It seems that every second or third mascara has the effect of false eyelashes. It's great that there are such products, but after all, even without cosmetics, you want to see your eyelashes long, thick and voluminous. We tell you how to achieve this

There are enough ways to lengthen eyelashes and get an expressive look with them today - from makeup with mascara, which contains microfiber fibers, to extensions. These tricks are good when you need to get the effect right away.

Another way is to be patient and do your best to grow your own eyelashes. Perhaps you will see the result only in a couple of months, but you will definitely be proud of it, admiring how “new” eyelashes look without makeup.

Curl, volumizing or waterproof? Find your perfect match! Take the test18

What is your favorite eye makeup?

  • Smokey eyes
  • I don't make up my eyes at all
  • Arrows
  • Emphasizing only eyelashes
2 / 8

How do you choose mascara?

  • I've been using the samefor years
  • Always buying new items
  • Recommended by friends/bloggers/media
  • I buy a lot of products with different effects

How would you describe your eyelashes?

  • Light and short
  • Light and long
  • Dark and short
  • Dark and long

Which lash effect do you like the most?

  • Maximum natural lashes
  • False eyelash effect
  • Ultra long lashes
  • Ultra Volume Lashes
5 / 8

How do you feel about eyelash extensions?

  • Positive
  • Negative
  • I prefer lamination
  • Hard to say
6 / 8

Which statement is about you?

  • I use mascara primer
  • I always go for waterproof mascara
  • I always use a curler
  • None of the above
7 / 8

What eyelash makeup problem do you care about the most?

  • Mascara is imprinted on the eyelid
  • Mascara clumps
  • Mascara crumbles under eyes
  • Mascara doesn't wash off well
8 / 8

What product can you imagine your makeup without?

  • Without foundation
  • Without mascara
  • No lipstick
  • No blush or bronzer

What affects eyelash growth?

If you naturally got lush and long eyelashes, then you can completely abandon eye makeup or at least not keep mascara in your cosmetic bag. However, most girls have to dye their eyelashes, since their own without makeup is not so noticeable.

Of course, genetics largely affects the length of eyelashes, but often we ourselves do not allow natural data to open up. What is important to pay attention to?


We all know that strong nails, beautiful skin and strong hair are not only self-care with well-chosen cosmetics. It is equally important to provide them with “feeding” from the inside. Therefore, it is important to eat a diet rich in vitamins and minerals.

Since eyelashes (as well as hair) are made up of keratin, which is a protein, your diet should be rich in protein. You also need unsaturated fats - there are a lot of them in fish and seafood, olive oil, nuts.

Very he althy foods that contain vitamins A and E, as well as B vitamins. We are talking about broccoli, spinach, asparagus, avocados, bananas, grapes, carrots, pumpkins, wheat germ, milk and dairy products, liver and many others.

If you generally adhere to the principles of a he althy diet, giving up fast food, sweets and refined foods, you will soon notice how this will affect your appearance. Including the condition of the eyelashes. Another important point regarding nutrition is the drinking regimen. You need to maintain it, since eyelashes also need moisture for he althy growth.

Stress level

This is another big problem that greatly affects our appearance. Anyone who lives in a state of stress notices that rashes appear more often on the skin, hair begins to fall out more noticeably. And eyelashes can also thin. Stress provokes inflammation in the body. It causes muscle cramps. And it can also cause metabolic disorders in the body. All this negatively affects the condition of the eyelashes.

Paradoxically, even positive events can be stressful. For example, moving due to climate change.

Your task is to protect yourself from stress factors as much as possible. This is important not only for the beauty of eyelashes, but also for the he alth of the body as a whole.


How do you usually remove makeup? If "in haste" , rubbing the skin with a cotton pad with soapy water, then it is quite understandable why the eyelashes are not as thick and long as we would like. They must be handled with care, otherwise gaps in the row cannot be avoided. When cleansing the skin from make-up, gently apply a cotton pad with micellar water to the eyelashes, hold for half a minute (during this time, the micellar water will have time to dissolve the cosmetics) and then gently remove the mascara, as if stroking the eyelashes with a cotton pad in the direction of their growth. Read more about how to remove eye makeup correctly in this video.

