With short nails, it is advised to abandon the complex design (there is not enough space for it). With long ones - be more selective in nail art, so as not to go into vulgarity. Everywhere has its own nuances. And a manicure designed for medium length nails is no exception

Short nails seem not elegant enough, and long nails too "predatory" ? Then you should stop at the average length, which beautifully lengthens the fingers and leaves a lot of opportunities for nail art.

However, even if you do not use them and paint your nails in one color, the manicure will still be on top.

Features of manicure on medium length nails

Medium length is when the white stripe on the tips of the nails has already become a noticeable arc, turning into a full-fledged “smile”. However, if you have long fingers and an elongated nail plate, then even a 3 mm regrowth will seem like a serious length.

So in each case, the golden mean is different. To stay within the average length, evaluate if it is comfortable enough, does it get in the way, does it look aggressive.

By the way, the shape of the nails plays a significant role in how the average length looks from the side.

  1. Oval

    This variant of the form is what is most suitable for lovers of the classics.

    It looks elegant not only on medium, but even on long nails. Give your nails an oval shape if you want to visually lengthen your fingers and, in general, make your hands look neater, well-groomed, feminine.

  2. Soft square

    Also an actual form. It is worth choosing for girls who do not share the enthusiasm for the fashion for nails with tapering to the tips.

    There are those who don't like sharp, almond-shaped or oval nails - they are for conciseness and strictness in manicure. And in this case, a soft square can help out.

  3. Almond

    This is a cross between an oval and sharp nails. It is generally accepted that this form looks best on long nails, but medium ones, if you give them an almond-shaped outline, will not be inferior in anything. This is a beauty solution for girls who love new nail trends and are happy to try them on.

New Medium Length Nail Designs

3D decor

If you look for inspiration in a catwalk manicure, then this season, volumetric design has become a trend.

It's definitely not suitable for every day, but it can definitely push you to new experiments with nails.

Look, for example, at the radiance of pearl beads that adorn the nails of Adeam models.

Beaded decor on the tips of the nails at Fashion East is another vivid example of a fashionable manicure for medium length nails.


Color stains

How to combine several colors in a manicure on medium nails to be in trend? Judging by the shows, in the case of medium nails, this can be an easy-to-perform and spectacular version of a manicure with color streaks - as if several shades were casually mixed on the palette. Take a manicure from the Chromat fall-winter 2023/2020 show as a sample. And if you decide to repeat, try mixing, for example, the shades "Shine Buttons" and "On Style" from Essie.


Given the popularity of nail art, it can be difficult to return to a manicure without unnecessary details. It is recommended for medium length nails this season. If you choose pastel shades, you get a gentle manicure option for medium nails. Give preference to strict black and white, and nail art will look completely different.As a base, Essie's "To the fullest" shade is perfect.

Classic nude (Carolina Herrera), red polish (Prabal Gurung), plain manicure with a thin stripe in the middle (Christian Siriano) or concise moon manicure (Badgley Mischka) – these nail designs are also relevant this season.


Easy Manicure Ideas for Medium Nails: Photo Selection

Matte manicure

Even the simplest design becomes spectacular and unusual if you cover your nails with a matte top on top.

It can be simple stripes on a solid color background or a design with color blocks that will become even more graphic with a matte finish.

Negative space

This is the name of a design that has transparent "notches" .

There are many options for creating it, and if you work with lines and shapes, you will get a stylish minimalist manicure that will decorate your nails and show others your taste. A few negative space manicure ideas for medium nails can be found in the photos below.

Mirror manicure

How to make a manicure a noticeable part of the image without decorating nails with drawings? Choose a trendy rubbing that makes the coating mirror and thus draws attention to the nails.

This is a great way to accentuate mid-lengths without a complicated design.


This design is still a favorite of many girls, just not in the classic look with a white stripe at the tips. Every now and then they try to diversify it, and the result is only pleasing, especially if you add a little color to the French manicure.

Detailed instructions for creating such a design can be found in this video.

By the way, the “reverse jacket” can also be the same.

Manicure options for medium length nails with decor


Glitter manicure on medium nails is something that can look simple and tasteful if you make it a nude or completely transparent background.

Add some sparkles to the tips of the nails with a “shade” towards the middle or fill them with a separate block with clear outlines.


No desire to invent "plot" drawings for nail art? Then find a trendy print for your design. It can be, for example, an animal print - like a zebra, leopard or giraffe. For a safari-style look, this manicure is perfect.

Mineral Manicure

Minerals are one of the current trends in jewelry that can be “transferred” to nails.

Imagine a cut of a crystal and repeat its expressive play in your manicure. Useful shades like "Pearl Thread" from Essie.

With beads and rhinestones

Any manicure - with or without drawings - can be beautifully complemented with sparkling rhinestones, pearl beads, beads and other similar details.

The main thing is not to get too carried away and know when to stop: too much decor will look vulgar.

Art manicure

To get an artistic manicure on medium nails, it is enough to apply varnishes of different shades on a single-color background with careless strokes using a brush.

A little creative mess - and a beautiful nail art is ready.

How long are your nails? What manicure do you choose for her? Write a comment.