Powder, lipstick, tint, felt-tip pen, pencil - this is just a part of the products that are produced for eyebrow liner. There are no less of them today than cosmetics for lips or eyes. Let's help you navigate all this diversity

The fashion for brightly accentuated eyebrows is giving way to the desire for naturalness. But this does not affect the popularity of eyebrow products. For most girls, they are still a must have and have firmly taken their place in the basic beauty set. The only question is which format of eyebrow cosmetics to choose. To decide, you need to study different types of eyeliners and find "your own" .

What is brow liner?

In a broad sense, eyebrow liner is a tool for color correction. Its task is to emphasize their natural contour or, if necessary, visually change it in such a way as to harmonize facial features and the image as a whole.

Just a few years ago, there were not so many options for eyebrow liner. The girls mostly used either shadows or pencils like those designed for the eye contour. Eyebrow products come in different textures and formats, with different applicators, which cannot but affect the result. Some provide the most natural result, others allow you to get a full-fledged make-up accent - on the eyebrows.

Types of eyebrow liner

By consistency and properties

  1. Dry

    Powder eyeliners do an excellent job of filling in the contour of the eyebrows if there are gaps inside. These include, for example, the Brow Artist set from L’Oréal Paris.

    We talked about him in more detail in this video.

    Powder eyeliners can gently outline the eyebrows, indicating their shape; you will get a light make-up without graphics (if you do not choose a wet application), which will look natural.

    There is only one drawback: this makeup does not last. The color will need to be fixed with a gel so that the result lasts throughout the day. Read more about how to make eyebrow makeup using shadows here.

  2. Cream

    In a pencil or in a jar (this is how eyebrow lipsticks are usually produced), cream eyeliners allow you to make eyebrows on your face much more noticeable.

    True, if you apply such a tool by hatching, then you will get a natural make-up with it. Read more about how to use a pencil in this article.

  3. Liquid

    Liquid brow products are available as eyeliners, markers and tints. These include, for example, Unbelieva Brow from L’Oréal Paris.

    Thanks to the texture, they leave a fairly bright mark on the skin. This means that makeup with such tools will turn out to be graphic. Which, however, will not be a minus if you want, for example, to slightly sharpen the tails of the eyebrows.

According to the release form

  1. Shadows

    They are not much different from the usual eye shadow. Unless the selection of shades will be such that you can find options for both warm and cold color types.

    Shadows are best applied with an angled brush. This one can work both on the contour of the eyebrows and on its filling.

  2. Pencil

    With a pencil like Giorgio Armani's High Precision Brow Pencil, you don't need any extra tools (except maybe a sharpener to sharpen the lead).

    This is a versatile eyeliner that is always recommended for beginners as it is very easy to handle.

    Having brushed your eyebrows, you can tint them with a pencil; if you overdid it with pressure and got too clear lines, soften them with your fingertips or a sponge brush.

  3. Felt pen

    This eyeliner is chosen by those who consider themselves advanced in eyebrow makeup. This is because the marker requires a firm hand that can provide optimal pressure and does not turn the eyebrows into two dark arches, as if drawn with a marker. Eyebrow markers usually have a pointed applicator, especially for leaving fine lines on the skin.From the side, they will look like hairs and create the effect of density, which is most often sought in eyebrow makeup. There are also universal products that combine different finishes. For example, Urban Decay's reversible Brow Blade combines the functions of a marker and a pencil.

  4. Tint

    Another liquid product with extra longevity. It colors the hairs and slightly eats into the skin, providing a long-lasting effect.

    So, after using the Maybelline New York Brow Tattoo tint, the make-up lasts for three days.

  5. Lipstick

    Creamy textures like L'Oréal Paris's Paradise Extatic Pomade can be expected to shine.

    Want your brows to be the centerpiece of your look? Then you can safely use lipstick, applying it to the eyebrows with a special brush with a bevelled edge.Try not to put too much on it and refuse to press hard - otherwise the eyebrows will look "drawn" .


How to choose the right eyeliner?

The release form and the texture of the eyeliner should be chosen based on two criteria. The first is the desired result. Fans of "no-makeup makeup" will prefer shadows, and those who prefer graphics and clarity - felt-tip pens and tints. The second is ease of use. Here it makes sense to focus on what means you are used to. Someone is more confident in holding a pencil, and someone skillfully owns a brush.

But that's not all. There are many different shades of brow liner to consider. They are created for representatives of different color types. Shades of brown with reddish will suit girls with a “warm” appearance. Ash brown, in which a grayish undertone is noticeable, is what you need for a cold color type.It is also worth knowing that the color of the eyebrows should ideally be a couple of tones lighter than the hair. This rule works even in the case of black hair.

