The combination of black and white is a recognized classic in the fashion world. In manicure, this tandem refers rather to bold decisions, but this season it is they who rule the show. Let's talk more about the new trend

Most often, black and white polishes, if they appear in a manicure, are separate from each other. Few people think that they are the perfect couple. The combination of neutral colors will successfully complement any look and will not go unnoticed.

Features of black and white manicure

This design of nails does not require a separate occasion. This is the case when the manicure itself “adjusts” to the image, because both black and white get along well with any colors. This means that the b/w design will fit into a business style, and casual casual, and evening.

The compatibility of black and white manicure with other details of the image depends more on the design of the nails. If these are graphic lines and geometric shapes in an elegant combination, then you definitely won’t break the office dress code. But the bold "flashy" inscriptions on the nails (albeit in black and white) will not be very useful in a business environment. They are more suitable for an informal setting.

Next, we will talk more about the trends and share photos of new black and white nail designs.

Fashion trends in black and white nail design

In 2023, the most relevant is just a black and white manicure that goes beyond the calm classics. But traditional techniques are not written off. Let's start with the most daring.


" Lettered" black and white nail art became a big trend thanks to Jeremy Scott's manicure. It alternated black letters on a white background and white letters on a black one. If you have something to say, why not do it with the help of nail art as well? Yes, and in the photo such a black nail design with white elements will look chic.

In black

Autumn-winter shows were dominated by design options in which there is more black than white. So it was, for example, on the show of Christian Siriano and Guy Laroche. The black background was decorated with a small detail that saved the manicure from the extreme simplicity of a monophonic coating.

In one case, these were marble veins, in another, strict graphic lines, in the third, stars, etc.

Clean lines

You can also adapt other nail designs from past shows to the black and white trend. It is enough to replace the "podium" colors with this universal combination. Try a black and white manicure in the spirit of color blocking, like Prabal Gurung. Or, for example, a reverse jacket, like Priscavera.


Black and white manicure on short nails: ideas and photos


The secret of a beautiful manicure on short nails is simplicity.

Complex drawings are not designed for short length. Therefore, you can without further ado decorate your nails with lines, strokes, stripes. Find more minimalist manicure ideas here.

Printed nails

The most winning design options for short nails include simple nail art with large (and preferably also simple) decorative elements. This manicure looks impressive and neat at the same time.

That is why the animal print is friends with a small length - with characteristic spots or stripes.

Graphic Art

Black and white manicure opens up many opportunities for artistic expression. Thin black lines on a white background give the impression of pencil sketches.

If you cover the picture with a matte top, you can achieve the effect of a "paper" texture.

Lunar manicure + french

In order not to get bored, having done a French or moon manicure "according to all the canons" , try to combine them. This technique will visually lengthen the nails. You can increase the gap with the traditional serve by decorating the holes and “smiles” with a simple decor - for example, the same dots or stripes. Original result guaranteed.

No color

Nail art on a colorless background has been especially popular lately. As well as a negative space design with colorless inserts. All this does not contradict the b/w concept and can be interesting to diversify it.


Another way to achieve an interesting three-dimensional effect is to use not only varnishes that are dense in color, but also translucent ones. This will allow you to see the drawings on the previous layer.

This choice greatly expands the potential of a two-tone manicure.

long nail design with black and white polishes

Different Arm Design

A simple and original solution is to make a design using black lacquer on one hand and white on the other.

The severity of the black and white scale will be neutralized by its impudent and mischievous presentation.


Imagine that you are drawing on a white sheet, drawing lines with a pencil or gel pen. By the way, before you start creating on the nail plate, it really makes sense to practice creating miniature graphic worlds on paper.

If the nails are long, then with due skill, the space is quite enough for complex images.

Double French

The tips of long nails in French manicure can be emphasized with several arcs at once, alternating black and white varnishes. Such a multi-layered jacket is another way to unusually beat the usual design and make nail art a full part of the image.

Step-by-step instructions for creating a jacket can be found in this video.

Pencil sketches

Which of us didn't leave "random" drawings on paper in thought? These unfinished sketches could very well turn into elegant nail art.

Texture game

Black and white will not seem like boring basic colors at all if you complement their contrast with texture contrast in a manicure. Make a white or black background matte, and decorate it with a glossy “print” on top.

Some more long nail design ideas can be found below.

Combination of b/w manicure with other colors and decor

Black and white polishes can be combined with any other. It is only important to understand what effect you want to achieve, because additional shades can make a b/w manicure even more catchy or, conversely, soften this accent in the image.


Any shades from the nude range perfectly rhyme with black and white design: sandy, creamy, creamy, and coffee. It is best to use them as a background or base color of nails that will remain without artistic coverage.

Gold and silver

In relations with precious shades, black and white also have harmony. Thanks to the radiance of gold and silver, the manicure becomes more elegant.

Small patches of metallic effect varnishes can decorate everyday manicure.


If you use neon shades in combination with black or white, their brightness will decrease slightly. This will achieve the balance in the manicure, which is necessary so that the neon does not attract too much attention to itself.

At the same time, one must understand that such a design will in any case become a noticeable detail of the image. Therefore, it is worth thinking in advance about the harmony of the image as a whole.


Red is the same self-sufficient color as black and white. He successfully complements our duet, turning it into a noticeable trio.