On the shelves of cosmetics stores, sometimes there are products that you don’t know what to think about. Let's see if you can correctly guess their purpose

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    Why do I need an All Hours stick from YSL?

    This is eye primer This is concealer This is foundation

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    What is this Urban Decay Double Ended Treatment for?

    Eyebrow makeup Eye makeup Lip contouring

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    NYX Professional Makeup has a product with this unusual tip. What is this?

    Cream blush Liquid lipstick Liquid shadow

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    The Shu Uemura collection has a pencil with a strange flat lead. Why is it needed?

    Flat cut allows you to quickly draw clear and even lines on the eyelids This is a contouring tool: you can visually narrow your nose with it in seconds This is an eyebrow pencil with a special formula that “activates” only when it comes into contact with sebum

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    Lancôme white pencil will come in handy

    When preparing the skin of the eyelids for makeup As a lip primer To correct mistakes in make-up

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    What's in this unusual bottle from L'Oréal Paris?

    Eyeliner Mascara Nail Polish

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    Giorgio Armani's Neo Nude is

    Highlighter Concealer Lip Gloss