How to use eyebrow liner: step by step instructions

  1. Eyebrow correction

    Before you work with color, make sure that you are satisfied with the shape of the eyebrows. If necessary, remove excess hairs and trim the contour with tweezers. Learn more about how to shape your eyebrows in this video.

  2. Eyebrow styling

    After you have achieved the desired shape of the eyebrows, gently comb them with a round brush so that they lie hair to hair.

  3. Eyebrow

    Start the process with the designation of the contour of the eyebrows. You don’t need to outline it - just outline it, paying attention to the tails. Inside the contour, if there are gaps, you need to hatch, which will create a visual impression of density.

    This is a universal technique, but the texture of the product you have chosen will still have to be adjusted. Shadows are unlikely to give line clarity comparable to the result of working with a felt-tip eyeliner. And with a felt-tip pen, on the contrary, there is a risk of getting an unnaturally bright result. Finding a balance is important.

  4. Fixation

    Finish your brows with a clear brow gel that will set both color and shape. Thanks to this tool, the eyebrows will keep a neat, well-groomed look for the whole day.

Pro tips for applying eyeliner

  1. Base

    There is currently no special eyebrow primer. Perhaps it will appear soon, but for now, makeup artists advise applying a little eyeshadow base to the eyebrows so that in the future the color is better preserved on the hairs and on the skin.Thanks to this life hack, the color of the eyebrows after correction will be more saturated.

  2. Lite version

    When focusing on the eyebrows, many girls notice that the look becomes heavy - the eyebrows seem to hang over the eyes. To avoid this, first, do not darken the eyebrows at the base. Secondly, do not emphasize their shape from below. If and outline the contour, then the upper one.

  3. No errors

    Made a little mistake with the eyeliner? Any blemishes can be corrected with a flat brush with concealer. This approach has a number of additional benefits. First, while you erase the color that has “left” the contour, you give the shape of the eyebrows a little more definition. Secondly, the light concealer creates a highlighting effect and, if applied under the eyebrows, accentuates their curve.


Best brow liner review

Only choosing your remedy? According to the editors, it's worth starting with these.

  • Tattoo Brow Microblade, Maybelline New York

    In the Tattoo Brow series, Maybelline New York has an unusual marker with a notched applicator. He draws several lines at once, helping you with the hatching technique, and creates an effect similar to the result of microblading - only without going to the beautician and any pain. The teeth of the applicator are very thin, so the tool will provide the most accurate application of color without blurring the lines. Tattoo Brow Microblade has a long-lasting formula that promises to last up to 24 hours.

  • Brôw Densify Powder-to-Cream, Lancôme

    Brôw Densify Powder-to-Cream comes in a liquid eyeliner-like package. But inside the cream-powder with an unusual texture, which turns from dry to creamy, solidifying on the hairs after application to the eyebrows. Due to the special consistency of the eyebrow products, they acquire visual density due to the 3D effect provided by the powder particles. With the help of the applicator, you can also emphasize the shape of the eyebrows, and not just fill in their contour from the inside.

    Check out what our readers think of this product here.


  • Brow Blade, Urban Decay

    Urban Decay recently introduced Brow Blade Double Ended, another option for those looking for ultra-precise microblading.At one end of the tube is a pencil that can effortlessly shape the shape of the eyebrows with soft natural lines. And on the other, a marker with a very thin applicator that allows you to paint on the missing hairs so that they look like your own.

  • Can't Stop Won't Stop Longwear Brow Ink Kit, NYX Professional Makeup

    The first thing that catches your eye is the unusual lid of the tube, on which NYX Professional Makeup has attached a double-sided eyebrow comb with soft bristles and hard teeth. When you unscrew the cap, you will find a liquid formula that can be applied to brows, making them brighter in color and more defined in shape. The formulation is waterproof, so your brow makeup will last throughout the day without needing to be reapplied. By the way, in addition to natural shades, the palette also includes pink, purple, mint and blue - especially for lovers of brow experiments.

  • Unbelieva Brow, L'Oréal Paris

    This tool is suitable for girls who want to create makeup for eyebrows with a long-term effect. In the case of Unbelieva Brow, it will last up to 2 days! The tint can be applied to the brows with the plush applicator built into the lid, then gently spread with the angled brush included. At the other end of the brush is a soft brush; it is used for final styling.

    Anna Zavgorodnyaya Winner of the second season of the Makeup show, national makeup artist for L’Oréal Paris in RussiaUnbelieva Brow is a very pigmented product and sets rather quickly, so I recommend not to apply it with an applicator immediately on the eyebrows. Spread a little tint on the back of your hand or a clean palette and apply a little at a time using an angled brush. This tool is universal, they can paint over the entire eyebrow or just fill in the gaps.Especially Unbelieva Brow can be useful for those who have scars in the area of the eyebrows: as a rule, not a single product falls on them, so it is better to apply a persistent tint.

    Check out what our readers think of this product here.