The topic of makeup is shrouded in many myths: let's check how reliable the information you personally trust is

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    If you use bright lipstick every day, the skin of your lips will lose its color over time

    It's obvious! Lip color depends only on the internal processes of the body. Only matte lipsticks have this effect

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    Do not apply foundation around the eyes

    That's right: the texture of the foundation is too heavy for this delicate area The foundation is the same concealer, so it won't hurt It all depends on the composition of the particular foundation

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    SPF foundation can replace regular sunscreen

    Yes, but SPF must be at least 30 Full sunscreen must be used anyway Sunscreen cannot be paired with foundation with SPF

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    Micellar water needs to be washed off

    No need There are no strict rules: you can wash it off, or you can not wash it off Still, micellar water must be washed off

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    Girls with sensitive skin should use organic cosmetics

    Of course, because it contains only harmless natural ingredients No! Irritation can be provoked by both natural and chemical components. Girls with sensitive skin are only suitable for “pharmacy” brands

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    You can't "reanimate" dried mascara, you need to throw it away immediately

    That's how it is: you can't save dried up mascara. Just add 2-3 drops of water - and the mascara is like new! Mascara can still serve, but you need to dilute it not with water, but with oil