Always dreamed of walking through the lavender fields, but not yet? It's time to render the image!

Manicure with flowers is more often chosen in the warm season. But a delicate purple hue will look organic in the autumn-winter season. The main thing is to choose the right combination of shades. For example, for a festive manicure, you can complement purple with silver glitter, and in everyday life, combine lavender with strict white. What will be the manicure - you decide. In this article, we will tell you which options should be considered for owners of short and long nails, and we will step by step perform one of the nail art options.

When is a lavender manicure appropriate?

Lavender manicure refers to the universal design options. It will look organic both on a date, and at a friendly meeting, and on a trip. Even if you almost always choose a solid color coating, it is always interesting to try to design your nails in a new way. Just a couple of strokes with a brush - and the manicure will sparkle with new colors. In this case, the nails will look neat and elegant.

If you dream of a romantic trip to Provence, this manicure will inspire you.

If you like examples of such nail art, then it's time to figure out step by step how to draw lavender on nails and which style is right for you.

Ways to create a pattern with lavender on nails

The choice will depend on your skill level, the availability of the necessary tools and the amount of time you are willing to spend creating the design.

Hand painted

With a brush, you can make truly unique nail art options. But be prepared to spend some time practicing.


Decals are an option for those who want to get a beautiful result with a minimum of effort. It is enough to carefully transfer the sticker with lavender from a special palette to the nail.

Stamping finished patterns

The stamping technique is another option for beginners. Although even experienced craftsmen often use ready-made elements to translate their original ideas. And the principle of the technique is extremely simple: the pattern is printed on the nail plate using a special stamp applicator.

Choose a method? Time to get down to business! We analyze one of the manicure options with the help of step-by-step photos.


How to draw lavender on nails: step by step photo tutorial

You will need:

  • Essie Lilac polish

  • Essie's nail polish to the fullest,

  • Essie Perfect Fit nail polish.

In this photo tutorial you will find several lavender design options that can be used both individually and in the overall composition. But first, we advise you to repeat the basics of manicure. Our video tutorial will help you with this.

  1. Apply base color to all nails. All pastel shades are suitable for lavender. But it will look especially gentle on a lilac background. If the design is only on one nail, then it can be highlighted with a lighter varnish. Wait for the polish to dry.

  2. Green polish with a thin brush draw a few straight lines.

  3. Next, dots dot some purple prints on the stem. At the same time, leave small gaps between the prints so that the stem remains visible. So the design will not look overloaded.

  4. Random prints of white, lilac and mint varnish over the purple varnish. This design will look great both on one nail and on all at once. Just change the number of stems on each nail.

  5. The next design option is to create a blurry background effect. To do this, arrange the imprints of purple and lilac varnishes in the center of the nail. Closer to the free edge, add green. It is important to print the varnish with repeated sharp tapping movements without gaining a new portion on the dots. So the circles will turn out with uneven borders, as intended.

  6. Apply a top coat on the nail, pressing the brush firmly against the pattern.

  7. Use a thin brush to complete the drawing with clear strokes. Add a ribbon to complete the bouquet.

  8. Another common version of the image of lavender is in a pot or vase. Place a rectangle in the center of the nail (horizontally or vertically). Outline it with white polish.

  9. Choose one of the ways described earlier to draw a lavender.

  10. To make the manicure look harmonious, add blurry elements without a clear drawing to free nails.

  11. Apply top coat to all nails. The lavender design is ready!

Lavender Manicure: Design Ideas for Short Nails

Even on short nails you can create a real masterpiece. Prepare everything you need and start creating nail art. Here are some photo ideas of lavender manicure for inspiration.

With a sprig of lavender

On short nails, a manicure with laconic accents will look good. A couple of sprigs of lavender on the ring finger or little finger (or maybe both) will be enough.

Lavender on yellow background

Yellow and delicate purple will create an interesting contrast in the manicure. Don't be afraid to experiment. You can, for example, make a horizontal ombre from the little finger to the thumb and complement the design with a couple of lavender branches.

Lavender in light and dark beige

Lavender sprig, beige tones and a matte top - a win-win combination for a date and meeting with friends. If the office dress code allows you to go beyond a solid color coating, then this is also a great option for work - concise, but not boring.

Lavender on a pink background

Pale pink background in our case can be even more versatile than white. After all, it almost coincides with the natural color of the nails. And a couple of thin sprigs of lavender will add completeness to the manicure.

Lavender manicure options: photo ideas for long nails

With long nails, the field for experiments is even greater. Here are some ideas.

Purple nails with lavender

On one hand, apply lavender petal color polish (or gel polish) on the nails of the index finger and little finger. On the other, paint the nail of the thumb, not the index finger, with varnish of this color. And on the rest, draw a few branches of lavender - let their number on different fingers vary. With a matte top, purple nails with a lavender pattern will look even more spectacular.

Lavender bouquet on white background

White background is a blank canvas for any drawing. Place, for example, a small bouquet on two adjacent nails - such a trendy design will appeal to even the most ardent adherents of minimalism.

And if you add it with small rhinestones, you will get a great option for a party.


With silver

Silver and lavender blend together beautifully in one design.

Leave a solid color on three nails, paint a vase with lavender on the ring finger, and cover the little finger with glitter.

French with lavender

French is rightfully considered one of the most feminine manicure options. Complement it with purple flowers (one nail will be enough) and the nail art will become even more delicate.

Which lavender manicure options did you like the most?