Ornate patterns, rich decor, shades of gemstones - you can't call oriental design minimalistic. But he never looks boring. Let's tell you how to create such nail art at home

With an oriental pattern on your nails, you definitely won't get lost in the crowd. However, it is important to remember that such a manicure requires a sense of proportion and a suitable context. What should be the oriental style nail design and what new trends should be adopted in 2023?

when is Oriental manicure appropriate?

Oriental manicure can not be attributed to the options for every day. But such a spectacular nail art is perfect for relaxing in Arab countries or, for example, an Indian-style wedding. A real challenge will be such a design for supporters of minimalism - after all, the oriental style involves an abundance of decor and complex ornaments. But it's worth a try anyway. The reward will be a spectacular result.

Features of Oriental style manicure

East is a delicate matter. And in the case when it comes to manicure, this is also true. Graceful curved lines, the absence of sharp corners, rich decor with rhinestones and beads, as well as a characteristic palette (black color combined with shades of precious metals and gems) are typical features of oriental nail art. However, the features of an oriental-style manicure may differ depending on which particular variety you prefer. What should you pay attention to in 2023? We show on the photo.


Arabic Manicure

Floral ornaments, ornate patterns and smooth lines - without these features it is difficult to imagine an Arabic manicure.

By the way, you will also have to decorate with rhinestones, as well as unusual coatings - pay attention, for example, to the cat's eye.

Indian manicure

Indian manicure will have a number of significant differences. It is characterized by great restraint and an emphasis on pattern rather than rich decor.

Thin lines typical of traditional mehendi painting, feathers and buta pattern, also known as "oriental cucumber" , are elements that should be emphasized.

Oriental manicure techniques

Oriental nail design can be created in several ways. Let's talk about each in more detail.

Stamping and stickers

If you have little experience in creating nail art, but you want to do a manicure in just a couple of minutes, you should not risk it. In this case, the stamping and sticker technique is best suited. In a couple of moves, you can get even the most complex ornament without spending any effort.

Decor with beads and rhinestones

Beads and rhinestones are another option for beginners. Firstly, because in specialized stores you can find ready-made oriental stone patterns. And secondly, even a few rhinestones on a plain coating will make the design brighter and more original.

Hand-painted and oriental patterns

Despite all the laboriousness of hand painting, only this method will make nail art truly unique.

There are no strict design requirements. The main thing in the pattern is the smoothness of lines and symmetry.

Oriental manicure: step by step photo instructions

You will need:

  • Essie's nail polish "On the sand in St. Tropez" ,

  • Essie Turquoise & Caribbean nail polish,

  • Essie Licorice,

  • Essie Perfect Fit polish.

Oriental manicure is impossible to imagine without an abundance of thin lines, rhinestones and gold elements. It seems that only professionally trained people can handle it. But there are some tricks that are available to ordinary nail design lovers.In this photo tutorial, we will introduce you to the dot painting technique, which will allow you to create an ethnic pattern that resembles inlay.

  1. 1

    Apply base color polish on your nails. For example, beige or black.

  2. 2

    Next, choose a few harmoniously combined shades. For example, it can be a bright varnish that resembles some kind of precious stone (turquoise, emerald, ruby), base white and gold. You will also need dots.

  3. 3

    Put a big dot. Position it either in the center or closer to the cuticle. In order not to make a mistake, fix your hand well.

  4. 4

    After you place the first dot, there will be a small amount of polish left on the dots, so the diameter of the next dot will be smaller. To get the same dots, clean the dots and collect a new portion of varnish after each print.

  5. 5

    Place large dots at some distance from each other, observing symmetry.

  6. 6

    Alternate colors to make the composition look more interesting.

  7. 7

    To make the smallest dots, you will need either a toothpick or a dots of small diameter. In this case, the varnish needs to be typed quite a bit - so that it does not overlap even half of the dots.

  8. 8

    Place the small dots around the big ones.

  9. 9

    To make it easier to observe the symmetry of small dots, first put two dots on top and bottom of the relatively large one.

  10. 10

    Next, place small dots on the left and right.

  11. 11

    Add one more dot between the existing ones. In this case, you will get a neat circle of small dots.

  12. 12

    Also, small dots look great in curved lines. So the design will resemble a necklace. In this case, you can use one portion of varnish to get several dots at once, which will gradually decrease in size.

  13. 13

    Apply a matte or glossy top coat. Done!

    Manicure options with oriental patterns for short nails

    Small length does not mean that there are no options. On short nails, it is quite possible to embody even complex patterns with many details. The key is practice and patience. We offer a couple of ideas for those who are ready to decide on nail art with oriental patterns on short nails.

    French with oriental motifs

    Even such a traditional design as a jacket will sparkle with new colors if you complement the manicure with oriental-style patterns. Decorate two nails with an ornament with smooth lines and dots. And highlight the outer edges of the rest with black varnish - another trick that will make a long-familiar approach more interesting.

    Finish your manicure with a matte top.

    Gold curls

    Gold on nails will look spectacular no matter what background you choose. For those who want to keep their nail art a little more subdued, a white or cream like Essie's "Perfect Fit" will do.

    Cover the nail on the ring finger with gold foil. How to work with her, we told in this video.

    The rest of the nails are white. And start creating curls on the middle one. It will be enough to draw semicircles connected to each other.

    Oriental patterns with dots

    Patterns consisting of dots are traditionally used to create mehendi - body painting with henna, popular in Arab countries and India. This technique can be used in manicure. Even on very short nails, you can create a complex pattern with a brush and dots, if you first practice on paper.

    You shouldn't decorate all your nails with complex patterns. It is enough to cover with patterns two on each hand. The rest can be painted with plain varnish and, if desired, put laconic dots on the holes.

    Oriental design ideas for long nails

    With long nails there is room for fantasy. Draw complex patterns or opt for large rhinestones. Both options will surely attract the attention of others.

    Feathers on nails

    Peacock feathers are another traditional oriental motif. Draw them on the nails of the ring fingers, and cover the rest with varnish with small sparkles, as in the photo.

    Oriental style manicure with beads

    An interesting contrast in oriental manicure is achieved not only through the use of black. You can make a choice in favor of a delicate pink range.Nude, purple glitter on the tips, white ornament and pearls or beads at the base of one of the nails will create a romantic oriental manicure.

    Original ornament with rhinestones

    As part of an oriental manicure, rhinestones look quite appropriate. You can symmetrically distribute them over the nails, or you can place them in the central part of the ornament. Or lay a vertical path of rhinestones on the nails of the ring fingers and decorate the base of the pattern on the middle one with stones.

    If you're worried that nail art with rhinestones will look overloaded, opt for a matte top and cover your little finger with glitter to harmonize the manicure.

    Oriental mosaic

    Those who are ready for painstaking work will enjoy creating a design in the style of oriental mosaics. First, the nails are decorated with an ornament, allowed to dry, and then its elements are outlined with a thin brush.


    Which manicure did you like the most?