What you need to know about the most instagramable concealer? Yuri Stolyarov says

If you first came to a cosmetics store for a concealer, your eyes will most likely linger on Instant Eraser: an unusual bottle with a round sponge tip immediately attracts attention. But the original appearance is far from the main advantage of the tool. Yury Stolyarov, the official make-up artist of Maybelline in Russia, tells about its other advantages.
  1. Instant Eraser Concealer, in addition to excellent masking qualities, also has moisturizing properties (thanks to the formula based on goji berries and haloxyl).At the same time, it has an elastic texture, it is suitable for the area around the eyes. It also reflects light, which visually evens out the skin.

  2. The round sponge tip helps to effectively cover under-eye circles and blend concealer. Apply Instant Eraser straight from the pack. At the same time, there should be very little of it on the applicator, it is enough to scroll the tip 1-2 times.

  3. In the Instant Eraser range there is a large selection of shades (as many as 13!). Therefore, by choosing the right shade of concealer, you can locally mask imperfections on the skin, even out the tone of the face and even do fashionable contouring (a natural version of contouring).

  4. The size of the sponge applicator of the Instant Eraser is larger than that of a conventional concealer. This helps to apply it evenly with light touches.

  5. The Instant Eraser collection includes both pink and peach concealer to correct imperfections.But if you don’t have what you need at hand, try a little professional life hack: pre-mix the basic beige concealer on your hand with a drop of lipstick of the desired shade.

  6. Apply concealer in layers. The first thin layer will make it clear whether the shade is ideally chosen and whether the product works well with skin imperfections. It will also help to avoid excess product on the skin.

  7. Spread the concealer along the top line of the cheekbone and blend in the direction of hair growth. So you get a good "lifting effect" , as the cheekbone will visually become higher.

  8. Shadows crumbled under the eyes, and the mascara was imprinted on the eyelids? Concealer applied on a cotton swab can easily clean up the area around the eyes or correct a mistake in shading the shadows.

On our own behalf, we will add that the Instant Eraser concealer is useful when creating different images, for example:

  • for make-up in fashionable yoga skin technique,

  • in an inconspicuous make-up for school,

  • in preparation for a photo shoot for official documents.

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