These products give the skin a glow due to the shimmering light-reflecting particles in the composition. Let's talk about those that give the most interesting results.

Until recently, highlighter was more of a holiday make-up tool. Many, however, have learned to use it deftly without much reason. And now shining highlights, the play of light and shadow have become a full-fledged part of everyday makeup, and highlighter is almost a basic tool.

How to choose the best face highlighter?

Like any other product, a highlighter should meet expectations, and ideally exceed them. Considering that today beauty brands produce highlighters of various shades, with different formulas and textures, there are many candidates for the title of the best.


  1. Dry

    Initially, most highlighters were powder. This is convenient if you add shine to your make-up as a final touch. The effect depends on the caliber of the shimmer powder, but most often its particles are visible on the skin.

    Therefore, a dry highlighter is the best option for evening, festive looks, when the visibility of sparkles on the skin is not terrible.

    By the way, highlighter powder can also be used instead of shadows. Dry highlighters include, for example, Master Chrome from Maybelline New York.

  2. Cream

    The advantage of cream highlighters is that they are absorbed into the skin and literally merge with it. Thanks to this, the radiance is as natural as possible.

    A small amount of product and good shading are two conditions that must be observed by girls who want to give their skin radiance, but are afraid to overdo it with a fashionable “special effect”. If you decide to try a creamy highlighter, check out Master Strobing by Maybelline New York.

  3. Liquid

    Drip fluid highlighters have a weightless texture and are suitable for those who absolutely do not want to feel cosmetics on their skin.

    This highlighter is convenient to use separately, applying it on the cheekbones, on the Cupid's arch, on the skin at the tails of the eyebrows and at the inner corners of the eyes. However, it can be mixed with foundation to achieve the effect of inner radiance of the skin. Liquid highlighters include, for example, Glow Mon Amour by L'Oréal Paris. where to find?



  1. Satin

    Imagine the discreet glow of a satin fabric and mentally transfer it to your skin. A soft sheen that is barely visible in the light can create both cream and some of the dry highlighters. This is the most natural casual option for those who care about the details even in everyday make-up.

  2. Mother of Pearl

    Pearl overflows will also look quite restrained. The result after applying a highlighter with such a finish is gentle and perfectly complements the romantic make-up for a date.

  3. Sparkling

    With this highlighter, the effect will be more noticeable. Powder with large shimmering particles is best used for strobing in evening makeup - this will be a full-fledged make-up accent.

    We talked about the strobing technique in more detail in this video.

  4. Holographic

    A separate trend of 2023 is holography. The rapid popularity of products with this effect was provided by iridescent overflows, which look very interesting on the skin.

    These products are the best for makeup for a party. See for yourself - try Maybelline New York's Master Holographic Prismatic.

  5. Metallic

    Metallic highlighters have a matte finish that makes the shine a bit muted. Despite this, they guarantee an interesting play of textures and expressive contrast.


  1. Silver

    When choosing highlighter shades, it is important to start from the color type.On dark skin, silver will not look very organic (unless this is your idea - intentionally use a highlighter that is cold in tone). But for fair skin, this is a good option, but only in combination with blush that refreshes the complexion.

  2. Gold

    This highlighter is most suitable for girls with “warm” skin – swarthy or tanned. The radiance will be as if the skin is illuminated by the rays of the sun. To prove it, the shade “Light” from the Glow Mon Amour line from L’Oréal Paris is ready. where to find?

  3. White

    Pearl highlighters with a pink or blue sheen are another option for girls with fair, porcelain skin. They will give the same effect of inner radiance. It is better not to use them on warm skin tones: there is a high risk that they will look like white spots.

    If you want to experiment, check out A Bit Jelly Gel Illuminator in Opalescent by NYX Professional Makeup.

  4. Pink

    If your skin is not yellowish, but pinkish undertones, pink highlighters that look like shimmery blush are your option. Most of all, such highlighters go to girls with fair skin.

    A suitable shade of Snow Rose is, for example, in the Duo Chromatic Illuminating Powder collection from NYX Professional Makeup.


Best dry highlighters

Dry highlighters are a classic. It is difficult to miscalculate with them; most of them are similar in quality, you only need to choose the shade that suits you best. We have collected the best, in our opinion, of the trendy dry highlighters.

  • Sin Afterglow Highlighter Palette, Urban Decay

    If you are a true fan of highlighting, then you definitely won’t get by with one tool. Therefore, it makes sense to immediately look for a palette. Urban Decay offers a six-color palette in which two beiges and two pinks are complemented by two more bronzers. Finely ground powder creates a light coverage, which, however, is resistant and promises to last for about 8 hours. A convenient case with a mirror makes the palette even more functional.

