Orange nail art is a bold choice. What shades to use, what you need to create a picture and what should be the procedure if you decide to take a chance?

Will such a manicure always look appropriate and should everyone try this design?

When is an orange manicure appropriate?

Orange nails will look bright no matter what design you choose. Therefore, if you prefer a nude range, it is better to refuse such a manicure. But if you often prefer saturated colors, then a nail design with an orange will do just fine.

There are several ways to make a manicure with an orange. If you love creating unique designs, arm yourself with a brush. Stickers and stamping techniques will help beginners.

Further in the article, we will tell you step by step how to draw an orange on nails, share citrus manicure ideas and show how to combine an orange with other fruits on long and short nails.

Ways to create a picture with an orange

There are several ways to create such a design. We tell about each in more detail.

Hand painted

Hand-painted is an option for the patient. It will take a lot of time to practice and create a drawing if you are just starting your experiments with nail art.

Start with simple drawing options: draw a whole orange (just draw an orange circle and finish drawing a branch) or draw large slices.


Stickers allow you to create nail art with one hand movement. Depending on your wishes, you can choose stickers that completely cover the surface of the nail, or those that can beautifully complement the main pattern.

Stamping finished patterns

The stamping technique is another option for those who want to try an intricate design but are not ready to spend a lot of time on a manicure. It will be enough to transfer the pattern from a special palette to the nail using an applicator.

Required materials and tools

You will need:

  • orange stick,

  • files,

  • buff,

  • base,

  • top,

  • background polish (like Essie's Perfect Fit),

  • painting polish (like Essie's Tart Deco),

  • brush,

  • stickers,

  • hand cream (like Kiehl's Coriander).

In addition to the above, you may need, for example, stamping tools or additional shades of nail polish. Everything will depend on which design you choose.

How to draw an orange on nails: step by step photo tutorial

You will need:

  • Essie nail polish - Fall for NYC,

  • Essie Perfect Fit polish

  • Essie nail polish - Tart Deco,

  • Essie lacquer - Licorice.

Further in the article, we will step by step analyze two options for nail design with orange.

Trendy contrast design

If you place a bright orange on a dark matte background, it will look appropriate even in the cold season. In autumn, boldly combine orange with shades of purple and blue, closer to the New Year holidays - with burgundy and green.

  1. Apply nail polish of your choice. Nail, where the design will be, make up orange. Wait for it to dry completely.

  2. Select the free edge of the nail with a black arc. This is how you define the outline of the orange.

  3. Use dots and close-to-orange polish to create an uneven skin texture. So that the dots do not have clear boundaries, repeatedly pass the dots over the same area without gaining a new portion of varnish on it.

  4. Draw the inside of the peel with white varnish in the same way. Also add colored drops in the center to make the flesh look more expressive.

  5. Draw the slices and the core, apply the top. Under the influence of the top, the fresh varnish will slightly dissolve, and the borders will turn out to be blurry. When the top is dry, you can duplicate the lines with a thin brush to get more volume.

  6. On adjacent nails covered with a matte top, add splashes of orange juice using dots. You can also arrange drops with a transparent top to simulate water splashes.

Manicure with orange is ready!

Bright stylish design on a light background

By combining several simple elements into a single composition, you can create a spectacular design even without special drawing skills.

  1. Finish your nails with white polish. Wait for it to dry completely.

  2. On a thin long brush, type a small amount of black varnish. Press the brush against the nail at a slight angle and draw a line. Thanks to the long pile and the correct inclination of the brush, the line will turn out thin and even. Connect several lines to get a square.

  3. To draw a circle with a thin brush, pick up the minimum amount of varnish on it, press it with the tip to the nail so that it opens in a semicircle. Make several movements up and down so that the varnish is evenly distributed. Tear off the brush from the nail.

  4. Repeat several times, moving the brush until the circle is complete.

  5. Fill in the center of the resulting circle, and place colored dots around the square using dots.

  6. Add white lines over the orange circle to make an orange slice.

  7. Apply top. Done!

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Orange Design Ideas for Short Nails

Even on short nails, you can create interesting nail art. Here are a couple of ideas.

Beautiful orange jacket

Try playing with shades. It is not necessary to apply white varnish on the edge of the nail, as in a classic French manicure. Use orange polish on one edge and traditional white polish on the other, which will intersect in the middle. And on the nail of the ring finger, apply a sticker with an orange slice.

We shared the secrets of creating a French manicure in this video.

Summer orange manicure with orange

In the warm season, there is no doubt: an orange manicure with an orange will look appropriate. On one of the nails, you can draw a whole orange, and on the next - only a slice. The combination of muted orange and black will help to achieve a harmonious result.

Manicure can be supplemented with dots, checks or stripes. Experimenting with geometry will help you get even more interesting results.


Orange on a white background

White lacquer is the perfect background for any experiments. Leave the coating on several nails solid (you can use both white and orange varnish), and on the large and nameless, draw a part of the slice.

Orange manicure options for long nails

In the case of long nails, it is important not to overload the manicure. Here are some inspirations that work for both almond sharp nails and square nails.

Orange with drops

Juice drops created with transparent varnish will help to add volume to the drawing. Add them on top of the main pattern when the coating is dry.

By the way, you don't have to use a solid background as a background. You can make a jacket, ombre or, for example, a moon manicure. Another option is a marble background for manicure with orange and drops.

Orange manicure with oranges

Use not acid orange, but a less saturated peach color (or, for example, make a gradient from one to another). So the manicure will turn out to be more versatile. Draw a slice on one of the nails, and drops of juice on the next one.

Orange slices

To make the orange slices clearly visible, use a contrasting varnish for the background. It is not necessary to choose neutral white, beige or black. You can choose a shade from the same citrus range, such as lemon.

Summer manicure with orange and other fruits

Which combinations will look harmonious? Pay attention to these if you decide to get an orange manicure in the summer.

With lemon or lime

Such a classic combination of citruses, as in the photo, is worth trying if you are ready that the manicure will turn out very bright. This will have to be taken into account when choosing clothes in the coming weeks. Work with contrast. Surround the orange slice with lime-colored varnish and vice versa.

Also, you can combine an orange and a lemon within the same manicure.

With tangerine

Mandarin and orange within the same manicure can hardly be distinguished from each other. But slices of different sizes can be safely combined.

With kiwi

Play with shades. To harmonize the manicure with neon shades, use nude polish for the background. And decorate the nails on different hands with orange and kiwi slices, beating bright colors on the outer edges.

With watermelon

If desired, you can add another shade. Juicy raspberry will be the final touch of a fruity manicure.

If the manicure is too bright, a matte top will help to make the colors more muted. But it is better to refuse additional decor (rhinestones, stickers with silver or gold, foil, sparkles, floral ornaments).


Which orange nail design did you like the most?