Another common mistake is not removing your eye makeup at all. Anyone who goes to bed with mascara on their eyelashes runs the risk of breaking their ends during sleep if they touch the pillow with their face (and this is actually inevitable).

Cosmetics quality

Not every mascara contains lash care products. And if you buy a pig in a poke, you can get a product full of synthetic additives and preservatives that cause outright harm to eyelashes. Not only mascara can be of poor quality, but also an eye makeup remover. Read labels and choose formulas that make sure your lashes grow he althy and strong.


How to accelerate the growth of eyelashes at home?

To help your eyelashes become longer, you need to firstly eliminate all the negative factors that may prevent their growth. Secondly, prepare everything for regular eyelash care. At first, try different tools and methods to see what works best for you.

Homemade recipes

The right eyelash care product can be at your fingertips.It can be the usual vegetable oil that you use in the kitchen, such as olive or almond. But most often castor oil is recommended for eyelashes - it has long been famous as an effective remedy for hair growth.

Lash oils can be used in a variety of ways. The first is to wash off makeup with their help. Apply the oil to your eyelids and eyelashes for a couple of minutes to allow it to dissolve makeup, and then clean your eyelashes and skin with a cotton pad soaked in warm water. Hydrophilic oils are the best at cleansing the skin of cosmetics.

Oils can be mixed together to create your own eyelash growth formula. For example, you can combine castor, olive, sea buckthorn and almond oils, and then apply this he althy cocktail to your eyelashes. And oils can be enriched with liquid vitamins A and E from ampoules.

Recipes can also be based on herbal decoctions. Together they brew chamomile, calendula, black tea; sometimes supplemented with other herbs. Cotton pads are moistened with cooled infusion and compresses are made, leaving them on the eyelids for 20–30 minutes.



The best solution is to trust the professionals who have collected the most useful ingredients for eyelash growth into a single balanced formula, based on scientific research. There are many serums on the beauty market, the regular use of which gives a visible effect in the form of longer and thicker eyelashes.

The convenience of serums is that they do not need to be washed off, unlike many oils. In addition, they can be applied before mascara so that they work even when there is decorative cosmetics on the eyelashes.


Applying oils or serums you can accompany with a light massage. Perform it with your fingertips at the roots of the eyelashes. Only gently and carefully - without pressure. Massage stimulates blood circulation, which in turn helps deliver more oxygen to the skin around the hair follicles, improves metabolism, helping beneficial ingredients from cosmetics reach their destination.

How to quickly grow long and thick eyelashes: pro tips

The main thing to do for a quick result is to regularly care for your eyelashes. Use serums and masks every day, remembering to apply the first even under mascara, if the formula allows. Massage and compresses will also benefit. True, you need to understand that you will not see results in a week. But in a month, the changes will already be noticeable.

In addition, pay attention to important nuances that can affect the growth rate of eyelashes.

  1. When choosing mascara, opt for lightweight formulas.

    Most waterproof mascaras are said to dry out lashes (especially if used for a long time). This does not affect their growth in the best way.

    Waterproof mascara is also harder to remove; this means that the eyelashes in the process may suffer. Pay attention, for example, to the lightest Snapscara from Maybelline New York: this is a wax-free mascara that is washed off simply with warm water. You can read more about it here.

    You can find out what our readers think about her here.


  2. Never use someone else's mascara.

    Even a tube taken from a close friend can become a source of bacteria that can cause inflammation. It just seems that such problems do not directly relate to eyelashes.

  3. Check the expiration date of cosmetics.

    It's one thing if you made the wrong choice and accidentally bought a low-quality product in the store. Another is if you yourself do not monitor whether the product is suitable for use. In general, this applies to all cosmetics that you use, but specifically, expired cream shadows, mascara, make-up remover can negatively affect the growth of eyelashes. Read more about how to check the expiration date of cosmetics here.

  4. Try to train yourself to sleep on your back so that your eyelids and eyelashes do not come into contact with the pillow.

    Best to sleep on your back. This is the optimal position for "beauty sleep" , as it helps to avoid wrinkles and creases on the skin of the face and neck.

  5. Don't abuse tools like eyelash curlers.

    Try to do without them altogether. Set your curler aside until your lashes grow out. In the meantime, do not injure them with a clamp at the roots.

Have you ever tried to grow eyelashes? What means did they use? Write a comment.