Holography is the main beauty trend of the autumn-winter season - 2023-2024. We tell you how to adapt it to everyday life

Makeup with holographic glitter has been leading the top three current beauty trends for several seasons, but this fall it has played in a new way.

Holographic makeup trend 2023-2024

It all started with the re-introduction of nail art and holographic manicure, then holographic shadows and highlighters appeared on the market, and with them the unicorn makeup popular on Instagram. By the way, we even recorded a special video tutorial on how to create it.

Then, photos of lips with pearly make-up went viral on social networks (this article has all the information you need to create it). And today, not only highlighters and shadows, but even lipsticks and eyeliners can create a holographic finish.

Bloggers were, of course, responsible for the popularity of this trend. They not only bought iridescent products from beauty brands, but many even created them themselves by mixing iridescent pigments and lip balms or primers. The most popular colors were purple, green and blue.

Of course, this makeup was not suitable for office everyday life, it only looked appropriate at a party. But popular beauty brands have solved this problem. Seeing the demand for holographic cosmetics, they created tools that can be used to make not only evening, but also daytime makeup.We tested some of them.

Holographic makeup: step by step photo tutorial

Several chameleon-inspired makeup ideas that are perfect even for business lunches and meetings. We will tell you what funds will be required.

Giorgio Armani Holographic Eyes to Kill Designer Eyeliners

The classic eyeliner palette of blues, browns and blacks is complemented by holographic pinks and beiges.

Apply them in the same manner as the classic eyeliner - drawing neat arrows with a thin applicator.

In make-up, they look spectacular and delicate at the same time. The main thing is to leave the lips intact, this will make the make-up “unearthly”. If you want to make such arrows during the day, then you can refuse blush.

In the evening make-up Eyes to Kill eyeliner is successfully combined with shining berry lipsticks and highlighters in warm shades. By the way, eyeliners are particularly durable and do not require updating within 12 hours. They can be mixed with each other - a huge field for experiments!

Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Shiny Lipsticks

The collection of cult lipsticks of the Japanese brand also includes holographic products - shades of holo, glitter, pearl, metal. We tested some of them and made some makeup with them.

All lipsticks showed enviable durability - up to 8 hours, although the texture is more like lip balms. By the way, they really take care of the lips just as well: they contain a shock dose of moisturizing and nourishing ingredients.

After a test drive of Rouge Unlimited lipsticks, we found out that they look good not only on the lips, but also on the eyelids, if applied as shadows.

If you want to enhance the holographic effect in makeup, just apply lipstick thickly on the moving eyelids too. It is convenient to do this directly from the stick, after which you can slightly blend the borders with your finger. The product has a soft texture, so it spreads easily, does not roll or dry the skin.

Lipstick lasts a long time even on the eyelids, and is easily washed off with any make-up remover.

Overview of tools for holographic make-up

In our selection of glitters, highlighters, pencils - everything you need to create a trendy holographic make-up.

  • NYX Professional Makeup Midnight Chaos Lip Gloss

    The easiest way to create a holographic effect on the lips is to use Midnight Chaos gloss.

    The collection features 12 iridescent shades, from pink to dark blue, but thanks to the chameleon effect, even the same shade will look different on the lips depending on the angle and lighting.

  • Maybelline Face Studio Holographic Highlighter

    The highlighter contains the maximum concentration of iridescent particles.

    The texture of the product is powdery, weightless, thanks to which the highlighter is easily shaded without leaving spots on the skin. Apply highlighter to all prominent parts of the face: on the upper parts of the cheekbones, on the back of the nose and on the areas under the eyebrows.

  • Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eyeliner

    Silver crayon in Cuff shade is perfect for creating holographic makeup.

    It has a plastic texture, it is easily distributed over the eyelids, but it lasts up to 12 hours. By the way, it is also useful in everyday makeup: emphasize the inner corners of the eyes with it - they will visually appear larger.