National make-up artist of L'Oréal Paris in Russia solves the beauty tasks set by readers

On September 9, the national makeup artist of L’Oréal Paris in Russia, Roman Mokroguzov, held a master class for readers with the participation of beauty blogger and Instagram star Fai. You can watch the recording of the webinar at any time by clicking on the link. Unfortunately, Roman did not manage to answer all the questions of readers on the air - everything that was left behind the scenes can be found in this article!
  1. Can Aqua Fluid be used just to hydrate the skin? Do I need to apply it before makeup?
    Genius Moisturizing Aqua Fluid can be used both as a standalone product for moisturizing and to prepare the skin for makeup.

  2. Can Alliance Perfect concealer cover acne scars well?
    The foundation has medium coverage. You can add density with Infaillible concealer if you apply it to problem areas.

  3. How to choose foundation if your skin is prone to redness?
    Try Infaillible primer in shade 02 Green, after moisturizing and before foundation. It will help neutralize redness.

  4. Will it be noticeable if I use foundation one tone darker or vice versa?
    It is still recommended to use foundation that matches the skin tone.

  5. Does Infaillible concealer roll under your eyes? How to apply it correctly if the applicator is inconvenient? It can be applied with a brush for a translucent finish. More details in the webinar video.

  6. How to hide small wrinkles?
    Apply products in a thin layer in the area of wrinkles. Skin texture is visually smoothed with reflective primers.

  7. What do you think about the coming-and-going brow makeup trends?
    Trends are trending, but it's important that the make-up is in harmony with your appearance. Therefore, choose the form that suits you best.

  8. Won't the eyes get lost in makeup if the eyebrows are “translucent”?
    For rich eye makeup, “translucent” eyebrows are ideal. If the makeup is discreet enough, you can afford to emphasize the eyebrows a little more.

  9. Is it necessary to use a fixative eyebrow gel? Would a wax crayon be enough?
    Yes, wax crayons are a good option. They both fix the hairs and add a little color. I use this product often!

  10. Is it true that eyebrows can be easily styled with ordinary soap?
    The best for styling eyebrows is a special gel - tinted or transparent. Or a wax pencil. Soap smoothes the hairs to the skin very strongly, it does not always look natural.

  11. After styling the eyebrows, shine appears on them. How to avoid this effect?
    This is a completely normal effect, but if it bothers you, you can lightly powder your eyebrows with transparent (transparent) powder.

  12. What to do if an arrow is imprinted on the impending eyelid?
    Use waterproof eyeliners. Eyeshadow primers that control sebum production also help in this sense.

  13. Usually arrows are drawn on the shadows, but you did the opposite during the webinar. Why?
    I just accentuated the crease and didn't put any shadow where the arrow was.

  14. What shades of lipsticks are trending this fall?
    Pay attention to the shades of red, burgundy, the color of ripe berries. Give preference to glossy finishes. And try different textures, from translucent to dense.

  15. How can I tell which lipstick can be used as a cream eyeshadow or as an eyeshadow base, and which lipsticks are not suitable for this?
    Matte liquid lipsticks or matte tint are best coated. They are not felt on the skin, but provide a vibrant color.

  16. What lipstick technique won't stain your teeth?
    Don't apply lipstick too close to the inside of your lips. Or, if your teeth are stained, remove the lipstick with a Q-tip.

  17. Would the lipstick you used during the webinar suit fair-haired girls?
    This lipstick can look very interesting on fair-haired girls. You get a kind of game of contrasts.

  18. Why does the hair technique of drawing eyebrows on a tattoo not work? What means will help to do this?
    Tattooing in general provides an intense color, so it is best to choose a tool darker than the color of the tattoo. But in this case, you need to be very careful not to make the eyebrows too dark.

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