Baby Boomer, or, as it is also called, the French gradient, is a real classic manicure. How does it differ from the usual ombre and how to create such nail art yourself?

Features of baby boomer manicure

Baby boomer manicure is an elegant combination of gradient and French manicure. The technique owes its name to the generation of women born between 1946 and the 1960s, when the birth rate in the United States increased sharply - that is, a full-fledged baby boom happened.The girls of this generation preferred natural nail designs with a minimum of detail, in response to which the masters came up with a manicure that looked like there was no varnish on the nails at all. This image has become one of the real symbols of that period - and does not lose its relevance today.

As a rule, in the case of such nail art, preference is given to the nude colors characteristic of the jacket. To embody such a delicate design will turn out even on very short nails. But to make the transition as smooth as possible (namely, the smoothness of the transition between shades is one of the characteristic features of such a manicure), it is better to wait until they grow at least a little.

Due to the nude tones, the manicure will look appropriate both on a date and at a business meeting, and will also harmoniously complement an evening look.

Required materials and tools

To make this manicure you will need:

  • nail polish remover,

  • cotton pads,

  • orange stick,

  • file,

  • buff,

  • nude polish (like Essie's Demure Vix),

  • white or milky lacquer (for example, "Craftswoman" by Essie),

  • base,

  • top (like Top Coat by Essie),

  • hand cream (ex. Biotherm).

Ready? Further in the article, we will tell you step by step how to create a baby boomer design on nails.


But first, we advise you to watch a tutorial video on creating a gradient. After all, the basis of a manicure in the style of a baby boomer is also the technique of a smooth transition between shades.

How to make a baby boomer manicure: step by step photo instructions

  1. 1

    Apply a nude nail polish close to your natural nail color. Wait for it to dry completely.

  2. 2

    To create a gradient, you will need a triangular makeup sponge. It has all the necessary characteristics, and you can find it in any cosmetics store, which greatly simplifies the preparation.

  3. 3

    In order not to stain the cuticle, you can use a special liquid tape.However, if you do not have it, do not give up experiments. You can apply the polish in a strip according to the width of the nail. You should start with the little finger and, accordingly, the narrowest strip of varnish. First, apply white polish to the sponge with a 5 mm indent from the edge, then butt it with the base color of the polish that you used in the first step.

  4. 4

    Now when you apply the polish on the nail, the white polish will be closer to the free edge. At the same time, note that if the varnish is applied with a rounded brush, the gradient will also turn out with a bend. To make the transition between colors smooth, apply the sponge to the nail with jerky movements, moving it up and down.

  5. 5

    When creating a gradient on the next nails, apply the varnish in wider stripes.Finish the thumbs last. Feel free to apply varnish over the previous strips on the sponge - this will not affect the work in any way. However, once the design is complete and the polish on the sponge is dry, this part will have to be cut off as it will no longer be elastic enough.

  6. 6

    To make the sponge paint over the sides of the nail, pull the side rollers with your adjacent fingers.

  7. 7

    If the sides are still not painted over, apply a small amount of white varnish to the corner of the sponge. This will allow you to pinpoint the polish where needed.

  8. 8

    To prevent the nail bed from looking short, slightly stretch the "smile" lines.

  9. 9

    The same corner with a new portion of white polish, go over the tips of the nails so that the white color in these areas is as dense and bright as possible.

  10. 10

    If somewhere you think the white part of the gradient is higher than you would like, apply base color polish over white polish to correct the pattern.

  11. 11

    To smooth out the texture and complete the design, apply a top coat. In this case, the ability of the top to slightly dissolve previous layers of varnish will play into your hands, since the transition between colors will be as smooth as possible. Even if a small amount of polish gets on the skin, it is easy to fix it with a brush with a drop of nail polish remover. For this purpose, eyebrow makeup brushes are excellent, as well as for applying lipstick.They are denser than nail art brushes.

  12. 12

    The baby boomer manicure can be supplemented with other design elements if desired. For example, it will serve as an excellent background for a pattern in the form of twigs.

Baby Boomer Manicure Ready!

Best gentle manicure ideas for short and long nails

As with French or ombre, baby boomer nail designs offer many variations. You can choose a shade that almost matches the natural color of the nail, or give preference to brighter shades from the pink range; complement the manicure with drawings and rhinestones or leave it in its original form. And the best, according to the editors, ideas for a gentle baby boomer manicure, look in the photo below.

With rhinestones

In the case of such a delicate manicure as a baby boomer, you don't want to overload it with details. Especially when it comes to design for short nails. A small stone or a pair of rhinestones on the nail of the ring finger will suffice.

It will refresh the nail art, but will not stand out from the general style.



For experienced nail artists or beginners who are willing to spend several hours creating nail art, there is another unusual option. When creating a baby boomer manicure, make a creative transition between shades using drawings.

It can be, for example, trees or abstract prints of white polish that will fade into flesh at the base of the nails. What other images should be adopted, we told here.

Flesh Baby Boomer

However, in a classic version without additional details, such a nude manicure will look very gentle and give nails of any length a well-groomed look.

Have you heard of this design? What manicure do you prefer for every day? Share your ideas in the comments.