As part of the Beauty for a Better Life charity program, students of the Kaluga boarding school No. 5 will be taught the basics of makeup and skin care. We tell how this important project was born

Beauty will save the world. I really want it to be like that. In the meantime, she just makes it better: it was for this purpose that the Beauty for a Better Life project was launched ten years ago. The international program of the L'Oréal Foundation is aimed at supporting people in difficult life situations. In Russia, it is being implemented jointly with the "Who, if not Me?" and operates in the Kaluga and Moscow regions.

In September, at the Kaluga boarding school No. 5 named after. F. A. Rau opened the first training class dedicated to the "Basics of Makeup and Facial Skin Care" . Pupils are taught how to create professional make-up and face painting, they are introduced to the rules of make-up removal and personal care. Within the framework of the same program, the boarding school already provides training in manicure and hairdressing.

Now in the Kaluga region, the program already includes six hairdressing and four manicure classes - 239 pupils have already completed the courses. Georges Shishmanov, general secretary of L'Oréal in Russia, comments: “When we got to know the children who studied in the hairdressing and nail service rooms we had previously opened, we could not help but pay attention to the condition of their skin. Faced with the age-related problem of acne, many teenagers did not know how to properly care for themselves, how to properly mask imperfections with the help of cosmetics.Thus, the idea was born to open a new office and teach children the basics of facial skin care and makeup.”

On the first day of class, all students received their own set of L'Oréal Paris brushes and makeup. Upon completion of the course, students will be issued state-recognized certificates of additional education: this document will allow them to work as makeup artists and face painters.