Unusual make-up of the heroines from the series "Euphoria" is now everywhere - learning how to create it with your own hands

The main series of last summer, "Euphoria" , has already managed to make a lot of noise: a sharp plot and unusual heroines are actively discussed on the net. The American series about the life of generation Z touched on too painful and vital topics: same-sex love, transgender people, body positivity, drug addiction and problems with self-acceptance. However, in addition to the famously twisted plot, the series has another feature - the unusual make-up of the heroines.It is really worth looking at: bright glitter makeup is perfect for the upcoming season of New Year's parties.

Features of make-up in the style of the series "Euphoria"

Make heroines is another reason to watch the sensational TV series "Euphoria" . Makeup artist Doniella Davy was responsible for the beauty looks, thanks to which each of the heroines got her own recognizable makeup.

So, on the face of Ru, the main character of the series, played by Zendaya, a lot of sparkles appeared. The image of Jules, a transgender girl, played by famous model Hunter Schafer, was decorated with clouds painted with neon eyeliner. According to the make-up artist, such bright makeup is a psychological armor that allows the heroines to isolate themselves from the outside world.

To feel like a fashionable teenager, you will have to use glitter, black pencils and, of course, neon eyeliners.

How to make a make-up of the heroines of the series Euphoria: step by step instructions

Ru, Jules, Maddie, Cat and Cassie - we tell you how to repeat the beauty images of the main characters of the Euphoria series.


A 17-year-old girl named Ru is the main character of the series. She returned home after undergoing treatment at a rehabilitation clinic, but began taking psychotropic substances again. Makeup artist Doniella Davy initially thought drug-addicted Roux didn't need makeup at all, but then decided to play up chronic dark circles under her eyes by "supporting" them with sparkles and dark eyeliner.

A lesson in creating a similar image was given to us by Yuri Stolyarov, the official makeup artist of Maybelline New York in Russia.
  1. Apply Baby Lips to your lips and let it soak in a bit.

  2. Since we will be doing bright eye makeup, you need to start with it, and apply the tone at the very end: if the shadows and sparkles crumble, you don’t have to redo it. With a black Tatoo Liner pencil, thickly paint over the lines of the lower eyelids and mucous membranes. where to find?

  3. Use the black Color Tattoo gel eyeshadow and a thin brush to carefully blend the lines into a haze, focusing on the center of the eyelids.

  4. Apply the same shade of gel eyeshadow on the upper eyelids and blend to the eyebrows in a light haze. To preserve the effect of translucency, shadows should be applied as thinly as possible.

  5. Lash Sensational mascara on upper and lower lashes.

  6. Using a flat brush, apply silver glitter to the inner corners of the eyes, under the eyebrows and a little along the lower eyelids.

  7. Create wide geometric arrows with green sparkles.

  8. When the eye makeup is ready, move on to creating the tone. Sculpt your face with two The Eraser Eye concealers in different shades. Dark in shade 04, use under the cheekbones, on the chin and along the edges of the forehead, and light in shade 01 - at the wings of the nose and in the center of the forehead. Be sure to carefully blend the textures.

  9. Eyebrows brightly mark with Brow Precise pencil and fix them with Brow Drama mascara. where to find?

  10. To add freshness to the look, apply Dream Matte Blush "Pink Sand" gel blush on the central parts of the cheeks. I recommend applying them on the chin as well, as well as on the tip of the nose, to create a fashionable baby face effect.

  11. Reapply Baby Lips to your lips: bright lipstick in this look will be superfluous.

  12. Be sure to add some Face Studio Holographic Highlighter to the tops of the cheekbones, center of the forehead and the checkmark of the upper lip.

Makeup ready!

And one more idea for inspiration you will find in this video.


Rules' best friend, Jules, was played by renowned transgender model Hunter Schafer, who has appeared on the catwalks of Dior, Miu Miu, Marc Jacobs and many other famous brands. To make up her heroine, the makeup artist used neon eyeliners, bright shadows and, of course, sparkles - but in more “girlish” tones.

Geometric lines and an unusual combination of bright colors are what you need to focus on when creating a Jules make-up. Doniella Davy described this makeup as daring yet cute and feminine. We are sure that this video will inspire you to create something similar.


At the beginning of the series, high school student Kat wears size 50 clothes and is very shy about it. But after some events (no spoilers) she realizes her uniqueness, becomes confident and changes her awkward wardrobe for short leather skirts and tight tops.Her makeup also becomes bold, confident and defiant.


Cassie's makeup, played by actress Sydney Sweeney, is always feminine and seductive. Her heroine is crazy about guys - hence the smokey eyes, blush and wet lips: all that men like so much.


Maddy (actress Alexa Demi) is the most popular girl in school. To maintain status, she never shows up to class without makeup. Rhinestones, stickers, false eyelashes and arrows - looking at Maddie's make-up, you want to immediately create the same one.

How to complement the image: manicure, hairstyle, clothes and accessories

Do you want to try on the images of heroines? We tell you what else to pay attention to, in addition to girls' makeup.

  • Jules often appeared on screen with colored strands. If you have blond hair, apply pink dye to the ends. Don't worry, it washes off easily!

  • Kat's image must be completed with a choker. With this accessory, the girl appears in many episodes of the series.

  • Mini skirts and crop tops are a must. Girly pink and blue or black leather - it's up to you.

  • How to repeat Ru's look? Wear an oversized hoodie with wide leg pants and curl your hair with a small curling iron.

Cosmetics review

These beauty products will help you embody the unusual make-up of the heroines of the Euphoria series.

  • Glitter face gel Heavy Metal, Urban Decay

    These sequins can cover at least the whole body. Thanks to the gel base, they will last on the skin for about 10 hours. The product dries quickly and is completely non-sticky. The Heavy Metal collection has not only silver glitter (Distortion), but also gold (Dreamland), blue (Party Monster), pink (Saturday Stardust) and bright blue (Soul Love).

  • Lasting Drama Lightliner, Maybelline

    The collection of eyeliners has all the colors to create makeup in the style of Jules. Pink, orange, purple - draw geometric lines with them along the lower eyelids and in the folds of the upper ones. The texture dries quickly on the skin, does not imprint or rub off.

  • The Falsies Mascara, Maybelline

    Long eyelashes are the hallmark of Cassie and Maddie's looks. To create volume with the prefix "ultra" , The Falsies mascara is suitable. Its fluffy brush follows the shape of the eyelid and captures all the eyelashes at once, curling them, lengthening and adding volume.

  • Tattoo Liner, Maybelline

    With the help of a pigmented pencil, you can create a smokey eye in the manner of the heroine Ru. The pencil has a waterproof formula, it does not smudge during the day, but at the same time it is easy to blend thanks to the gel texture.