How does Asian make-up differ from European make-up, what products can always be found in Japanese women's cosmetic bags and why is it worth trying hydrophilic oils? Yuuji Asano answers honestly

Is there such a thing as traditional Japanese makeup? If so, what is meant by this and how does it differ from European?

Unlike European faces, Asian faces do not have such reliefs, they are flatter. Therefore, traditional Japanese makeup did not include, for example, a classic eye make-up using shadows.More precisely, shadows were used, but they were applied not on the eyelids, but at the outer corners of the eyes, on the temples and on the upper parts of the cheeks, and sometimes even on the entire face. The shadows had to be pinkish red. This meant that the girl was in good he alth and that she was sexy. This makeup was called benny, which means "red color" .

What are the most important makeup products in Japanese women's cosmetic bags?

The main tool in a cosmetic bag is lipstick, as Japanese women usually do makeup with an emphasis on lips. In addition to lipsticks, there are sure to be tools for creating the perfect tone, and those that are convenient to take with you and correct your makeup with them during the day. These include foundation cushions and loose powders.

Which Shu Uemura products are most loved in Japan?

The most popular Shu Uemura product in Japan is lipstick, as almost every Japanese woman uses them in makeup. In second place are hydrophilic oils of the brand.

Top 3 of your personal Shu Uemura bestsellers?

I am the creator of Shu Uemura cosmetics, so it's hard for me to choose three products, they are all like children to me. But if we talk about the present moment, then it is probably hydrophilic oil, Unlimited foundation fluid, Hard Formula eyebrow pencil and all makeup brushes.

One of the most unusual products in the Shu Uemura line is the Hard Formula eyebrow pencil. How to use it correctly, what are its advantages?

The pencil was designed to be able to draw every single hair with it, which is why it has the shape of a sword. The thin stylus mimics hairs, allowing you to reshape your brows, yet still look natural.

How are hydrophilic oils better than other cleansers? Girls with oily skin are still afraid to use them - what advice would you give them?

For the beauty of the skin, it is important to maintain its water-lipid balance. It is a mistake to think that girls with oily skin should not use oils. On the contrary, excess fat on the skin is best removed with oil, since water simply will not wash it off. All Shu Uemura hydrophilic oils are suitable for girls with oily skin. They will restore balance, and over time, the skin will look more well-groomed. You can choose any oil from the line, focus on the aroma that you like.

What are the hottest makeup trends in Japan these days?

I would highlight the red lips trend. But these are not matte textures, as it was before, but more transparent, radiant. Modern makeup should look natural - this is perhaps the main rule.