Going to an important meeting? A discreet but carefully thought-out image will help to make a favorable impression. Together with make-up artist Helena Rubinstein we learn how to make an aristocratic make-up

When is lady makeup appropriate?

The correct answer to this question is always! A working meeting, a date or a party - lady makeup is appropriate in absolutely any situation. It is worth once to master the technique of its execution - and you will always be fully armed.

Lady makeup features

There are three rules in makeup under the sign of elegance.

  • Skin tone should be flawless, and most importantly, natural. Therefore, instead of tonal products with a dense texture, you need to use light tinting essences and fluids. In addition, blush must be present in the makeup. The best way to recreate a he althy glow is with creamy textures.

  • The emphasis in a lady's makeup should be on the eyes. A light smoky eye or a well-blended pencil line along the lash line are good options.

  • Lips should be a neutral color, slightly brighter than natural skin tone. Textures are better to choose shining, not matte - glosses are perfect.

Essential Makeup Products

It's important to set the right tone right away, in every sense. One such option is Helena Rubinstein's new 2023 Prodigy Cellglow Foundation.

The product is 90% made up of caring ingredients. It perfectly evens out skin tone. The collection features seven shades. Base - 00 Rosy - has almost no color, it can be used as a highlighter or distributed over the entire face. Prodigy Cellglow blends easily and absorbs quickly. The foundation can be layered without fear that the face will look like a mask.

Lady makeup: step by step photo tutorial

  1. 1

    Cleanse your skin with Pure Ritual Makeup Remover Milk.

  2. 2

    Apply Pure Ritual Micellar Lotion to prep your skin for make-up and enhance the effectiveness of your skin care products.

  3. 3

    Apply Prodigy Cell Smoothing Essence with patting motions. It starts the renewal processes in skin cells. It contains glycolic acid, which gently exfoliates the skin.

  4. 4

    After essence, apply Prodigy Cellglow Deep Skin Renewal Concentrate over face to hydrate and firm skin. Lightly pinch your skin while applying.

  5. 5

    Apply Prodigy Cellglow Revitalizing Cream with light patting motions for extra hydration and radiance. Included with the cream is a spatula, with which it is easy to measure the required amount of funds.

  6. 6

    Under the eyes, spread the cream to care for this area Prodigy Cellglow. It has the lightest texture, and contains plant extracts that reduce puffiness, and light-reflecting particles that visually hide dark circles under the eyes.

  7. 7

    After you have completely prepared the skin for makeup, you can apply the Prodigy Cellglow foundation with a radiance effect. The tool is convenient to apply both with a brush or a wet sponge, and with your hands, it fits well on the skin and is easily distributed over it.

  8. 8

    Apply Magic Concealer with gentle patting movements. It does not clog into wrinkles and perfectly covers dark circles under the eyes. It has only two shades, each perfectly adapts to the skin tone. The composition contains chamomile extract, which soothes the skin and reduces swelling.

  9. 9

    For the eyes, use The Illumination Eye Tint in two shades: Copper Shimmer No. 4 and Noble Beige No. 1 (the same shade, by the way, can be used instead of a highlighter).Blue eyes are well emphasized by brown and beige shades of shadows. First, apply beige shadow on the moving eyelid to visually enlarge the eyes.

  10. 10

    Closer to the outer corners of the eyes, apply copper shadow and blend the borders.

  11. 11

    Ciliary edge of the upper eyelids highlight with Feline Blacks eyeliner in shade No. 2, it is great for daytime makeup. Draw the bottom contour with the same pencil, blend the borders.

  12. 12

    Apply Lash Queen Perfect Blacks to the top lashes and leave the bottom lashes intact.

  13. 13

    Apply The Illumination in shade 05 on the lips with a golden glow. Blend it on the apples of your cheeks instead of blush.

  14. 14

    Eyebrows underline with a brown pencil. And on all protruding parts, apply a little fluid with the effect of skin radiance Liquid Light.

Makeup ready! Model - Lena Chigareva.