Cult Superstay Matte Ink lipsticks released in stick format. Test drive in front of you

Lipstick or pencil? Now such a choice is no longer worth it - hybrid products that combine different functions are increasingly appearing on the cosmetic market. A great example is the new Superstay Ink Crayon Lipstick from Maybelline New York.

Maybelline's SuperStay Ink Crayon Stick Features

Superstay Matte Ink liquid lipstick has deservedly become the bestseller of the brand.Her virtues were first appreciated by beauty bloggers around the world, and then by all makeup lovers. On the wave of success, they decided to release lipstick also in pencil format. Superstay Ink Crayon not only retained all the advantages of its predecessor, but also increased them. Let's talk about it in more detail.

  • The novelty also has an ultra-resistant formula, thanks to which the coating stays on the lips all day in its original form.

  • Saturation of pigments provides dense color, even if applied in just one layer.

  • Superstay Ink Crayon has a light matte texture. The novelty is practically not felt on the lips, does not dry or tighten them.

  • The pointed shape of the stick allows you to clearly paint over the contour of the lips and give them the desired shape.

  • Comes with a pencil sharpener. It's very convenient!

  • Creamy lipstick gives lips comfort.

  • The palette has 11 rich shades, from pale pink to plum.

SuperStay Ink Crayon Shades

Superstay Ink Crayon has shades to create lip makeup for any occasion. We did a test drive of some of them.

Shade 30, Seek Adventure

A dusty pink shade is considered universal, as it is suitable for both daytime makeup and evening makeup, if you combine such lip makeup with rich smoky eyes, for example.

First draw the outline of the lips, and then fill the surface with a pencil. This application sequence will provide the most durable result.

Shade 25, Stay Exceptional

Pink-brown gamma is most suitable for brunettes and girls with blond hair. If you want to make the lips visually plumper, draw lines just above the outline with a pencil.

If the tip of the lipstick isn't sharp enough, don't forget that you can always sharpen it with the sharpener that comes with it.

Shade 10, Trust Your Gut

Brown lipstick is now at the peak of popularity. On the lips, the shade looks soft and natural. If you need lipstick for everyday work, check out this color.

To do lip makeup, also start by drawing a contour. Then blend it a little and fill the lips with lipstick all over.

To balance the activity of the brown shade of lipstick in the image, pay special attention to the eyebrows: in makeup they need to be highlighted a little more than usual. In this video tutorial, we talk about it in more detail.

Shade 35, Treat Yourself

On the lips, the neon pink shade of the lipstick looks as intense as it does in the stick. Bright lip makeup is good to combine with a neutral eye make-up - just paint over the eyelashes with mascara.

By the way, neon makeup is now one of the unconditional trends. We wrote about it in more detail here.

Shade 65, Settle For More

No lipstick collection is complete without a wine shade. In autumn, this basic color should be in every girl's makeup bag. Be very careful when drawing the contour: dark lipsticks do not tolerate inaccuracies. First select the corners of the lips, then their central parts, and then connect the lines. This method allows you to trace the outline most accurately.