Concealers are one of those tools that have no room for error. They are required to reliably mask skin imperfections, so strict selection is needed. We held it and are ready to share the results

Concealer has long been a basic beauty tool. Tonal creams, of course, also perform camouflage functions, but redness, pigmentation and other imperfections sometimes show through anyway. In order not to apply a second layer of cream, thereby “weighting” the coating, it is better to use a concealer. The product saturated with pigments is applied targetedly - exactly on those areas where you need to “hide” something.

Most concealers work great with this, but after application, some do not behave on the skin as we would like. To avoid unpleasant surprises, let's talk about the selection criteria. And also share the rating of the best concealers, according to the editors.

How to choose the best concealer for you?

Which company's concealer is the best? A variety of concealers are presented on the beauty market, including universal ones. They are suitable for any skin type, but it is still better to find a product that suits you - for good reason, because they come in different formulas.

Liquid concealers like L'Oréal Paris's Infaillible are cream or fluid in texture and are packed with hydrating ingredients. They give dry skin comfort and relieve dehydration.

Another common problem with dry skin is dullness. And many liquid format concealers successfully solve it with the help of reflective particles in the composition.

Thicker and denser concealers can be produced in the form of a solid cream in a stick or a small jar. Such products are recommended for oily and combination skin, on which, due to excess sebum, lighter textures do not hold well.

In addition, concealers for oily skin include anti-inflammatory, soothing ingredients that help to avoid inflammation and other troubles.

So it's clear that concealers don't just help cover imperfections. They are able to solve specific problems of your skin, if you choose the right formula, based on individual characteristics. Next, we will share the top concealers that, in the opinion of the editors, are trustworthy. To get started, we recommend watching this tutorial video.

The best concealer for dark circles under the eyes

  • Instant Anti-Age Eraser Concealer, Maybelline New York

    This Maybelline New York product is designed specifically to "erase" signs of fatigue. Even a thin layer of concealer reliably hides dark circles under the eyes. It also tones the skin - all thanks to the composition with goji berry extract and haloxyl. The last ingredient, by the way, is just known as a bruise fighter: it neutralizes blood pigments that give the skin a bluish tint. Thanks to the convenient cushion applicator, the concealer is easy to spread evenly over the skin. It remains only to shade the boundaries of the application. The Instant Anti-Age Eraser Concealer is great for covering up pimples and other similar imperfections. It can also be used as a highlighter if you want to emphasize the cheekbones or, for example, the contour of the eyebrows.


Concealer for oily and problem skin

  • Long-lasting multifunctional concealer Infaillible, L'Oréal Paris

    This concealer fully meets all the requirements that make foundation for oily skin. Firstly, it is resistant: a flawless coating for up to 24 hours is guaranteed. Secondly, the concealer has a matting effect, controlling the work of the sebaceous glands. Thirdly, the product is highly pigmented and provides a fairly dense coating - just in case the increased fat content comes in a “kit” with other skin imperfections (redness, acne, pimples). It should be noted a wide range of shades: a choice of nine options, from ivory to golden sand.

Best concealer for dry skin around the eyes

  • True Match Moisturizing Concealer Eye Cream, L'Oréal Paris

    The manufacturer designates the product only as "cream for the skin around the eyes in concealer format." Indeed, True Match successfully combines the functions of a skincare and make-up product. The formula is enriched with hyaluronic acid at a concentration of 0.5% and vegetable glycerin. The concealer corrects minor imperfections, evens out skin tone and relief, smoothes mimic wrinkles and moisturizes. In addition, due to the small shimmer in the composition, the effect of a radiant look is created. A few "clicks" of the scrolling base - and the applicator is filled with cream, which can be targeted to areas that require masking.

combination skin concealer

  • Alliance Perfect Concealer, L'Oréal Paris

    Easy-to-apply Alliance Perfect concealer is the go-to for your basic makeup bag.Classic creamy formula, soft application applicator, light texture: this assistant should always be at hand. Alliance Perfect instantly evens out skin tone with translucent coverage, conceals minor imperfections (from age spots to spider veins) and conceals dark circles under the eyes. And the concealer does not tighten the skin, does not emphasize peeling and mimic wrinkles. The line includes three universal shades that easily adapt to a specific skin tone.


Aging Skin Concealer

  • Fit Me! Concealer, Maybelline New York

    What properties should a concealer have for mature skin? Most importantly, it should not emphasize wrinkles, making them more visible.With a light, silky texture and glycerin formula, Fit Me! evenly distributed and smoothes the skin. During the day, the composition remains in place, is not forgotten in wrinkles, is not smeared and does not roll down. There are ten shades to choose from.