original design in manicure can be a game of textures. This is the best choice for short nails that do not want to be "cluttered" with many details. Set a matte nude backdrop and embellish it with a few silver glitter rhinestones, scattered glitter, or subtle metallic designs.


In a manicure inspired by the starry sky, silver sparkles are indispensable. First outline the future stars, and then fill it with glitter or smaller silver shimmer. It's even easier to immediately paint the stars with a metallic silver varnish.

French with silver

In order not to overdo it with the design on short nails, opt for the classics. Let it be a jacket with silver "smiles" . And if you want to complicate it, decorate the tips of your nails with patterns or drawings. By the way, the design with the effect of liquid metal is in fashion: with silver varnish, depict drops and smudges directed from the tips of the nails to the holes.


Silver nail designs for long nails


Silver rubbing powder has become popular because it can be used to obtain a magnetic mirror coating. But there are other ways to use this tool. If you apply it with shading, you get the effect of using spray paint - street art on your nails. Complement silver with bright strokes of other colors - and the manicure will come out even more catchy and unusual.

Direction up

Even the shape of the nails can give you ideas for nail art. If they are long and sharp, you can beat the corners on the tips in different ways. One option is to draw lines and arrows, as if setting the direction: forward and up. This technique, by the way, visually lengthens and sharpens the nails even more.

On my fingertips

Not everyone is ready to decide to paint over long nails with silver varnish completely. However, this is useless, because you can make a more elegant manicure with a silver accent on the tips. Spread glitter, shimmer or shimmer powder around the free edge as if you were designing with an ombre effect.


If flashy solid colors don't scare you, feel free to apply silver lacquer all over.For a manicure that attracts attention as much as possible, choose a product with a holographic effect. In the light, the color layer will shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow, so no additions are needed.


Overview of tools for creating a manicure in silver tones

Whatever nail art you choose, it is important to use proven tools. These, according to the editors, will not let you down.

  • Nail Polish 618 Power Check by Essie

    This Essie silver polish is interesting because it has gold shimmer. Small shimmering particles harmoniously complement the cold steel shine of the coating, which turns matte on the nails. To make the color dense and show itself in all its glory, it is better to apply the varnish in 2-3 layers, not forgetting to use the base first. And the top will give it a glossy finish, if you want to get just that effect.

  • Colorama nail polish in shade 440, Maybelline New York

    A colorless varnish is useful as a base for a silver manicure. It can be applied in an additional layer on top of the base, so that while the coating is not dry, pour silver sequins on it. In the Colorama collection, nail polishes are long lasting and have a glossy finish that will shine until you decide to change your coat. Find out what our readers think of Colorama nail polish here.


  • Face & Body Glitter 10 Silver, NYX Professional Makeup

    Manicure sequins, in general, differ little from those used in makeup.So if you have a jar of loose glitter like Face & Body Glitter from NYX Professional Makeup in your cosmetic bag, it will come in handy in nail art too. You can draw with these sparkles by picking them up on a thin brush. They are also easy to spread over the nail plate with a sponge.

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