The image is made up of details. Many things influence the impression we make, including manicures, haircuts, styling, makeup. And even the shape of the eyebrows can be very eloquent

Why in an attempt to understand the character of a person began to pay attention to the eyebrows? The fact is that the eyebrows determine the “architecture” of the face, its expression largely depends on their shape. No wonder they say: "Eyebrows set the character." And here it is important to understand that it is one thing - eyebrows in their natural form, without correction and makeup, and quite another - the result of the efforts made.The natural form speaks of who we really are, and the new one is about how we want to be or appear. How to recognize the character of a girl by her eyebrows?

Eyebrows and character: what does form say about content?

Physiognomy is a method of determining the personal characteristics of a person based on the features of his appearance. If you interpret them correctly, you can get a fairly complete picture of the character. Today we will read the eyebrows, focusing on their shape and location on the face.

If the eyebrows are set low and seem to hang over the eyes, one can almost certainly say that a person is distinguished by determination and courage. He is purposeful and understands what needs to be done to achieve what he wants. He also prefers reasonable actions to impulsive and frivolous ones.

High eyebrows correlate with cheerfulness. It is said that people with such eyebrows have a light cheerful disposition.They are open and impressionable. Ready to open their hearts even to strangers, they sometimes behave naively, not thinking about possible disappointments. They are characterized by impulsive actions, as they follow the call of the heart.

Thick eyebrows speak of a powerful temperament. These people are firm in their decisions. Their self-confidence is the secret of their authority. They easily do things that cause fear and embarrassment in others.

As for thin and sparse eyebrows, physiognomists disagree here. Some say that this is evidence of natural timidity, restraint, caution. It is believed that such a person is easy to manage, manipulate him.

Others associate such eyebrows with stubbornness, the desire to insist on one's own and stick to one's decision at all costs.

When the eyebrows have an extension in the middle, closer to the temples, this is regarded as a desire for success and high achievements. And here we move on to the shape of the eyebrows and their bend. These parameters also characterize each woman curiously and will help to learn more about her character.

Straight brows

If the eyebrows do not rise like a house and do not bend down, but are a straight, even line, you can confidently say that you are a rational person who is used to weighing the pros and cons before taking any action. He is an opponent of spontaneity and regards this as his main advantage. This is a logic man who does not have inexplicable actions.

People with such eyebrows are responsible and reliable. It is believed that good leaders and leaders come out of them. At the same time, it cannot be said that the manifestation of feelings is alien to them. Practicality in their case is a way of protection.

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Eyebrows with a house

It may seem that the owners of eyebrows with a dramatic break are very strict, and sometimes even arrogant. But physiognomy says something completely different about them, dispelling myths. Eyebrows with a house are a sign of energy. A person cannot sit idle. He needs movement, he must discover something new for himself, feed on fresh impressions, feel the taste of life. Such a dynamic character is evidence that a person lives here and now; it is difficult for him to look far into the future and make plans.

For girls with checkmarked eyebrows, emotions take precedence over rationality. When making up such eyebrows, accuracy is important.

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Broad eyebrows

Broad-browed girls are an example for those who lack willpower and self-confidence. The inner core helps them to endure all difficulties with dignity, overcoming any obstacles with dignity. Such a person does not run away from responsibility. On the contrary, he accepts it and reasonably defends his decisions.

Word or deed? Of course, a person with wide eyebrows chooses the latter. He doesn't put off anything for tomorrow. Thinking about the changes, he gets to work and tries to achieve the goal as soon as possible.

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Arrowed brows

Smoothly arched eyebrows are a sign of softness and kindness. Often such a person intentionally goes into the shadows. He puts the needs of other people first. He is influenced and afraid of condemnation from the outside.

Criticism is painful for such people, so they try to do everything to ensure that their reputation is impeccable. Charm and talent often go unnoticed, because the fear of being misunderstood and rejected prevents them from showing.

Short eyebrows

It's interesting that behind short eyebrows there is a character that is distinguished by a subtle perception of the world, sensitivity and sensitivity. Such people do not like to be in the spotlight, preferring to stay away, which helps them maintain peace and harmony. Peace of mind is paramount to them. Therefore, they may act distantly around people they don't know very well. They are rather closed and not inclined to expand their social circle. Often they are left alone with both joys and troubles, and if they initiate someone into their experiences, then only the most reliable, time-tested friends.

Eyebrows up

Girls with eyebrows pointing upwards have a complex character. These are natures that are characterized by extremes. They are characterized by frequent mood swings. In the morning they can decide one thing, and in the evening quite another. Their courage is, rather, recklessness. They throw themselves into the pool with their heads and think that they will deal with all this later. With this character, a person can instantly announce his resignation from work or move to another country. At the same time, the main thing for him at this moment is simply to change the situation.

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Whatever shape you choose, this video tutorial will help you make it happen.


By the way, did you know that the interpretation of the shape of the eyebrows is often complemented by the interpretation of such details as moles? If it is located right inside the arc and is clearly visible, this is considered a sign of future success in life. And a small and invisible mole in the eyebrow area is bad luck in matters of finance. Although physiognomists rely more on the very shape of the eyebrows.