Most often, anti-age makeup provides a fresh effect, which allows you to look younger. But can such a make-up make wrinkles invisible? Let's figure it out

The appearance of wrinkles cannot be prevented, but can be significantly delayed if you pay attention to anti-aging prevention and practice competent skin care. With existing wrinkles, everything is more difficult: they can be made less pronounced, but removing them completely is problematic. Just covering the wrinkles on the face with a dense layer of foundation will not work.Makeup with an anti-age effect can be a way out of the situation: competent beauty tricks allow you to literally “erase” wrinkles so that they are not visible from the outside.

What facial wrinkles can be hidden with makeup?

Ideally, each pronounced wrinkle needs its own approach. Some of them are noticeable only with active facial expressions, and some are visible even at rest, because they are the result of changes in the contours of the face. This means that the methods of disguise will be different.

Eyebrow wrinkles

They are most visible when we frown. First, try to avoid it.

Secondly, it is important how you will try to mask the brow wrinkle with makeup. First, try filling in the crease with a primer-filler: this tool effectively smoothes out uneven skin texture. Most likely, after this, the wrinkle will become less deep.

Forehead wrinkles

The same story with transverse creases on the forehead. It is better not to try to powder them too much: a large amount of cosmetics will only emphasize the lines.

To make them less harsh, lean on moisturizing the skin - including observing the drinking regimen (30 ml of pure non-carbonated water per 1 kg of body weight per day). Use the same primer-filler. Avoid the "layer cake" effect. The lighter the makeup, the younger the skin looks.

Nasolabial folds

The situation is different with this kind of wrinkles. Often, nasolabial folds are also an overhang of the skin, which visually ages more. The goal is to make it as invisible as possible.

You will have to work with the shadow of the crease, because of which the wrinkles appear deeper. They need to be lightened with a concealer, choosing a product that is a tone lighter than usual.

Purse-string wrinkles

These lines become visible when you purse your lips. To hide purse-string wrinkles completely with active facial expressions will not work. The best solution is to moisturize the skin in this area and use a primer that evens out the texture of the skin, "erasing" the wrinkles.

When doing lip makeup, choose creamy moisturizing lipsticks with a wet effect - matte ones, as a rule, strongly emphasize any skin irregularities. Along with the folds on the lips, wrinkles along the contour will also be visible.


Wrinkles-rays that surround the eyes make the look tired.

And here, before makeup, you can not do without care, which always improves the condition of the skin. And in the make-up itself, preference should be given to the smokey technique. A slight darkening at the outer corners of the eyes will give expressiveness to the look and divert attention from the "crow's feet" . It is better not to use sparkling shadows: large sequins will only make wrinkles more noticeable.

How to mask wrinkles: an overview of the necessary cosmetics


Many people neglect this product - they see no reason to add another layer after care products. In addition, make-up resistance can be given in another way - with the help of a fixative spray. But in anti-aging makeup, this tool will not be superfluous.

Choose a primer-filler that fills enlarged pores. He can also make wrinkles less pronounced, as he knows how to even out the relief of the skin as a whole. Check out Pore Filler by NYX Professional Makeup.

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If your goal is to hide wrinkles under makeup, then it is better not to take a matte tonal foundation with a velvety finish. More suitable cream with a slight effect of radiance. Due to light reflection, it will make wrinkles less noticeable. The skin in general will look fresher, and therefore younger.

If your usual cream does not contain light-reflecting particles, add a little highlighter to it - such as Fluid Sheer in beige shade No. 1 or pinkish No. 7 from Giorgio Armani.


Spot-on imperfections should also be reflective. Perhaps one of the best options is Touche Éclat by Yves Saint Laurent Beauté.

This concealer is also called a highlighter and is used in the area around the eyes to hide dark circles under the eyes, neutralize signs of fatigue. However, light reflection also helps with the anti-age effect - the product does an excellent job of visually getting rid of wrinkles.

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Another product that was originally created for anti-aging makeup is Maybelline New York's Instant Anti-Age Eraser Concealer.

