The French brand has introduced a fresh version of the iconic lipstick L'Absolu Rouge in ruby shades. We examined the novelty from all sides

L'Absolu Rouge lipstick is one of Lancôme's most recognizable products. In November of this year, she underwent a serious upgrade - we understand the details in more detail.

Features of L'Absolu Rouge Ruby Cream by Lancôme

" Lipstick should shine like a gem!" - the founder of Lancôme, Armand Ptizhan, did not get tired of repeating. And the new Ruby Cream copes with this task quite well.

  • The main feature of the novelty, which catches the eye at first sight, is an unusual stick shape, reminiscent of a gem cut. In addition to the conceptual meaning, there is also a practical one: using the edges of the stick, it is convenient to draw the contour of the lips, it turns out to be even and clear.

  • The new lipstick has a high content of pigments: the formula is saturated with them by as much as 25% more than in the classic version of L'Absolu Rouge Cream! Even applied in one layer, the lipstick looks bright and fully corresponds to the declared shade.

  • In addition, the lipstick has a long-lasting texture, it does not fade or wear off, even if you do not reapply it for several hours.

  • There are 15 shades in the palette: seven in pastel beige and eight in red.


The composition of L’Absolu Rouge Ruby Cream is designed in such a way that the lipstick performs several functions at once: it gives the lips a rich shade and shine, lasts a long time and takes care of the skin.

  • Proxylan and rose extract soften the skin of the lips and make it smooth. Thanks to these two ingredients, the lipstick feels extremely comfortable on the lips.

  • Tourmaline is responsible for the beautiful satin finish.

  • Sesame oil provides a soft sheen that intensifies when ruby cream is applied in two coats.

L'Absolu Rouge Ruby Cream lipstick test drive

We've tested three shades of Ruby Cream lipstick - and share honest feedback.

Shade 03, Kiss Me Ruby

One of the lightest ruby shades in the Ruby Cream collection. On the lips, the color matches the shade in the stick. If you apply lipstick in one layer, it will give your lips a light satin finish. Due to the radiance, the lips visually appear more voluminous. Lipstick is really very easy to apply even without using a brush, as the graphic shape of the stick allows you to accurately emphasize the contour.

The color of a dusty or smoky rose can be considered universal. It will harmoniously complement almost any look and is suitable for any occasion, be it a business meeting or a party. This shade of lipstick does not impose restrictions on eye makeup: it can be very different, from neat arrows to flashy smoky eyes.

Shade 314, Ruby Star

More intense than shade 03. Looks brighter on the lips and fades a little red. This shade is somewhere between dusty pink and scarlet.

The satin sheen is clearly visible, for which sesame oil is responsible in the composition of the lipstick. Despite the fact that the lipstick was applied without first using a pencil, it still showed incredible results in terms of durability: it did not fade or fade in 8 hours.

This shade draws attention to the lips, so it is better to combine it with neutral eye makeup, but this rule is canceled for the evening.

Shade 473, RubieZ

Intense ruby hue looks just as bright on the lips as it does in the stick. To fully convey the color, it is enough to apply lipstick in one layer. A two-layer coating will make the lips almost glossy.

Lipstick does not wash off, even if you do not touch up your lip makeup for 8 hours. Due to the moisturizing effect of Ruby Cream, the lips are comfortable at the same time.

Bright shade requires careful application. If you have not yet got your hands on lip makeup, it is better to use a pencil. Draw a contour for them and only then fill it with lipstick.

There are detailed instructions in our video tutorial.