  • Highlighter Duo Chromatic Illuminating Powder, NYX Professional Makeup

    If classic highlighters have already become your usual basic tool, it's time to try more original options like Duo Chromatic Illuminating Powder. This is a holographic highlighter with a duochrome glow that doesn't just glow on the skin, but shimmers in different shades.And all this against the background of a colored base. No. 02 Lavender Steel is lavender, No. 04 Show Rose is soft pink, and No. 05 Synthetica is red, and this NYX Professional Makeup highlighter is recommended to be used on the cheekbones as a blush. The powder is easy to layer, allowing you to get, if necessary, a more intense glow.

    What our readers think about this tool, you can find out here.


  • Highlighter Master Holographic Prismatic, Maybelline New York

    Another example of a highlighter with a holographic effect is Master Holographic Prismatic. It is presented in only one silver shade, with which you can get cold metallic overflows on the skin. For contouring, this tool is not suitable. With it, it is better to create independent accents on the cheekbones.By the way, if you apply it with a translucent layer, then the holography will look beautiful on dark skin; only this will be a make-up option for a party, and not for weekdays.

Rating liquid highlighters for every day

Creamy and liquid highlighters have opened up new possibilities for us to create a radiant effect in makeup. What means to choose? According to the editors, the list below is the most successful of the highlighters of this format.

  • Highlighter Fluid Sheer, Giorgio Armani

    One of the main advantages of this tool is a wide range of shades, which not all highlighter collections can boast of. Fluid Sheer at Giorgio Armani is beige, and peach, and coral, as well as pale and hot pink, gold, bronze and even burgundy.So you can find “your own” taking into account not only the skin tone, but also your wishes: someone needs a tool for “highlighting” the skin more, and someone needs a blush-highlighter. Thanks to the light texture, there is no risk of overdoing it with Fluid Sheer. Rather, it will need to be layered to get the accent of the desired intensity.

  • Glow Mon Amour liquid highlighter, L'Oréal Paris

    Packaged like a serum, this L'Oréal Paris highlighter is easy to apply to makeup in a variety of ways. It is easy to apply by hand - blending with the pads of your fingers on the cheekbones if you want to decorate them with reflections of light. You can emphasize them with a tick on the upper lip. Even more Glow Mon Amour will appeal to those who love the technique with the addition of a highlighter to the foundation. The effect of radiance is enhanced by coconut oil in the composition - it also provides skin care.

    And the reviews of our readers about this tool can be read here.


  • Highlighter Face Studio Strobing Liquid, Maybelline New York

    For lovers of soft and comfortable creamy textures. Face Studio Strobing Liquid is available in two shades, pearl pink and golden beige, for skin with cool and warm undertones. It can also be used in two ways - as a standalone product that completes makeup with shimmering highlights, and as an addition to foundation (mixing them, you get the effect of natural skin radiance).

Top 3 most popular highlighter brands in 2023

NYX Professional Makeup

This brand always picks up on the latest trends and releases timely products that allow them to follow. When strobing was at its peak, NYX Professional Makeup introduced a variety of highlighter options to give the skin a radiant finish.Today, in addition to the usual highlighters that can be used in casual looks, NYX has a holographic powder and a liquid highlighter with a glaze effect - Away We Glow Liquid Booster.

And also a jelly gel highlighter with noticeable shimmering particles and wet A Bit of Jelly Gel Illuminator.

Maybelline New York

Maybelline also has a highlighter of any convenient format. These are the usual shimmer powders like Face Studio Shimmer Highlight.

And highlighters with a chrome effect, and next to them - soft and delicate in shades and texture liquid highlighters like Face Studio Strobing Liquid.

The brand hasn't forgotten about those who like products in a stick: the brand's arsenal includes a pencil highlighter with Face Studio Strobing Stick "hard" cream.

What other highlighters can be found in the Maybelline New York collection, we talked in more detail in this article.


Yves Saint Laurent Beauté

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté was among those who made the radiance effect a trend - it all started with the Touche Éclat highlighter brush, which first saw the light in the early 90s.

He is still the favorite of many girls. What our readers think about this tool can be found here.


Over time, other means of illumination joined him. For example, Couture Highlighter with an expressive shimmer that can be added to your makeup bag for evening looks.

How often do you use highlighter? Tell us in the comments about your favorite glowing product.