It also perfectly fights the signs of lack of sleep, and application with a soft cushion sponge helps to create a thin, light coating that does not roll into skin folds, which means it does not emphasize wrinkles, but, on the contrary, optically smoothes them.

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anti-aging makeup steps

  1. Before makeup

    This step needs special attention. When the skin is dry and dull, the signs of aging are especially visible on it. And wrinkles - first of all. Thorough moisturizing restores the natural volume of the skin.Due to this, wrinkles seem to straighten out, although, of course, they do not disappear completely. However, after applying the cream and serum, which can also give the skin a dewy glow, you can see that it looks much better - and younger.


  2. Apply base

    An anti-age make-up primer is a must. This can be a tool with filler properties or, for example, a base with a blur effect, that is, an optical blur effect.

    Due to the slight “out of focus”, imperfections become less noticeable.

  3. Applying tone

    Try to make the foundation lay on the skin as thinly as possible. If you choose a cream with a light texture (like Urban Decay's Stay Naked), apply it with a duo-fiber brush - without pressure, just touching the skin, in circular motions.

    Don't overload your skin with foundation. If there are imperfections that require special attention, mask them with concealer.

  4. Correction of imperfections

    Apply targeted concealer with a brush. In places where it can hide wrinkles, such as around the eyes, use reflective textures.

    Again, try not to use a lot of concealer, so that the product does not clog into folds and thereby show them.

  5. Eye makeup

    Anti-age in eye makeup is the absence of sharp lines, excessive shine, strong darkening. Makeup artists also do not advise emphasizing the lower eyelid, so as not to “pull” the corners of the eyes down (this adds age). Work on the lash line at the top. Create a subtle mist along the upper lash line by blending the pencil outline and finish off with mascara.

  6. Lip makeup

    When focusing on the lips, pay attention to the clarity of the contour. Draw it with a pencil (at least nude) and only then apply color. Skip matte finishes, which tend to accentuate skin lines, in favor of dewy radiance. By the way, you don’t have to be afraid of saturated colors: they, as a rule, refresh the image and therefore rejuvenate.

For more tips and tricks, check out this anti-aging makeup video.

How to hide wrinkles: step by step instructions

Blogger Tanny Koop tells more about the procedure.

  1. Spread NYX Professional Makeup's Can't Stop Won't Stop Full Coverage Foundation over your face.

  2. Apply NYX Professional Makeup's Ultimate Edit Petite Shadow Palette.

  3. Contour with NYX Professional Makeup's 3 Steps To Sculpt Face Sculpting Palette in Deep.

  4. Finish your lashes with L'Oréal Paris Bambi Look Mascara.

  5. Apply NYX Professional Makeup Soft Matte Lip Cream to lips in Budapest.

  6. Add NYX Professional Makeup's A Bit Jelly Gel Illuminator to high points of the face.

  7. Set makeup with NYX Professional Makeup Mineral Matte Powder in shade 01.

Secrets of professionals: make-up artists against wrinkles

Most often, make-up artists use bold and dense creamy textures when they make up actors, TV presenters and other people in the frame. For life, this method is not suitable. But other tips from professionals will come in handy.

  1. No powders

    Swap dry textures for creamy textures. They soften and additionally moisturize the skin, so the chances of making wrinkles invisible will increase dramatically. Powder, on the contrary, will emphasize them. If you can't live without this product, apply it in a very thin layer - and only on the T-zone.

  2. Glitter in the eyes

    Use all the tricks that open and "highlight" the look. Highlighter at the inner corners and white kayal on the mucosa are among them. The result will divert attention from mimic wrinkles-rays.

  3. Bright lips

    You can and should choose lipsticks of intense colors. Only they should be light, not dark. The latter add age.

  4. Blush lifting

    To make wrinkles less noticeable, you need to work not only with disguise. Makeup in general should be aimed at anti-aging effect. And blush is your ally in this matter.

    Blend them diagonally to the temples, trying to sort of direct the facial features upwards. The result is comparable to a slight visual "tightening" . So wrinkles will attract less attention.

And how do you mask wrinkles? Write about your tricks in the comments.