In short, this is a great way to freshen up your look without changing it drastically. We tell you everything you need to know about the popular technique

The fashion for naturalness gives rise to more and more new coloring techniques that allow you to achieve a natural effect. One of them is babylights. It is suitable for those who do not plan to change drastically. Or, for example, those who decided to dye for the first time and are just starting to experiment with hair color.

What is babylight coloring?

Babylights coloring is a technique for lightening strands only on the top layer of hair, and in the most gentle way. Firstly, the master takes only thin strands and in small quantities. Secondly, instead of foil, which is wrapped around the strands during highlighting, thermal paper or film is used, which makes the process more gentle.

Thus, you can not be afraid of hair damage - the result will not affect their quality in any way. And it will help refresh the image. The result can be compared with the effect of slightly sun-bleached hair. During the summer holidays, the strands burn out just from above.

Thanks to the coloring of babylights, your image will become “lighter”; but it will not be easy to understand what exactly has changed.

Who is the coloring of babylights suitable for?

Babylights is the most natural coloring, so it suits most girls. The exception is the owners of a platinum blonde (and, in general, blondes with very blond hair, which can only be completely discolored).The babylights technique will not work on black hair either, but for a different reason. If the effect will be simply imperceptible on light ones, then on black ones it will be too contrasting, which contradicts the very concept of naturalness.

For dark hair

Girls with brown hair, as well as brown-haired women, can do coloring of babylights at home.

When choosing this technique to get a new look, make sure that the contrast between the bleached strands and the main body of hair is not too strong, otherwise there will be no talk of the “kiss of the sun” effect. There is another nuance that should be borne in mind: babylights are more suitable for girls with a warm color type of appearance - the bleached strands on their hair are cast in gold. How else you can refresh dark hair with light strands, you can read here.

For blond hair

On light brown hair, babylights coloring looks, as a rule, more organic than on girls with a darker color. Light brown hair often burns out in natural conditions, so it will be easy to repeat this effect, counting on a natural result.

If we talk about light brown hair (with a grayish, ashy undertone), then it is better to choose a neutral shade for dyeing.

For red hair

In the case of red-haired girls, babylights can look very good. To achieve the optimal effect, you need to choose a shade of paint a tone or two lighter than the natural hair color and dye very thin strands. Thanks to babylights, golden tints, which already fascinate with beautiful reflections, will become even more expressive.

For blondes

It all depends on the original shade. Babylights can be done for those who have not bleached their hair to the limit. This is a way to make the blonde "layered" and add visual volume to the hair.

Babylights technique for hair of different lengths

For long hair

If we are talking about hair to the waist (or below), then in coloring babylights it is better not to lighten the strands from roots to ends.It is much more interesting to play with the levels: somewhere to color the strands higher, and somewhere lower. This way you will get the most natural result, although there are practically no risks with babylights.

For medium length hair

You can follow the algorithm for dyeing long hair. But with an average length, it will not be superfluous to add more strands, clarified from the very roots. Alternate them with strands on which the color begins with an indent - just below. And do not forget that the transition from your shade to a lighter one should be smooth and soft.

For short hair

When doing coloring on short hair, you don't have to worry about a multi-level approach. The main thing is to try to make sure that the result does not look like ordinary highlighting. Take very thin strands, and for the most part - close to the face.

What do you need to dye hair using the babylights technique?

The first and most important thing you need for such coloring is a dye. Choose a tool that is convenient to use at home. The dye should lighten the hair without the need to pre-bleach it. For example, Colorista Bleach cream paint from L’Oréal Paris can cope with the task.

It is able to lighten hair up to four tones, and even quite dark ones. A good option for brunettes.

As a result of this dyeing, beautiful sun glare will play on the hair.

Colorista Bleach also has a few other pluses. For example, an anti-yellowing balm is included with the paint kit, which helps maintain the purity of the color.

There is no ammonia in the paint formula, which means that the experiment with babylights will not injure the hair.

In addition to the paint, you will need a container for mixing the composition, gloves, a brush to spread the paint, and a towel that should be put on your shoulders so as not to stain your clothes.


How to dye your hair at home: step by step photo instructions

  1. Preparation

    Test the paint on a small area of the skin: this will allow you to understand if there is an allergic reaction to the product. If all is well, prepare the necessary materials and tools so that everything is at hand. Apply a rich cream to the skin along the hairline: this is necessary to avoid staining the skin.

  2. Coloring

    If you use Colorista Bleach from L'Oréal Paris as a paint, then according to the instructions, mix the brightening powder with the brightening cream and developer.Next, apply the resulting composition to the selected strands (for more information on how to make strand staining yourself, you can read here). After enduring the time specified in the instructions, wash off the paint and use the anti-yellow balm, which is also included in the kit.

  3. Styling

    Did you get the desired babylights? It remains only to dry the hair and style. Try to make waves or curls, and thin light strands will emphasize the volume.


Hair care after dyeing

It is known that dyeing dries hair, making it more brittle. Much depends on the coloring composition - the same Colorista Bleach, for example, does not contain ammonia and therefore is as safe as possible for hair. And in the case of dyeing babylights, the risks are even less, because only a small amount of strands of the upper layer of hair is treated with paint.

Nevertheless, additional hair care after the procedure will not be superfluous.

  1. Firstly, use a shampoo and conditioner for colored hair, a special one for blond, so that bleached strands do not turn yellow over time.

  2. Secondly, do not forget to regularly make nourishing masks, and apply a couple of drops of oil to dry hair after washing to soften and strengthen them. In addition, oils like Fruktis. Triple Restoration" by Garnier emphasizes the radiance of hair with babylights.

Have you ever tried coloring babylights? How do you like the result? Share in the comments.