Yves Saint Laurent Beauté cosmetics has become a continuation of the fashion collections created by Saint Laurent. His vision of beauty and fashion continues to define the brand

Eighteen-year-old young man Yves Saint Laurent went to work in the Christian Dior fashion house, and three years later, when Dior passed away, he became his successor. Dior himself made this choice, seeing in the young man an unconditional talent. For Christian Dior, Saint Laurent created only a few collections - he was drafted into the French army and sent to Algeria. After returning to Paris, he opened his own fashion house.

Beauty under the Y sign

Very soon fragrances were added to the fashion creations of Yves Saint Laurent. “Even the most sophisticated outfit requires at least a drop of perfume. Only they will give the image completeness and perfection, and they will add charm to you, ”Saint Laurent said when he introduced the feminine fragrance Y in 1964. It was called the“ invisible dress of Yves Saint Laurent ”, and was advertised as the best of what is in perfumery connected in one letter. Now the brand line also has a fragrance with this name, but it is already intended for men.

Following the female Y, a men's perfume saw the light. Pour Homme was launched in 1972. It was a scandalous sensation. A sensation was created by an advertising shoot in which the designer appeared in person - and in the nude. And if at that time the reaction of the public was indignation, today the picture with the couturier is considered one of the masterpieces of photography. Now in the Yves Saint Laurent collection there are five lines of fragrances for men and seven for women.

" Good perfume is like a good dress: you want to wear it without taking it off" - another famous Saint Laurent quote about fragrances. He continued to experiment with perfumes. In 1977, after the release of the "Chinese" clothing collection, the provocative Opium appeared - a fragrance, the release of which Saint Laurent celebrated with an "opium" party on the ship "Peking" . Not surprisingly, the fragrance has been banned in some countries.

In 1981, the new men's fragrance Kouros was also presented with pomp - a reception for 1200 people with a performance by Rudolf Nureyev.


Yves Saint Laurent Beauté premiere

Successes in perfumery inspired the master to other beauty endeavors: in 1978, Saint Laurent launched the Yves Saint Laurent Beauté cosmetic line. The fashion designer presented the legendary Rouge Pur Couture lipstick in shades of the haute couture collection.Lipstick is still popular today, 40 years later. No wonder, because the formulas are constantly being improved, and the palette is expanding.

Three looks with this lipstick we showed here.

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Based on the principles of high fashion, other makeup products were also created. They were united by their magnificent appearance: golden cases immediately made it clear that a woman acquires not just cosmetics. Saint Laurent believed that female beauty is a luxury that cannot be hidden. And his makeup confirmed it. It was said that Saint Laurent now not only dresses women, but also gives them a face.

In the 90s and 2000s, the Yves Saint Laurent fashion house underwent major changes and personnel changes.Saint Laurent left behind only haute couture, and entrusted seasonal collections to Alber Elbaz. Then Tom Ford replaced Elbaz, and Saint Laurent decided to end his career in the industry altogether. But the beauty line of the brand continued to develop steadily - new items still surprise fans of cosmetics and perfumes.

Recent launches that have won over an army of fans include Mon Paris and Manifesto.

And the cosmetic hit of Yves Saint Laurent Beauté, in addition to Rouge Pur Couture, was Touche Éclat concealer-highlighter with a built-in brush (it appeared, by the way, in 1992 - long before the highlighter boom began). We talked about this tool in more detail here.

No less popular are Couture Palette and Vernis à Lèvres lip lacquers.

By the way, about varnishes. Yves Saint Laurent Beauté were the pioneers. This lip lacquer is now commonplace, and 10 years ago, the brand was one of the first to combine lip glosses and lipsticks.

From catwalk to life

The images that Yves Saint Laurent Beauté presented on the catwalk became more and more revolutionary. So, in 2008, the basis of the make-up of the models at the autumn-winter show was a black accent on the lips. The trend was set, and in order to follow it, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté created a product called Pur Black - black shine. It was he who became the prototype of future lip lacquers.

In 2010, the brand got a creative makeup director - Lloyd Simmonds. He develops make-up collections and manages a team of makeup artists on the backstage of fashion shows. Under him, the collections of Yves Saint Laurent Beauté were replenished with many novelties, without which the brand cannot be imagined. In addition to Vernis à Lèvres lip lacquer, these are Baby Doll Kiss & Blush mousse for lips and cheeks, Full Metal Shadow liquid eyeshadows (you can test drive them here), Tatouage Couture ultra-long-wearing liquid lipstick, Rouge Volupté Shine radiant lipstick in a stick and much more.

Every season, the brand offers novelties that surprise with unusual formats, textures and shades and allow you to follow interesting trends. Not so long ago, for example, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté released Touche Éclat in cushion format.

Very spectacular result gives a color mascara with a glossy finish from the Mascara Vinyl Couture collection.

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The Volupté Liquid Color Balm is also worth a look.

Faces of Yves Saint Laurent Beauté

At different times, the unique style of Yves Saint Laurent Beauté was embodied by models Kate Moss, Cara Delevingne, Jordan Dunn, and today the brand's cosmetics are represented by Edie Campbell, Dua Lipa, Kaia Gerber and Zoë Kravitz.